The Neophyte And The Nerd

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FROM ANNOYING HER TO FALLING IN LOVE WITH HER. FROM DOING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING TO MAKE HER MAD TO DOING ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING FOR HER HAPPINESS. Ryan a newcomer in the collge hating the word love the most wouldn't resist himself falling in love with the nerd of his class. Most of the content of the book would be in civilised and sophisticated language. Besides some kink and effing would also be there.

Romance / Humor
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"Have you seen that new hunky in the college?"

"I have heard he has entrolled in our class."

"Thats a better news."

"Finally, a new motivation to come to college."


I heard Stella talking and giggling with some other girls, enthusiastically near the front door of our class as I entered.

I turned towards my seat and was placing my bag on my usual seat which was the front seat in the first row near the door.

"Howdy? topper Sarrah!" Amy asked me by hitting hard on my shoulder from behind.

Amy is my goombah my bestie. She is full figured, cute and cheerful girl. She's been with me since we were in kindergarten until now when we are in the junior year of our college And I love her loads.

"Ahh"I winced in pain."why do you have to be this violent all the time?"I asked her rubbing my shoulder and faking anger.

"Its my way of showing my love to my loved ones"she answered in amusing tone by arching her eyebrows.

"By the way ,what are these butterflies hyping about now?"she asked pointing the direction of same bunch of girls before placing her bag behind my seat.

"Their new target."I replied her in a nonchalant tone.

"Hahahhaha....."she shook her head and laughed.

Soon the bell rang indicating starting of the first lecture and everyone settled in their seats.

I was placing my study material on the desk when someone came and stood in front of my desk. I looked from under my eyelids and I could tell it was a boy.

Who is he? Why is he not moving?

Then the noises of the girls gave the answer to my question.

"Aaw..whoa. ..look look here he is.

He so cute.....

He so handsome......

Boyfriend material...

Mr. charming......"

I shook my head and continued doing what I was doing without bothering to look up. After a few seconds he finally moved.

May be he was deciding for his seat standing in front of my desk.

Amy who was sitting behind my seat must had checked him out too.

She hovered over my shoulder from behind my seat and muttered near my ear.

"Hey nerdy! you should definitely give this one a try. Steal the deal before those butterflies put their hands on him.And trust me ,he is dope."

I shook my head.

Here you go again Amy. I don't know why she always tries to set me up with every handsome guy she sees.

"You know my answer Amy. I don't want to indulge myself with boys and stuff. My only focus is my studies." I muttered in a nonchalant tone organising the notes in my hand.

"So you wanna stay single forever?"

"I am already in a very romantic and committed relationship with my books." I announced still not looking at her.

"But books can't screw you physically. They only give mental fucks. You know no?"she said by resting her hand on my shoulder.

I immediately looked around my neighbourhood to see if anyone had listened her blabbering.

Luckily everyone was busy with their own.

"Could you please not talk like this in the class Amy?" I requested.

"Why? This class is the place where we have studied the thorough procedure of this process. Science......Biology.....remember??. So its nothing wrong discussing about its practical? She stated.

Why isn't Ms.Rose coming?

Please come soon before she makes me to perform a practical to the class with the new boy.

She was about to continue her pestering but to my luck professor came and her presence forced Amy to stop bothering me further.

Thank you Ms.Rose. I love you. You are my saviour.

She entered the class with a quick pace apologizing for being late and placed her book on the front desk.

She is a lady in her mid forties with greys and slim body.She is benevolent to everyone.

Everyone greeted her and she responded back.

"Welcome students to Ms.Rose's Chemistry class."

I don't know why but this is her pet opening statement before commencing her lecture.

"For the past few days we have been studying about chemical bonding and today we will......." She trailed off as she noticed Mr new admission.

" Oh my goodness! we have a new boy in the class. Whats your good name gentleman?" She asked Mr. new admission with excitement in her voice as he caught her attention.

I didn't have to turn around to know the expressions on the faces of almost all the girls in the class. I could imagine the urgent look of knowing his name on their faces.

But do 'I' care? NO!



I was scanning the class while standing up from my seat to tell my name.I noticed every girl's pair of eyes were glaring me as if I was going to announce the result of a Beauty Peagent. But there was this one girl who didn't bother to look at me sitting at the front desk of the front row.

I quickly looked at the professor and said my name loudly and clearly."Ryan"as if I wanted to grab that particular girl's attention. I stole some glimpses of her and found she was still unbothered while other girls were satisfied knowing the result of their Beauty peagent ....I mean my name.

"Why have you shifted to a new college in mid terms?" Ms. Rose asked me further.

"I was a nuisance in my previous college so they struck me off ." I responded without putting much thoughts.

"I hope you will be a good boy in this college." She said to me with soft voice.

"I will try my best." I said with slight smile.

" And if u need any help regarding the syllabus you can come to me anytime. And you can have the notes of the covered syllabus from Sarrah. She maintains her notes perfectly ." professor said proudly while pointing at the front seat girl.

"Thanks Ms. Rose" I said while nodding my head and turned my eyes towards Sarrah who was finally looking at me ...bothered..? Uninterested...? Confused..? I didn't know what. But I felt a bit of satisfaction swept my heart for I don't know what reason. I mean i wasn't craving for being noticed by her within my first few minutes in class. And to my surprise she gave me slight nod before turning her head around.

The lecture was boring.I starting fidgeting my pen and I don't know why but my eyes looked in the direction of Sarrah again. She was scribbling something on her notebook with wide grin on her face.

Why is she smiling without any reason?

Perhaps, Dad was right! Too much studies can make anyone insane.

Poor girl!

I was snapped out of my thoughts with the sound of the bell.

"Thank god the lecture is over"I sighed under my breath.

I could feel the eyes of girls on me again along with their whispering.

I was about to throw my head in frustration when the boy sitting in front of me introduced himself.

"Hey buddy! My name is Kevin. I am the class CR. If u need any help let me know."

Yeah! a stare proof armour or invisible jacket would be better If u could arrange.

"Alright, thanks! "I responded.

Finally it was the time for much awaited moment 'breaktime bell'. I sighed as soon as bell rang. I was exiting the class with Kevin when I bumped into someone.

Please comment what do think about my story?writing pattern?? M a newbie trying to right down my thoughts.

Feel free to give your opinions.would really mean a lot to me.

Bdw, who would be that someone??


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