The Red Dahlia

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Chapter 6-The new members-

Rayna's pov

"Guys, will you tell me already? You're acting really strange." I said warily. Their expression had me a little worried and I was growing impatient.

"Girls come on, she deserves to know. We don't have the right to keep it from her." Alexa spoke.

"Please guys just spit it out!" I said furious now, but not at them. More like to the issue that was going to unfold before me.

"Well, when River announced the arrival of the boys, let's just say that Jake didn't take it very well." Quinn said quietly, unsure of my reaction.

"Wait, Jake as in Jake Lockwood?" I asked with a clear hint of surprise on my face.

"Yes, Rayna that Jake." Jen affirmed me.

"Why would that bother him? Last time I checked we had broken up, and second it just doesn't make sense!" I replied.

Now, you must be wondering what went down with Jake and I will explain. You see up until last month, we were good and satisfied with each other. Everything was perfect.

One day, when I had returned home from my daily workout session, I headed for my room to have a shower and guess what I saw? Jake and my best friend Millie kissing on my bed. My bed out of the million bedrooms in my house.

I'm very sure you can imagine the amount of hatred and rage going through me at that point. But I decided that the situation should be handled with class and not with irrational actions.

They hadn't noticed me walk in, so that was my advantage. Instead, I walked in confidently, interrupting them and said: "Well Jake, I never thought that my childhood crush would have the audacity to cheat on me with my best friend. Guess I was wrong."

The looks on both their faces were completely priceless. They immediately jumped away from each other, looking at me with faces full of regret.

"Oh please, don't let me interrupt your very heated make out session, I can wait." I said with a smirk plastered on my face.

"Please Rayna, you have to let me explain. I didn't mean for any of this to happen you have to believe me." he pleaded, but that was not how I was gonna play with it.

"Jake, take a breather would you? There is no need for all that ranting about how sorry you are and how you didn't mean it. To be honest I expected this from you." I said seriously, while looking at him dead in the eye.

"C'mon Rayna don't be like that, it was a mistake." Millie interrupted.

"Didn't mommy ever tell you, it was rude to interrupt Sullivan?" I addressed her by her last name. That was more than enough to shut her up.

"How could you do this to me Jake? Huh? After everything we have been through?" I asked him getting really pissed.

"What was your motive anyways? You are not drunk, so you can't blame it on that, but for real, please do tell."

"Trust me Rayna, I didn't want this to happen. She came onto me telling me that you cheated on me and I believed her." he said thinking that it would be enough for me.

"Ok let's rewind because you are really pissing me off right now. Firstly, I never cheated on you she is lying. How could you ever think that low of me, especially after what we have been through. And second, you trust a thirsty and desperate bitch over me? That is low even for you Lockwood."

A hint of fear and sadness was evident on his face, when I called him by his last name.

"Hey, you don't have the right to call me that just because your boyfriend prefers me over you." Millie snarled.

"Excuse me?" at this point I couldn't help myself from bursting out laughing.

Feigning innocence, I said, "I'm so sorry sweetheart am I offending you? Not my intention by all means."

"You little piece of shit. You know what Millie? Do you have any idea how bad I wanna punch that lying and cheating face of yours? But I will refrain myself from doing so, cause in comparison to you, I have morals and I would never hurt my best friends by going behind their back." I said with class and honesty.

She was ready to give me a comeback but I cut her off.

"Just because I didn't punch you it doesn't mean that I don't hate both of you just as much. Mark my words carefully, Lockwood and Sullivan, if you ever dare to hurt any other member of this family, do something that would cost us people or even dare to communicate with me again, you will be kicked out immediately and I will hunt you down. And trust me, I always find my targets. If I were you I'd watch my back."

With that, I turned on my heel and left the room like a true leader.

Back to present..

"Rayna are you ok?" Quinn asked me with a worried face.

"Yeah, I'm fine but I still don't understand why would he be mad. We broke up a month ago like what the hell?" I said.

"Well, that could be because he still claims that he has feelings for you." Alexa replied.

"Wait, what? Are you serious right now? Please tell me this is some kind of a sick joke."

"I'm afraid not baby." Jen confirmed my fears.

"I don't understand his deal. I mean he fucking cheated on you, why would he be mad? He has no right." Quinn inquired sounding really pissed off. Told you she was extremely overprotective of me.

"Hey Quinn, please take a deep breath, besides this is not your fight, but mine." I tried to calm her down.

"No Rayna. Why should you have to go through more drama than you have already? You don't deserve it baby and it pisses me off." she said. Jen and Alexa nodded along.

