Vampire's Nightmare

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This book is based on vampires, blood realation , true love . Love triangle between two vampire brothers and a innocent girl . Cassendra hate love while ,an soft , loving and caring vampire loves her more than himself , Shawn . His mother passed away when he was only 10 years old , he had a guilt he couldn't save his mother with his own brother . But now he wanted to protect his love . This book contain sexual activities read at your own risk.

A.J. Anastasia
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Chapter 1.


"Cassie, are you here ? May I ? " Ben knocked the door .

I put my pen down and looked at the door . " Ya , I am here ,come in " . I nodded tried to calm down.

Ben opened the door " Dad told me something about you . Are you sure ,you don't want to go there ? " Ben asked .

" Ya , I am damn sure ,next Monday i have a test , so i have to prepare " I replied and turned my focus on my notebook .

" Well , it will be fun and you have four days for preparing your test , please ,Cassie , come with us . " Ben said with his innocence . I turned my face towards him .

" No , just get out from here ." I said rudely .

" You are so bad , I won't talk to you again , Cassie " Ben said , walked out.

" Whatever , I don't care " I started writing .

" Dad , Cassie is so bad ,she talked to me so rudely , " Ben complained to Dad . I could hear their conservation .

" Oh my little one, She is just tired cause her study , Let's go . It will be fun . " Dad replied him .

" But I will never talk to her again ,Dad " Ben said .

I tried to focused on my notebook ,i started writing .

After a while Dad yelled from downstairs . " Cassie , we are going . "

" Have fun " . I yelled . I inhaled deeply when i heard car horn . Finally . Dad , Ben (Step brother ) and Eva ( Step mother ) went to enjoy their holidays. Obviously ,How could i go . I decided to stay in home ,not for preparing for test . I had a other idea on my mind . I pushed Jenny number on my keypad phone , few moments later she attended the call .

" hey Jenny ! How are you ? " I said with excitement .

" Hey Cassie ! I'm fine ,if you don't mind can i ask why are you so happy?" her voice told that she was sleeping .

" Actually , Dad and Eva go for enjoy their holidays ,So ? what you think ?" I sighed.

" Really ? It means you are free for four days ? Are ya kidding ? " she said with astonishes

" ya I am not kidding , why you think i joking with you ? " I whispered.

"Well , I am sorry but your Dad not allowed you to go with friends in midnight , so I'm just shocked how they live you alone for four days ." she replied, I know that was shocking for her but finally they live me alone , I am glad to be alone , no one call my name , no one yelled ,no one disturb me I am alone finally , I inhaled the feeling of freedom deeply .

" Cassie , are you listening me or not ? hello ! ? " she growled other side , her voice pulled me from my thoughts .

" Ya ! I'm here ! well , I want to go outside and enjoying the night , What you think ? " I chewed my lips . I damn sure she was smirked other side .

" okay , I will be there , get ready , we will enjoy the night . " she said . I smiled . " Thanks , Jenny " I said and hanging out the call and put the phone on my desk .

I opened my cupboard I had lots of clothes but I always in trouble to choose what should be good on me . I pulled out my baby pink sweater and blue jeans .

I stand at the front of mirror , " Ok , ready , Ammm , " I tried to comfort myself , " Oh , come on , Cassie , you are not a princess you have not breathtaking beauty ,so no one noticed you , you are such a boring ." I said myself , I heard car horn so I pickup my purse and mobile .

I locked the main door , walked towards car . Jenny sat on the driving seat . I opened the door and took my seat . "So , ready " Jenny asked , with smirked .

" Yaap , let's go " I replied , with smile . The car run on the road , that's a small town but pretty beautiful . I was born London but After my mom's death we shift small town. It's so beautiful and peaceful place . I continuously staring out of the view from Window . " Cassie ? " I heard my name so I turned to her . She holds a card . Obviously , fake I'D card ." ohh , well I hope guard will accept it . Otherwise we will escape from crops . " I said , we both laughed.

The night is so peaceful and sweet , when she stopped the car front of bar I opened door and got out of the car . She still sat on the driving seat .

