The Red Dahlia

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Chapter 5-Further introductions-

Rayna's pov
"Ray, it's late wake up already!" I heard my best friend Alexa yell into my ear.
"C'mon five more minutes please." I pleaded, but she just pushed me off the bed causing me to land on the floor with a loud thud.
"Nope! Sorry no can do." she said in between laughs, causing my two other best friends, Quinn and Jen to laugh their butts off.
Perhaps I should introduce you to these three lovely but crazy ladies. First we have Alexa Thomas, 21, absolutely crazy but would do anything to protect me and my family. I met her a couple years back, when I was 18 and she was 17. She was a new member to our gang, and an orphan just like me. She lost her parents when she was 5 to a car accident. My dad knew her parents, who were great people and when she lost them my dad made a deal and promised that when she would reach the appropriate age, he would take her into the Ravens.
As you remember that didn't go exactly to plan, since my dad passed away unexpectedly. Before he died, my dad had told Taylor about Alexa so he knew what to do.
When River and I took over at 15 and 17, he told us about Alexa and that it was up to us to take her under our wing. And that is what went down.
At my 18th birthday, I tracked down Alexa and brought her to the Ravens. She was 17 at the time and very confused about what was going on. I had explained everything about her parents, the deal my father made and the fact that she would be living with me from now on.
Even though she was really sad and heartbroken about her parents, she was happy to be living with me and River. She told me that when she lost her parents, my dad had talked to her about me and that I had made a very good impression on her.
And that's when it hit me that we had a lot of things in common. I thought that by sharing my own painful past she would feel more welcome and more at ease. Turns out I was right. As I told her about my past, I saw it in her eyes that she felt bad and that she totally understands what I'm going through.
It was that exact moment, when I thought to myself that she and I would be great friends over time. You can understand that growing up in a family mostly of males wasn't very ideal. No intention of being rude to my family, but I needed another girl's presence with me.
Around the time I met Alexa, I also encountered another girl Millie. She, Alexa and I had become very close friends and we had created our own inner circle of friendship. It was nice to have someone to talk to about boy drama or period moods for that matter, other than River.
River was ok to talk to but, I couldn't really get into detail about my cramps could I now?
As a group, we had lots of fun together and it really made me happy seeing Alexa feel like home. Millie had also helped her adapt to her new family and I was grateful for that.
Now I shall introduce crazy sis number two, or as we call her by her name Jen Akerman. Also 21 years old, very sensitive and supportive when it comes to family and friends. She is also in some way the ''mom'' of the group. Always looking out for us and trying to get us out trouble, but hardly succeeding. I have known her way longer than Alexa and Millie. To be specific I have known her for 7 years.
When I met her, she had joined the gang and we had immediately clicked. We both share the need of protecting our own and truth be told, that's what brought us close in the first place.
I immediately introduced her to Alexa and Millie and they loved her instantly. I was very happy that I had these lovely girlfriends, that being honest I had forgotten a little about my boyfriend and brother. They didn't mind though because they knew how much I needed this.
And last but not least, we have Quinn Johnson, 22 same age as me. Very bold, confident and overall badass. She and I fit together perfectly, perhaps because we are the badasses of our gang. She and I met back when I was 17, and must I say that we were like long lost twins.
Meaning that we both are risky, badass and sometimes reckless. We love to take risks and break the rules but of course with a limit. Jen has been trying to keep us in line for as long as has known us but let me tell you it is not easy. More like impossible but she loves us either way.
Same as the others, I introduced her with the first chance I got and the girls loved her. I mean how could they not? She is stunning, hot, cunning and overly protective. Especially of me.
The minute she heard about my story and past she was so pissed that I had gone through all of that, but she was also very sympathetic.
Together we bond perfectly, and in comparison with my other girls I have a bigger connection to Quinn. Don't get me wrong, I love all of them with my heart, but Quinn gets me more than all of the others.
We had created a small family and gang of our own and ever since we have been inseparable, up until now. And that's all about my companions in life and crime.

"Get up Rayna, we have to get ready so stop stalling us." Alexa said seriously.
"Get ready for what exactly? I just want to sleep in." I said dramatically and with puppy dog eyes.
"Rayna Hill, if you don't get up right now I swear I will dress you up myself. And you're not gonna like it!" she claimed with a fiery look on her face.
You really don't want Alexa Thomas to dress you up. She can get quite scary.
"Ugh, fine relax I'm going." I sighed while rolling my eyes.
"It was about damn time you moved those legs." Alexa remarked with a satisfied smirk on her face. While Quinn and Jen continued to burst out in their laughter. Traitors.
"You still haven't told me why we are getting ready or where are we going." I replied with a pout.
"You really don't know?" Jen asked amusedly.
"Know what exactly?" I asked with confusion clear on my face.
"Rumor has it, that today there will be three new boys joining our gang." Quinn was the one to speak this time.
"And that should be my concern because?" I asked while still not understanding where they were going with this.
"Oh come on Ray, stop playing dumb. You are the leader of this gang along with River which means, that you also get a say if they will become a part of our family or not." Alexa spoke seriously.
"Wait, why didn't I know about these so called new candidates?" I asked, annoyance slightly evident in my tone.
"We thought that River would have told you already." Jen said.
"Um, not he didn't and I will kill him for that. Can you tell me more about these boys joining us?" I asked calmly.
"Well, they're not part of our gang yet, and that's why you need to get ready. River said that he wants you to be there with him so you can meet them." Quinn explained, but I still could not make clear sense of the situation before me.
"Also River mentioned that he can't wait to introduce you to one of them separately." Alexa informed.
"And that someone else is rather pissed about them joining." Jen added.
"Meaning what? Who is pissed?" I asked curiously.
They all looked at me with a look of worry about my reaction to their answer, but I had no idea why. Only thing I can say is that I wasn't expecting the answer they gave me moments later.
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