The Red Dahlia

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Chapter 14-A night with you-


A little while later and lots of punching for Ryer, we finally made it to my room. I can't believe that he actually threw me over his shoulder and carried me here. The nerve of him.

I know I told him that I was just messing with him when I said that he will pay for it, but I saw it in his eyes, that for one moment he actually thought I was serious. I tend to be more observant than one might think. All I knew was, that I would definitely bring it up later. It's going to be the perfect trap.

No one messes with Rayna Hill and gets away with it.

As soon as we reached our destination, he put me down and we entered my room. By the look on his face, I could tell that he was stunned. Can't really blame him. My room was massive, with a four poster bed in the middle, against the wall, my study, a walk-in closet bigger than my bathroom and lastly, it had large windows all across the room, which overlooked the garden and the lake.

The walls are painted in my favorite colors. Green, white and grey. The wall where my bed is placed, is painted a dark forest green, while the other walls are painted a faint gray. The wall which faces opposite of my bed, has red dahlias painted all over like a wallpaper. They remind me a lot of my mother, so this way I can always be close to her.

I noticed Ryer was staring now at my red dahlia wall, examining it like a detective does in a crime scene. "Rayna, did you paint this?" he asked, surprise clear on his face.

"Yeah I did. Actually, I did it with my father on my 6th birthday. It took us long, but I think it's worth it." I admitted.

"Worth it? Rayna, this is beautiful. A real masterpiece. You are so talented, you know that?" he said, with a smile forming on his lips.

"Thanks Hamilton. I'm glad you approve. Though, are we gonna have some fun, or are you planning on staring at my room for the rest of the night?" I asked him rolling my eyes. Teasingly as always.

"Stop being such a tease will you? Anyway, what did you have in mind?" he asked.

"First of all no, I won't stop being a tease. And second, I thought maybe we could have a movie marathon. If you're up for it of course." I suggested.

"Yeah of course. I'm down with whatever. We're in your room, so you're the boss." he sent me a wink.

Is he for real?

"Cool. Just let me go get changed and we'll start. Make yourself at home." I said and headed to my bathroom.

I had a quick shower and changed into my sleep clothing. Which was a set of shorts and a tank top, of course in a dark shade of green. Told you I'm in love with that color. I put my hair up in a messy bun and exited the bathroom, to find Ryer sitting on what seems not my bed anymore, but a pillow fortress.

"Ryer, what is all this?" I asked him as I took a seat next to him. Only then I noticed, that he had changed into grey sweatpants and he was shirtless. The light from the moon shone from the window next him, and his face features were totally visible to me.

He is beautiful, I'll give him that.

"You done staring Hill? It's rude you know?" he remarked with a big smirk on his face.

"Ugh, as if. In your dreams Hamilton. You didn't answer my question though." I told him narrowing my eyes.

"You can't lie to me Rayna. I can see right through you. And as for this, I thought I would make our night a little more fun." he said. The smirk never leaving his lips.

What is he playing at?

"Whatever you say Hamilton. So, what are you digging to watch?" I asked him with an eyeroll at his previous comment.

Seriously though, why is he acting suddenly like this?

"I was thinking of a horror movie, but if you are too scared we will watch something else." he said. He was challenging me.

"Me? Scared? Are you serious? I'm a bloody gang leader for god sake. Have some respect would you?" I replied fake mad. It was my turn to play this game.

"How about, Paranormal Activity? It's one of my favorites and it never gets old." I suggested once again.

He had an amused look on his face, just like a child does when it gets it's favorite candy.

"Hill, I'm just messing with you. Of course I know you're not scared. As for the movie I'm in. It's one of my favorites too." he agreed.

"Deal. You put the movie on and I'll go get supplies." I sent him a wink.

A couple minutes later, I had gathered all the supplies we were going to need and I headed to my bedroom.

I placed the food and drinks on a little table and went to turn off the lights. It wouldn't be a horror movie with the lights on now, would it?

I hopped in bed next to Ryer, pulling the covers over my body, due to the summer chill of the night. I grabbed two cans of soda and I passed the one to Ryer, while he was preparing the movie.

"Bottoms up Hill!" Ryer laughed as he sipped his drink.

"Take it easy Hamilton. I don't want you throwing up in my bathroom." I laughed now too and he nudged me with his elbow lightly in my chest.

"Hey! You got to trust me more Hill. I would never dare to litter your bathroom." he chuckled and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Yeah sure. Now shut up and let me watch the movie." I interjected.

He was about to say something, but I cut him off by throwing my pillow at him.

"Hey, what was that for?" he whined acting hurt.

"I told you to shut up and you didn't. Now suck it up, or the next pillow will be aimed at your head." I told him seriously, while watching the movie. Still, I couldn't help but smile at his scowl.

Two and half hours later, the movie was finally over and needless to say, we were both worn out. We had quite the long day, so we decided to call it a night. Ryer wanted to leave for his room, but I told him that if he wanted to sleep in my room, it was more than fine with me. We were friends after all and we shared everything so I didn't mind.