I bend towards window ." Stay here , I will be back , don't go anywhere , okay " she said . I gave her a single nod . She started the engine and went towards parking lot. I standed outside of the bar waiting for her . It was a huge building , surely it was a hotel too . Many people walked towards the bar some were got out of the bar happily , drunken , some couples wrapped arms each other , kissing .

After my mom's death , I never had date. I don't want love , this is just a fake emotion . I was so happy when my Dad loved my mother ,but after her death how he got married other woman . Eva is nice but she is not my mother . My Dad always said to my mother , " honey , I always love you, forever " but that was so fake . Love is so fake .

I was so unaware of around me , suddenly I heard a car horn behind me . I turned ,car lights hit my face I took my hand over my face cause of light I couldn't find the driver Face . I tried to figure out the man , he used two fingers for asking beside . Nervously i tried to beside but damn high heels , my high heels not allowed me to beside . I lost my balance and fell down . The man , opened car door and get out of the car . I looked up , and forgot about breathing . The man , invite me hand for helping to stand . I ignored his hand and got stand myself . He stared at me , his deep gaze make me shiver . He smiled at me , I felt chills down my spine.

" I'm sorry , I..... I ammm...aah ..." I was quite nervous for his deep gaze. I started biting my lips . I feltl his dark brown eyes checking out me head to toe .

" Well , don't be apologize, sugar , ........ it's not your fault ... Are you okay ?" He whispered softly , " well , I'm Shawn knight , nice to meet you. " He invited me to shake his hand . I ignored his hand , looking the way of parking lot and wish Jenny came as quickly as possible . His deep gaze still checking out me . I was little bit nervous . I looked at his way from my eye's corner , 'ohh my ... Why he stared at me ..... I think this man is out of his mind ...... Calm down Casendra wild ... Calm down ... Why are you quite nervous . He just stared at you ... Because maybe you look ugly .... Stupid why are you choose this damn clothes ... I'm absolutely sure he was laughing inside ...... "

Suddenly he stopped my train of thought with laughter . I stared at him . ' Now , I have no doubts that I'm quite look ugly '.I thought he tried to stopped his laughing , and added " Ammmm.... Actually .... I'm sorry about laughing but .. I just thinking " tried to stopped laughing again , " amm... "

"Cassie .... Let's go ... Sweetheart " Jennifer cut off his sentence , she was too busy on her cellphone so she did not notice about Shawn .She grabbed my hand and walked towards the bar , continued with focus on her cellphone . I turned towards Shawn who was still standing there . He was smirked towards me , I felt chill down my spine and embarrassed also the way Jennifer hold me like I'm a kid, " haayy , Jenny ? Can you please leave my hand now? it's so embarrassing , I'm not a kid ," I whispered with little bit anger . She looked at me few seconds then realised my hand from her then nodded " okay okay , but remember don't go anywhere , because it's my responsibility to take you home with safety i won't be disappointe your family "

" Ohhh, come on Jennifer can you please stop treating me like I'm a kid " i growled try to calm myself . We stopped at door where guards were checking out the I'D card , we gave our fake I'D card to guard . He was smirked at us , we were little bit nervous if he found that those I'D are fake then maybe we will get in trouble . " Enjoy this beautiful night ,gorgeous " he gave us those I'ds he continued smirked . We entered the door , bar was filled with disco lights and people . Many people dancing on the dance floor , some people were talking , drinking , laughing , I tried to breathe , crowd always make me feel uncomfortable . We walked towards the bar counter . Across the counter , a handsome man stand who prepared customer's drink .

" Hello, mr. Handsome . " Jennifer get his focus on us . He smirked at us ,

bend little on the counter " hyy ! gorgeous , how can I help you ? " He asked her . She also bend on the counter , they stared at each other .

" Just gave a drink both of us ,yet . " She said with smirked . Get closer to him , I tried to breathe thier lips were so close like they were touched in anytime .

" Okay , beautiful , what do you want to drink? " He asked .

" You know very well what I like to drink , not you?" She addedd and turned towards me " what do you want to drink Cassie ? " She asked ,

" Ammm ... Just give me a glass of soda , without alcohol " I replied and she smiled at me like she was already expected to me.

