When He Got Married

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"It was the best orgasm I've ever had. It was so intense that for a second there, it felt like my soul would escape through my nipples." • Luke and Daniel have been best friends since forever. When Daniel marries the love of his life, Alexander, Luke discovers new feelings, feelings he doesn't quite understand. While Daniel gets the job of his dreams and travels around the world, Luke meets Veronica and falls in love with her. • When Daniel's marriage falls apart because of his work, Luke is already engaged. On the day of his wedding, he realizes what his feelings mean, but it's too late. Slowly and gradually, they grow apart, but when Luke finds a way out of his marriage, he reaches out to his best friend. • Will Luke be able to confess his love for Daniel? Will Daniel be able to love a man he thought of as his brother? Read to find out what alcohol can do.

Romance / Erotica
Ryan Aureo Holt
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Author's Note

Hey folks, Ryan here.

There’s nothing special about me. I’m a designer from a computer science background. I aspire to become a best-selling author someday, and my journey starts here. That’s all there is to tell.

Also, I’m gay. I am as gay as a man can be. I’m so gay that I can’t even think straight. Though, you won’t believe that if you met me, no one does. I hate it when people are surprised to find out that I’m gay. I’m like, ‘what the hell, bitches?’

Anyways, along with a career as a writer, I also aspire to have a fairy tale romance. Not the Disney style, but still. I want what Oliver Hampton and Connor Walsh aspired to become. I want a relationship like David Schitt and Patrick Brewer. I want what Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have. I want my Reed, that’s what his name is in my dreams.

I dream about him every day. Sometimes, he’s Latin, sometimes Caucasian, sometimes Black, sometimes even Russian, with that cute accent. I don’t know if I’ll ever find him and have my happily ever after, but a man can only hope. Sometimes, I think of ending it all, but he keeps me alive. The thought of marrying him someday, having kids, dancing with him, going on a world tour... The dreams are endless, but they are what keeps me going.

A personal note about me: I hate stereotypes, especially the gay ones. I hate it when people assume things. I hate it when people are confined to boxes. I hate it when people are supposed to be a certain way or are expected to be a certain way because of who they are and what they like. I hate toxically masculine men. Even straight guys who behave that way are frowned upon, then why is it encouraged in our gay world?

So many stories on Wattpad are stereotypical. They have characters who are assigned masculine/feminine roles in cliché scenarios. They all support toxic masculinity. The masculine characters are tall, handsome, and straight, while the feminine ones are short, skinny, flamboyant. This isn’t always the case. The reality is far from this.

People need to understand that what they write has an impact. What they think is a harmless piece of fiction might affect someone across the globe in a grave manner. I’m saying so from personal experience.

With my work, I try to break all these stereotypes. I try to be as close to reality as possible.

If you like my work, reach out to me. If you find any grammatical or conceptual mistakes, reach out to me. If you have any thoughts regarding my work, reach out to me.

Reed, if you are reading this...dude, marry me already.

P.S. I know that this story is a cliché scenario about best friends ending up together, but bear with me. This is the first piece of work I’ve completed. The upcoming books will be better, I swear on Reed.

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