"Are you sure you don't mind if I sleep in here? I don't want to disturb you or anything." he asked me nervously. It was actually kind of cute to watch.

"Yeah of course. Trust me, if I had a problem I wouldn't have invited you in the first place. So yes, you're fine." I told him with a reassuring smile. It seemed to have eased him a little.

"If you're sure. Shall we head to bed then?" he asked.

"You sure you wanna sleep in the same bed with me? I might kick you accidentally." I said with a blush.

Hopefully he didn't see that.

"Nah, you're good. Don't worry." he smiled at me.

"Okay then. Can we please go to bed now because I'm totally worn out?" I whined.

"Of course. You had a long day. You go ahead, I'll just go to the bathroom." he said and left.

I climbed under the covers, pulling them all the way up to my face like I always did. It was just a habit of mine since I was a kid. Sleep took over me as soon as my head hit the pillow. I didn't even hear Ryer exiting the bathroom.

A while later, I felt the mattress underneath me dip and I realized that Ryer had just climbed into bed with me.

"Ray, are you awake?" he whispered in my ear. The summer chill had forced us to move closer to each other, in seeking for heat.

"Yeah, you?" I asked him my back facing him.

"Same. This night is extremely chilly tonight." he spoke in a soft voice which gave me butterflies.

"Well, even so, I think I will actually go to sleep because my eyelids are getting heavy. Do you mind?" I asked him with a yawn.

The air might have been chilly, but for me it worked like a sedative. I didn't even hear what Ryer said, before sleep had taken over me.

"Sleep tight Ray. I'll see you in the morning." he said softly as he draped one arm around my shoulders.

Not gonna lie. It felt nice.

And so, we both drifted into a long sleep.


The next morning I woke up feeling very hot and a little sweaty. Stupid weather conditions. Day, it's like a desert and at night it's like a freezer. Really annoying if you ask me.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed that Ryer had closed the remaining space between us completely, and had his arms wrapped around me protectively. I guess we got really cold last night.

Without any intention of waking him up, I removed his arms from me and slowly got up, making my way to the bathroom for a shower. I was in a big need of one.

I took my time with the shower. Besides, I was sure that Ryer would have left already, so I took my time getting ready. After I was finished, I pulled on my red bathing robe and returned to my bedroom.

I was surprised to find Ryer sitting on the edge of my bed, scrolling away on his phone. He hadn't noticed me yet, so I took a little time, to observe his features once more.

He was good looking during the whole day, but after waking up, he reached a whole new level. His platinum blond hair was all over the place, while his captivating grey eyes were showing off a nice glow, which complimented the color. I guess it's true what they say, boys always look good no matter the situation.

Ryer was the living proof of it.

I must have been staring for quite some time, because Ryer's voice snapped me off of my morning daze.

God, what's wrong with me?

"You really have a staring problem, don't you?" he said in a teasing tone, that made butterflies fly in my stomach.

Someone help me.

"Uh, what? No, of course not, you j-just took me by surprise that's all." I said nervously.

Great. There is no chance he will believe that. He knows me well enough to tell when I lie. Shit, I'm totally screwed.

"Are you sure Rayna?" he asked again smirking.

My heart was pounding so fast right now and I was in a huge adrenaline rush.

"Rayna, I'm just teasing you, relax." he said chuckling at my flushed self. God, I'm such an idiot.

"Yeah yeah. Anyway, the bathroom is free if you wanna go in." I spoke trying to be contained, but failed miserably. This boy had a huge effect on me and he knew it.

"Thanks. I think I'll grab a shower." he said with a smile and disappeared into the bathroom.

While he was gone, I took my time to compose myself and started getting ready for the day. I decided to wear a nice mint green jumpsuit and my favorite black sandals. I unwrapped my hair from the towel they were in and brushed it in nice soft waves. Lastly, I did light makeup. Just some mascara, blush and lip gloss. I'm not really a big fan of caking my face with makeup. I believe that natural beauty is way better.

After I was done, I sat on my bed waiting for Ryer, so he can get ready and we can head to breakfast. I had a free day today. Which meant, that I could do whatever I pleased without anyone's opinion on it. It was one of hell of an advantage and I was going to claim it.

Ten minutes later, Ryer came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and with a nice smell surrounding him. What was with boys and colognes? Do they shower themselves with the whole bottle?

"Hey Ryer, I thought maybe we could go to breakfast together, if you don't have anything else to do." I said coolly.

"Nice idea. Why not? I'm hungry anyways, and you're the best company anyone can ask for." he smiled and I couldn't help but blush at that.

"After you, milady." he gestured to my bedroom door.

I smiled at him and we started walking towards the main hall.

A/N: Hey guys a little authors note. Just wanted to let you know, that I appreciate every single one of you and I hope to get more readers with time's passing. The book is still ongoing and I will update soon. Thanks for all of your support. Keep it coming. Also feel free to share your thoughts on Rayna and Ryer in the comments.

Love you xx.

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