" Well , maybe Jennifer did not want to introduce myself, this kind of pleasure I have to do it by myself . Wpell I'm Joe , your bestie's boyfriend " he whispered ,last line very dramatic . I stared at my bestie who already stared at him. Joe smirked at her mischievously , and gave her a short but sweet kiss on her lips .

" She never told me about you ? " I whispered softly but quite little disappointed .

" Because, your bestie didn't want to make you feel embarrassed that she have a boyfriend and her bestie is single . " He nodded , i looked at her who continued chewed her lips .

" Aaammm .... I can't believe this ! This beautiful lady don't have a boyfriend ? " I heard a voice just behind me . I turned , my eyes lock with dark brown eyes , and his thick pink lips with smirked , make me shiver Again . I felt my body cold like ice cubes.

' Ohhhh please don't again , calm down Cassie , calm down , he just stand front of you close . Ohhh please don't be look & behave like a stupid .....'

" Well , my bestie never date anyone , because she's not interested in any relationship . " Jennifer replied to Shawn , who continued stared at me, still to close to me . I bite my lips according to my habit , his smile widened . I looked at his brown eyes again , I felt my body melt with his deep gaze.

Suddenly , i felt one desire to touch his lips with mine , his smile more widened ' ohhhh God ...... what the hell are you think about Cassie . Stupid , stop thinking about useless things . ' i turned towards Joe who gave me glass filled with soda . Shawn pulled a chair sat beside me , so close i could smelled his vanilla scent . I tried to breathe harder but his closeness make my body shiver . His thighs touching mine , i shift little .

" Well , Jennifer you never introduce me this gorgeous . " He nodded to Jennifer who talking to Joe . She turned her face towards him and replied " . Because my bestie never attended parties and bar . This is her first time "

" Really , ? Are ya kidding , not you? " He looking astonished his big attractive brown eyes more wide . I was surprised too , Jennifer knew him .

" Well , I'm absolutely sure, you will enjoy this beautiful night , ' le, petite ' Cassendra wild . " He nodded with smirked . I stared at him how he know my name and surname too .

" Do you have any problem if you talk with me instead of staring me with those beautiful eyes." He sighed . I turned my focus on my drink , and took a sip . He ask Joe for drink soda too .

" So , Miss Wild . How old are you ? " He asked . I slipped my saliva , clear my throat in nervousness . ' He know ? , what if he figure out that you used fake I'D to get in then what will happen Cassie. ' i thought.

" Don't worry , most of the people use fake I'D . I won't tell anyone . You can tell me without any hesitation ." He sip of his drink .

" Sixteen or seventeen ? " He asked .

' Did i really look like a kid ' . I thought , and checked out myself . He laughed then nodded .

" You are not look like a kid . Don't worry but Your innocent face tells that you are not more than sixteen or seventeen ." He said with smiled . I nuzzled my finger over my nose tip .

"Almost eighteen " I stared at my drink , slowly moving my fingers on edge of the glass .

" You don't like alcohol or you don't want to drink tonight ? " He asked.

" I don't like . " I whispertook a sip of my drink .

" Which class? " He asked another question .

" Twelve . " I murmured softly .

A guard came stand front of us bowed his head little , then whispered in his ear . " Okay ! You may go now ." He ordered . I looked at him puzzlingly.

" Is it your hotel ? " I asked with narrowed eyes .

" yaaap ! I'm the owner . " He took a another sip . His voice so soft .

" You like it ? " He asked with smile.

" Yaaap ! It's really nice place . " I whispered with same passionate smile .

Suddenly i heard a sound behind us . A waiter fell on the floor , glasses broke into thousands pieces . His hand had a small cut on his palm , blood flowing from his cut. He stand dusted his clothes , apologized to all . He started collecting broken pieces . I turned my gaze towards Shawn , but i was shock little the way he looked at the waiter , it was too wired . I narrowed my eyes , his lips parted little continued stared at waiter . He turned towards the counter sip his last drop of drink . Covered his mouth with palm , he breath hardly .

" Shawn ? Are you okay ? " I asked puzzlingly , he looked at me his face was too pale .

" Yaaap ! I'm .......... I'm okay " . He nodded .

