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New Guy

"I mean,can you believe he said that?"

"Yes. I mean, it's true you're short." Sam said,taking a sip of her coffee. She is so unbelievable! I told her about my encounter with the guy last night. As my best friend, I expect her to be like 'Mr. Oh-so-tall is such a jerk,' but here she is agreeing with him.

"Wow,way to make me feel better,Sam."

"You're welcome." I just shrug.

"Quick question,"


"Was he like ,uh, you know,cute?" I almost choked on my coffee.


"Was he?" Honestly, I didn't quite know what to answer. Then I remembered his eyes.

Wait. What? You have to be kidding me, Shirley. There was nothing interesting about the jerk's eyes. Snap out of it!

"Snap out of it!" Then I came back to reality.


"You were totally zoned out. Was he really that cute?"

"What? No! You know I don't look at guys that way anymore."

"Look, Shirley, I know Raymond broke your heart,but you can't assume every guy is like that . There are some good guys out there."

"Raymond didn't break my heart,you know. He broke me ."

"I know. And that's why you need to get another guy. Maybe he's the one who's gonna heal you . Besides, it's been two fucking years!" I didn't respond.

"I'm your best friend and I only want what's best for you."

"I know,Sam, I know." Sam's phone rang.

"It's my mom. Gotta go. Talk to you later." She gave me a quick hug and left.

After finishing my coffee, I also left the coffee shop. My heart was heavy an I had a lump in my throat. Well, that's what always happens when I talk about Raymond.

Damn it, Raymond. You messed me up. My vision was blurred by tears.

I was almost crossing the road, when someone called out.

"Hey, watch out!" The voice was familiar but before I could turn around to see who it was, I was on the ground and someone was on top of me. I slowly opened my eyes . I was half shocked,half angry.

"Hey,what gives?! Get off me!" I pushed the guy off me and he rolled to the side.

"You're welcome. I just saved you from being ran over by a bus."

What! I was almost ran over? The guy saved me? Then regret set in. I was rude to someone who just saved my life.

I turned to look at the person who saved me . That's when I realized that my day could not get any worse.

"You?" We said in unison. I stood up,and started to wipe the dirt off my trousers, which happened to be white. And cruel mother nature strikes again. I'm beginning to think it's stepmother nature.

"I couldn't cross the road alone until I was twelve. I mean, you're way older than that,but it's still okay to ask for help crossing." We don't really know each other,but this guy seems to enjoy getting on my nerves.

"Look, I don't know who you are,and I hope this is the last time I'm seeing your face. Bye!" I took my sling bag from the ground and left, without caring to look back .


As soon as I got to school, I went to my locker to get my timetable. I had math as my first lesson. Wow! As if the day being a Monday was not enough.

I was not going to see Sam until just before lunch, when we had English together. I marched,more like stomped to math class.

My second lesson was Biology. I gladly walked to Biology class because,one,it is my favorite subject and two, it was the end of math class .

A few minutes into the lesson,there was a knock on the door. It was the principal. This meant that either someone was in trouble,or there was a new student in our class. Whichever it was,I didn't really care. I continued perusing my Biology course book as I waited for the lesson to continue.

"Good morning,everyone. Your attention, please." We all looked up at Mr. Parker,our Biology teacher.

"Please welcome a new member of the class,Xander Davis. Come in, Xander." He motioned for the new student to come in.

The moment I saw who the new student was, I almost had a heart attack.

Oh, I'm switching classes,or if possible,fates. I mean, I know Karma's a bitch,but this, this is too much.

"Make yourself comfortable,Xander."

I'd say,make yourself disappear.

As he made his way to the last row,he saw me. We exchanged glares then he smirked as he passed me. How I wish this lesson would just come to an end.

I was trying my best to concentrate but no, someone just wouldn't let me. He threw a paper my way and the curious human that I am, I picked it .

We meet again :) Glad to see me?


I didn't reply to that,but he just kept sending notes .

You know, you owe me your life. Literally.


I knew what I had to do to make him stop . So I wrote him a note:

Thank you for getting me the sodas on Friday night and saving me from getting ran over on Saturday (I'd have told you to let me die if you asked for my advice then ). Now please let's forget that we met before,leave me alone and PLEASE . STOP . SENDING. NOTES!!

I was about to write my name, but I thought better. I passed the note over to him and continued my attempt to concentrate. The fact that I was one seat in front of him made me sick.

The bell rang and I was very excited. I was the first to get out of class. Operation Avoid the Annoying New Guy That I've Met Twice Before was on.

I was so happy when I saw that it was finally time for English class. It was just the place where I could find someone to help me out with the new guy situation.

"Sam, I have a problem." I whispered.

"Wait, before that, HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW GUY?" She whisper shouted.

Oh God!

"That's my problem."

"What? How? Do you know him? He's so cute!"

"Yes, I know him. He's the guy I told you about on Saturday. And no, he's not cute."

"What! That's the guy?" Sam was so surprised.

"Yes. And do you know what's worse?"


"On Saturday, when I left the coffee shop, I was about to be ran over and he came out of nowhere and saved me."

"What! You were almost ran over? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Story for another day,Sam. Help me!"

"What do you need help with? Avoiding a super hot new guy? Are you nuts? "


"Okay, okay. We'll figure out what to do . But just so you know, I am NOT for the idea. I think you should talk to the guy . Do you know how many girls would kill to be in your shoes ?"

"I don't care, Sam, I don't even like the guy . Wait. How did you know there's a new guy in school?"

"He's in my History class."


Sam and I had lunch in the auditorium. I figured it would be easy for the guy to find me in the cafe if at all he was looking for me.

So I managed to avoid the guy the whole day.

"Bye Shirley!"

"Bye Sam!"

Sam always left school before me on Mondays and Wednesdays, because I had to stay behind for my piano lessons.

I leave with the school swim team,the Sharks .

After my piano lesson, I packed and left. Since the bus had already left, I had to take a taxi. I stood outside the school gate .

I was deep in thought . I saw a car approch me . It came from inside the school. I assumed it was one of the Sharks . I waited for it to pass by but the driver stopped in front of me .

"Hey, need a ride?"

Oh no. Xander. Great! I had almost forgotten about him .

"No, thanks."

"It's seems that you still haven't learned your lesson, sweetheart ."


"What did you just call me?"

"Does it really matter?"

"Oh, yes, it does. That's not my name."

"Then what's your name ?"

"Oh, does it really matter?"

"I tried, sweetheart. Look, I just wanna give you a ride. I might be a jerk,but I have class,you know. Besides,the next taxi will show up in the next half an hour ."

Dang it,he was right.

"So,what do you say?"

I rolled my eyes. I could not believe I was gonna let this guy help me again.

"Huh! Fine!"

The guy smirked . "Hop in ."

I got into the car and strapped on the seat belt.


So Xander gave me a ride home. I had planned to be quiet all the way,but I ended up telling him my name and why I stayed behind in school that day. Shocker: He's a Shark .

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