The Red Dahlia

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Chapter 4-"I love you"-

Me and Jake were now finally dating after confessing our feelings for each other, and I couldn't be more happy than I already am. To be honest, us dating didn't change many things between us.
I mean our friendship wasn't affected and I was grateful for that. We still had each others backs and we still pulled our different pranks like we always did.
Truth to be told though, at first River wasn't very welcoming to the idea of us dating and I couldn't blame him. He was very overprotective of me, which resulted in having his own precautions and worries for his little sis.
Time passed though and everything was great between me, Jake and River. We were the unstoppable trio that no one would dare to mess with.
Jake was very sweet and gentle with me and I loved every minute of it. He would always make me breakfast in the morning and cuddle with me at night. It was the cutest thing ever seeing him so sweet and caring.
After we had our first kiss, we decided to make it special since the day meant so much for me. Meaning that the following years when my birthday would come, we would always share a passionate kiss under the moonlight. It always felt like a dream that I wished it would never end.
Being with Jake was perfect. He made me happy in ways that I can't even begin to explain. I guess the one reason that River had approved of our relationship, was because for once in my life I was happy and it was thanks to Jake.
Years passed, and my happiness level was increasing more and more by the day. I spent every day with Jake and River, having the best time of our lives like nothing had ever happened. I was 18 at the time and River was 20, which meant that we had the full leadership of the Ravens, without needing Taylor as a consultant and helper.
It really amazed me the fact that two years had already passed and me and Jake were still going strong. Our love and affection towards one another was growing everyday and I couldn't be more happier. For the first time after many years I was complete.
Soon it was River's birthday and I was really looking forward to it. Along with Jake, we had planned a surprise party for one of the new leaders of the gang, and I was more than sure that he would love it.
We had decorated our main hall with his favorite colors black and red, and of course we had included all his favorite food and snacks from since he was a kid. As the second in command of the gang, I was in charge of the party in generally but specifically of the cake. Everyone in the gang knew what an amazing cook I was, so they let me take care of the food and the cake.
In mind, I thought of baking him a themed cake from his favorite tv series. He was totally obsessed with Arrow and all kinds of supernatural stuff so I thought that I would surprise him. Of course I would add a little touch of my own. The cake turned out way better than I expected.
The outside was black with a green arrow in the middle, and at the bottom it read "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BROTHER I LOVE YOU! -Love, your little sissy Ray". The inside of the cake was chocolate fudge with whipped cream, his favorite.
We had planned all together beforehand to hide in the main hall, so when River would walk through the door, we would jump and give him the best scare of his life. God I love scaring him, his face is always priceless.
About an hour later, I heard River's keys opening the door and I motioned for everyone to hide. I made sure that all the lights were turned off so he wouldn't notice us. After he entered the house and turned on the lights, we all jumped him shouting "Happy birthday River!"
To say he was surprised would be a big understatement. More like almost fainted if I hadn't caught him. But of course in a good way. He was very happy with the surprise I planned for him, and he promised he would thank me in his own way, although he didn't have to. Talking about the best brother ever.
That night we had the time of our lives. We danced, talked, drank and had fun together. River was more than satisfied with his cake and in return I got lots of kisses and hugs. I really adore my big bro he is the best thing in my life and I will do anything in order to keep him in my life.
My brother dearest had turned 21 and I couldn't believe it. Also in case you got confused about our ages, River was 21 and I was 19. He might be older than me, but my birthday is first because it's on January 14th, while River's birthday is on June 7th.
Since River's birthday was during summertime, there were lots of things to spend time on. We were quite lucky that we had the biggest lake of the town near us, which provided us with swimming all day and with campfires at night.
After the night was finally over, we headed to sleep but not before River asked me to sleep with him just like old times when we were kids. Of course I agreed. How could I ever say no to his big and sad puppy eyes?
And so we fell asleep cuddling together, the same way we did when we were young. I would be lying if I said that I hadn't missed his embrace and his forehead kisses. We might be gang leaders but we sure as hell are not heartless. If anything we are loving and caring but dare you hurt our own and you will regret it.

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