I turned my gaze towards my bestie who still talking with her boyfriend . Joe hold her hand , whispered in her ear make her cheeks blushed . She smiled shyly , Joe bend and kiss his girlfriend . They looks so happy .

" Cassie ? " I heard his voice, i turned my gaze towards him .

" I'll be back in a few moments Okay ? " He stand and almost run towards exit.

" Haaay ! Cassie Do you want something ? " I turned towards my bestie , i shook my head in no .

" Cassie ? Tell me about your bestie's secrets , i want to know about her more . I know you are too close with her " Joe asked , i laughed .

" She doesn't have any secrets instead she have a boyfriend . " I smiled at my bestie . Hit her with my elbow .

" Ouch ! ................ Well i have just one secret " She smirked, we both each other then looked at her . Who said . " I always wear pink lingeries ." We trio bursts of laughter.

" Well i already know that secret . " Joe smiled and kissed his girlfriend . We talked about lot's of things and laughing .

Then i saw Shawn who sat beside me again . Now he looks okay . He smiled at me i gave him response. My eyes went towards his collar , i saw a drop of blood.

" Haaay? Are you injury ? " I asked and pointed towards his collar . He looked at his collar then added .

" Don't worry . It's not my blood . " He said softly . I narrowed my eyes but quite.

" Do you like dance ? If you don't mind can i dance with ya ? " He asked for a dance .

" I don't know how to dance . Sorry . " I murmured softly.

" Oh ! Don't worry . No one judge you . Come on I'll teach you " . Before i say something he held my hand and walked towards the floor . When we reached at the center of the floor .

DJ song stoped and played a melodious song . " Don't hit me , Sugar ." He whispered in my ear i felt chills down to my spine . He pulled me close to him .... So close ....He put my hand on his shoulder . While other fixed with his big palm . I felt his other hand wrapped my waist . He made me move slowly as well as his moving body . He straight looking into my eyes , making my body melt with his . I breath harder , his eyes make my body shiver .

' Oh God! Why i can't breath easily . He is so handsome and hot . But his body is so cold . ' i thought he smiled and twisted my finger made me move around after make few circles i put my palm over his shoulder again . I looked at his curved lips , i tightly hold my desire to touch his lips with mine turned my gaze from him and fixed my eyes on my feet.

I don't wanted to met his eyes , caused i don't had believed on myself . I stared at our feet , moving slowly backward , forward .

" Cassie ?" He called out my name but i still stared at down . He held my chin forcing me to looking at his gorgeous dark brown eyes . As our eyes melt , i breathe harder , i felt my palm sweaty . His eyes make me feel kiss him .

His arms tight around my waist , pulled me close . Our nose tip touching , i closed my eyes ,I felt his cold breathe over my face .

' please please please don't , don't kiss me please , ' i thought .

" Why ? " He asked . I opened my eyes , stared at him. " I mean , your expression told you don't want a kiss . May I ask why? " He asked with sadness .

" HMMM ........ Cause I don't want anyone ! " I replied tried to free myself from his arms , but failed .

" Haaay , but your eyes give me a sign to touch those beautiful lips . " He said with smiled . Pulled me close again , we huge each other ,moving slowly at the melodious song . My cheeks touching his neck . He rest his chin on my shoulder , buried his face in my hair , breathing in my scent , i squirmed little.

" Shawn ? " I called out his name he just humming . " Shawn ? " I said again , he nuzzling , held me tight .

" I think you're drunk ,not you ? " I sighed tried to get away from him .

' Oh God , his closeness make me feel weak and uncomfortable . I can't hold my self more than a minute . I can't bear it anymore ......... Is he really a mad ? Why he wanted to dance with me ? And why he wanted to kiss me who looks like a ugly and stupid .? ' he stopped my train of thoughts . He laughed, still holding me close and resting his chin over my shoulder .