"She is right Rayna. You are the last person to deserve this right now." Jen agreed.

"I know guys and I love you so much for that. I don't know where would I be, or what would I do without you." I said giving them a small smile.

"So, what are you gonna do about Jake?" Quinn asked, still pissed from earlier.

"For now, I will be the leader I have to be for my gang and I will meet our fellow candidates. Lockwood can wait. Besides, I highly doubt he has forgotten about my threat." I said smirking.

"You're right. You had him really scared with that. He will be too scared to try anything." Alexa added.

"Oh, trust me that much I know. Otherwise I don't deserve to be named Rayna Hill." I remarked with a smirk.

"Time to meet our new family members." I continued.

"You guys are ready?" I asked my excited girls.

"You know it. Show them who is the real Raven girl!" Jen cheered.

"Oh I will. This is only the beginning." I replied.

Time for them to meet their new boss.

And so we headed towards the main hall.

"Finally you're here! I have been waiting for you sis. And the boys can't wait to meet you." River exclaimed happily.

"No worries brother, I'm here as requested. Although, I would prefer it, if you would have told me about our guests earlier. Instead, having me finding out about it last minute, from my girls." I replied smirking.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier Ray, but I figured you were busy with the whole Jake thing and-," he said, but I cut him off.

"We promised not to talk about it River. And I solemnly hope you wouldn't." I said seriously.

"Yes Ray, I know and I'm sorry." he apologized.

"It's ok River, it's not your fault. Besides, that's not what I'm here for." I told him reassuringly.

"Right. Let me introduce you to our possible new members. Firstly, this is Damon Miller, 23 and one of my closest friends." River introduced.

"Nice to meet you Rayna. River has told me a lot about you and I am excited to have a leader like you." Damon said, giving me a small smile.

"Likewise Damon. I like you already. Kinda surprised though that River has talked about me. He usually likes to keep me to himself." I said eyeing River.

"C'mon Rayna. You know I was doing that just to protect you." River defensed himself.

"Relax River, I was just teasing you. You know how much I love you right?" I asked innocently. He was so easy to mess with.

"Right." he narrowed his eyes at me.

"Anyway, next we have Jason Donovan, 22 like you another of my closest brothers."

"Nice to finally meet you Rayna. I have been looking forward in meeting you." Jason said with a smirk.

"Please do not mind him sis. He is the flirty type of guy." River justified.

"It's ok River, no worries. I can handle worse." I said in between laughs.

"I know. You're my sister after all." River claimed proudly.

"Yeah, you wish big bro." I said, while smacking him in the back of the head.

"And lastly, my best friend and brother Ryer Hamilton." River finally introduced.

I had no idea what came over me that moment. I was at a complete loss of words.

The guy standing before me, was nothing like any other male I have seen in my life. Don't get me wrong, Jason and Damon are quite handsome as well, but he, he was a whole different story.

He was awfully tall. I would say about 6,2, with light skin, silver eyes, platinum blond messy hair which was styled in side curls. And a very toned body full of muscles, which were quite visible under his black shirt.

His appearance altogether, gave off a bad boy and mysterious vibe, which for some reason I enjoyed.

I was so lost in thoughts, I hardly realised what was happening around me, until his voice broke me away from my trance.

"Glad to meet you Rayna. I'm sure from what River has told me that you are an amazing leader." he said with full confidence and a smile which showed off his perfect white teeth, in the most attractive way possible.

I was stuck completely.

I contemplated to form words, but they just wouldn't come out.

Finally, River snapped me back to reality, and gained back my consciousness.

"Sis you okay? You kinda zoned out for a moment." River said worried.

"What? Oh no, I'm fine I just got a little lost in my own thoughts. Nice to meet you too Ryer, I think you will be a great addition to the gang along with your friends." I said giving him a smile.

"Rayna are you sure?" River asked.

"I don't want you to feel pressured, just because they are my best friends." he claimed.

"No River, I'm sure. And I'm not doing it because they are your friends. I really do see potential in them." I replied confidently.

"If you're sure then welcome to the team boys!" River exclaimed happily.

"Thank you Rayna, we won't disappoint you." Damon said.

"I'm sure you won't." I said giving them a smile.

"Brother, would you mind excusing me, I have some things to deal with." I asked calmly.

"Yes of course sis. See you later." River replied.

But before I left I heard his voice calling out to me.

"I will see you later Rayna, and thank you again for the opportunity." I heard Ryer saying and I just turned my head and nodded.

God, this would be interesting.

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