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His Kitten

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2- These men looked like they belonged in 'Grease'

I wake up in the morning with a splitting headache. I let out a quiet groan and get up off my mattress.

I take a quick shower before heading up the stairs to make my Father and Stepmother breakfast.

I make them some eggs, bacon, and pancakes before heading back downstairs to get ready for school.

I brush my teeth and hair then walk over to my mirror to apply some concealer to my new bruises.

Sadly I can't cover my busted lip, I'll have to find an excuse for that. I put on my yellow sweater and some light washed jeans. I throw on my black high top converse, grab my phone, and book bag.

I catch the bus to school and go to the seat farthest to the back.

"Aw look at Grace Lee! Really trying to hoe it up today!" Chrystal says.

"Chrystal, you're so funny!" Monica, one of her three minions says.

"I know, bitch" Is all Chrystal says to Monica before shooting me a glare.

And that's how my whole school day goes. People insulting me for doing nothing.

I listen to them bicker the whole bus ride and watch as they scurry off the bus to bully some innocent kid.

I walk slowly to my locker, not in a rush and trying not to upset my sore body. I grab my books for first, second, and third period and make my way towards my first class.

I make it through first, second, and third period insult free.

After third I walk back to my locker and put my three books away and grab my books for fourth, fifth, and sixth. The bell rings for lunch and I make my way to the cafeteria.

I wait in the lunch line and grab a chicken tender salad. After paying I head out to the picnic tables and eat while reading a book I've read about a hundred times. No one comes out here so it's peaceful.

As I dump my trash in the bin I head back towards the building as the bell rings, dismissing us from lunch. I sit through fourth and fifth with no problem. On my way to sixth Monica bumps into me on the right at the same time Chrystal bumps into me on the left. Causing me to stumble backwards and trip over my feet.

A few students laugh but I get up and walk away before I draw too many peoples attention. I walk to sixth period french and sit through Mrs. Lavigne's class.

I catch the bus home and listen to Monica's insults about random students.

I walk in the house and go straight to the kitchen to make the snacks and get drinks ready.

After about 7 minutes I have everything ready and set out.

"Hey, darling, why don't you go change before the guests get here," my Stepmother says, "I put a pretty dress on your bed, go put it on and try not to look like a total slut."

I head downstairs and put on the dress my Stepmother gave me. It's a beautiful off the shoulder white dress with pink flowers spread across it.

I put it on and immediately notice that most of the bruises on my chest, shoulders, and arms are revealed. My old self harm scars are lightly visible, but my new cuts are very visible. I head over to my mirror to cover everything with concealer.

Once I'm done covering my scars and bruises I head upstairs to make sure everything is spotless and home looking.

I walk around the house and straighten the mail and magazines on the coffee table.

"You don't look like a total slut for once," My Stepmother stated as she looked me up and down. Her eyes stopped at my feet. Oh lord. "Why aren't you wearing any shoes? We didn't raise you in a barn, whore. Go put some heels on."

They didn't raise me.

"I don't own heels," I said timidly.

She glares at me before stalking off to her and my Fathers bedroom.

When she comes back she carries some brown ankle wrap heels with her.

She shoves them towards me and leaves the room to go finish getting ready.

When they both come back out, Father is wearing dark blue jeans, a collared Polo shirt, and black shoes.

My Stepmother is wearing a very short red dress, that looked like it belonged in the club swinging around a pole, and black pumps.

They motion me to sit in the living room while we wait.

"Behave, Grace Lee" Is the only thing my Father says to me.

My Father and Stepmother sat down on the couch, while I sat in a chair across from them.

A knock breaks the silence.

As I get up to answer the door my Father and Stepmother join me.

I reach to open the door but my Father smacks my hand away and pushes me out of the way.

My Stepmother grabs me and interlocks our fingers and puts her other hand over our interlocked ones.

Did they snort 'good parent' crack? What the hell.

My Father opens the door to reveal four men in jeans, white t-shirts, and black leather jackets.

What the heck did my Father and Stepmother just get us into?

These men looked like they belonged in 'Grease', not on our doorstep.

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