He looked up at me " Ohhh , Cassie what typ of girl are you , ? " He asked hold my waist more tightly . " You are so different . Your eyes so beautiful your scent driving me crazy . " He sighed , i chewed and biting my lips caused of nervousness. His smiled more widened showing his perfect white teeth . " And your lips , you always chewed ,biting merciless and inhumanity . I want to touch it with mine , if you want too ? .........May I Sugar ? " He asked for a kiss . I stared at him with astonished . He touched my lips with his thumb . Pulled out my bottom lip from my teeth . My heart skipped little as he bent towards me for kiss ,closing eyes. I held his wite shirt collar , ' Cassie ,what the fuck are you doing ? You really want to kiss him after a short kiss what will happen , you are stupid , you don't love him , love is just a fake emotion .... Just a fake emotion . ..'

I thought . He stopped just few inches from my lips . I felt his arms loose around me . " If you really don't want then i can't force you , precious " he said , song was stopped and played a disco song . Everyone dance with full of enjoyment as i tried to went away from him , someone stumling from behind i couldn't control my balance and result fell over Shawn , the fuck our lips touched accidentally his lips so cold like ice cubes . My eyes widened while his eyes were closed like he enjoyed the kiss . My hand on his shoulder while his holding my waist , i felt chill down my spine . I feared with my desire i hold my desire to kiss him more gently and hardly . As i tried to pulled away he didn't allow me hold me tightly while I already unable to breathe . His lips didn't want to leave me . I couldn't bear my desire and kiss him deeply as he demanding more . I moaned, he left me from the floor , i wrapped my arms around his neck , my feet moving in the air. We were so deep in kiss almost forgot around what were happen everyone dance , hugging , wrapped arms each other with their partners , no one noticed us .

" Shawn ? " I tried to called him between the kiss . But he kiss me more harder and wildly gave me a sign that he didn't want to stopped . His cold lips were so sweet and soft . I felt my lips swelled , it was hurting .

" Shawn ? , hmmmm ? " I moan tried to spoke between kiss . " Shawn ? Hmm ... It's hurts me ...... HMMM Shawn? It's really Hurt . " I said ,he stopped and breathe harder . We both tried to catch our breathe , our nose tip touching . His eyes were closed , still holding me .

" Can you please put me down now ?" I asked . H shook his head gave me a sign that he didn't .

His lips went towards my neck , brushed his lips over my neck , i squirmed little. " Shawn please , put me down ! Please " i whispered softly but almost begging .

He looked up at me , his deep gaze make me felt hangover . He looks sad his wide dark brown eyes blinked with innocence like a puppy . He exhaled cold breath and put me down on the floor .

" I want more ,precious ! I really want to touch you like no one will ever touch you " He ask for more , as he bent for one more kiss ,i tried stopped him .

My hand over his shoulder . I felt my legs numb , didn't allow me to move .

He bite my lips , it was hurt me . " Shawn please , my lips already swelling , and it hurts me . HMMM ......Shawn ? " I whispered softly , he stopped took a step back , remove his arms around me , touch my lips with his thumb.

" I'm sorry Cassie i don't know what had happened to me . I'm really sorry " he seems quite little sad . " I really don't wanna hurt you , but your scent " he come closer , holding my both hands , get his nose towards my neck , brushed his nose over my neck, and inhaled deeply . And added " your scent driving me crazy , i forgot about myself for a moment , " he looked up and added , " i felt a strong bond between us , didn't you felt it ? " He asked , ' it's true but i can't accept it , what he really wants with me ? Oh come on Cassie , he just flirting with you ...... You are such a stupid , how could you kiss him ... Now ? What ? You should leave this place right now ..... He doesn't love you damn it ........ He just flirting with you ..... Leave him ..... '

" Cassie ? Stop it ? " He seems angry , he released me and took a step back , and added " you know what ? If you heard what your heart says instead of your brain , it's really better for you " he stared at me for more while and walked away from the dance floor .

I silently walked towards my bestie , but bar counter empty , Joe and Jennifer both gone . I sat on the chair and wait for my bestie. I tapped with my fingertips on the counter , continued chewed my bottom lips . I felt Someone's deep gaze over me . I looked up , stared left , right to figure out who stared me , but i found no one so i put my hands on the counter , putting my head over my arms too . I inhaled deeply , crowd made me felt so insecure . I felt my breath so heavy . I walked towards the exist for taking fresh air.

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