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One Night

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I have never felt like I belong as I do with Logan. He made me comfortable and eased my mind. One night is all it took for me to fall in love, I thought he felt the same but what happened the next morning proved me wrong. How can a person fall so quickly and so hard for the wrong guy?

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Chapter 1 - New Experiences

It’s Friday night and the biggest fraternity at my new University is having its welcome back-to-school bash. I am currently standing in the kitchen nursing a drink in my red solo cup. I don’t know anyone here and I only came tonight to meet some new people. People had always been drawn to me, but I never really knew why. Maybe it was my smile, maybe it was my friendly demeanor or maybe I was just a walking disaster waiting to happen and people enjoyed the show. Either way, I had always been surrounded by people from all walks of life and I was never one to judge.

I wanted to start this new school off with friends that could make me forget, forget the reason I left my entire life behind. I never wanted to leave my home but here I was, starting a new life all on my own and I was more scared than excited.

I had already seen the entire first floor seven times while I was walking around trying to find someone to talk to. I hadn’t had any luck so far, which was odd. I never considered myself to be shy but all the time with my ex had slowly eaten away at my confidence.

I moved here over the summer to start my sophomore year because I had attracted the wrong type of guy in my previous school and moving seemed to be the only solution to get away from him. My family begged me to stay, to press charges but I knew that it wouldn’t work. The police had literally told me that they couldn’t do anything until he had already hurt me, or worse, killed me. I was desperate for a way out.

He had started out sweet and caring, his looks didn’t hurt either, but slowly he became more possessive and made me alienate my friends and family. He wanted me to rely on him and only him. He saw everyone else as a threat regardless of their relationship with me. He never hit me but his body language and the way he would put more meaning behind certain words made me certain that he could.

He showered me in gifts and attention while simultaneously quietly whispering in my ear when my family did me wrong or took advantage of me, or slandering my friends when they weren’t there. In retrospect, it was all lies spun by him to get me all to himself. By the time I realized what he was doing, I was in so deep that running was my only choice.

He finally admitted to stalking me and intercepting my phone calls, texts, email, and even mail. He even threatened one of my professors for giving me a C on an exam even though it was my fault for not studying more. I grew close to a guy in my class and we formed a study group. A few days after my ex found out about it, my study buddy disappeared from the face of the earth.

I was his ideal woman with long blonde hair, blue eyes, long legs, a small waist, and a bosom that was on the generous side. I didn’t hide my body and dressed in comfortable but often somewhat tight clothes, and accessories to match. It wasn’t revealing but with my body, it still left little to the imagination. I only wore minimal amounts of makeup believing that less is more.

Suddenly I felt my ass being grabbed “Damn girl, you are hot!” A fraternity boy yelled over the loud music. I turned around and lightly pushed his shoulder to create some distance. I was used to this sort of manhandling but I refused to change when I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so I fought the good fight, one battle at a time.

I always detested how women are taught what not to do to attract unwanted attention or how to defend themselves such as don’t wear short skirts, don’t leave your drink unattended, hold your keys between your fingers when walking to your car in the dark instead of just teaching men to keep their fucking hands to themselves. I mean, is consent really that fucking hard to understand? If a dog can sit by a raw steak and not touch it without permission then a man can keep his dick in his pants.

“Want to go upstairs and have some fun?” The fraternity boy asked while winking. He was a little drunk but that didn’t excuse his behavior. His scent reeked of cheap body spray and alcohol, his breath permeated the air with a lingering vomit smell.

“No,” I replied while trying to push past him. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me against his chest, I could feel his length pressing against me “Come on, can’t you feel what you do to me?” He shouted in my ear. I guess being drunk made it hard to control his volume as well as his body.

I cringed from the warmth of his breath on my neck “I am going to find my boyfriend now, please let me go.” I exclaimed. The guy removed his hand from my wrist, I could already feel its bruise as I rubbed it when I walked off. I could feel the guy following me, no doubt to check if I was telling the truth. I had managed to get myself into a pickle before I had even made a single friend.

I scanned the room and saw a guy sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand. He looked bored and was staring at his drink. He looked up at me briefly and smiled, his eyes were a very beautiful brown color, his hair was short and brown with streaks of honey and his chiseled jaw could cut marble.

I could tell that he worked out from the tight black t-shirt he wore showing off his abs and ripped arms. He had ink showing below his sleeve going down his arm and peeking out of his collar. He was the most attractive specimen I had ever seen. An adonis among men. My ex was an attractive fellow but he had nothing on this guy.

I came to my senses, quickly checked my mouth for drool, and realized that the fraternity guy was still behind me, without a second thought I walked up to the adonis on the couch and sat down on his lap. He jerked a little in surprise but didn’t protest. His eyes look shocked but the small tugging on the corners of his mouth caused me to smile wide at him.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, “Babe I have been looking for you.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek, down his jawline, and moved towards his ear. He moaned faintly and on instinct put his hand on my leg. “That creep behind me won’t leave me alone. Please go along with this.” I whispered in his ear, lingering and waiting for a response.

I nuzzled my head in the crook of his neck, closing my eyes and inhaling his scent. I felt a little creepy doing it but he smelt so good, like rain on a summer day. Momentarily I forgot where I was and remembered my home, sitting on the front porch on a rainy day, reading a book and drinking sweet tea.

He wrapped his arm around my waist and positioned me in a more comfortable position in his lap. The only problem was that now I could feel him, all of him, I had elicited a reaction out of him. A long, thick, and rock-hard reaction. He rested his hand on my leg again. “Hey! John!” He yelled at the guy who had harassed me. “This is my girl ok, don’t you fucking touch her!” He hissed at the creep while rubbing my thigh possessively to empathize his point.

“Whatever Logan,” John exclaimed before he scurried off. no doubt to find his next victim. I just hoped that he wouldn’t find her.

The adonis had a name, Logan. He had played along and saved me, for now at least. Would he be my savior both from myself and my past? Was he up for the task? I sure hoped so.

“I’m sorry about that. If I had it my way he would’ve been kicked out long ago.” Logan apologized. “He has been inappropriate with girls before.” Logan looked me in the eyes and I could tell that he was sincere, he really didn’t like that creep, John.

I just smiled in response and let myself relax in his embrace. Logan started rubbing circles on my inner thigh and it helped me relax even more. I was comfortable in his presence, more comfortable than I had been in a long time since I had left my family. His touch awoke a fire inside me, a fire I hadn’t felt in, well ever.

“Are you a frat guy here?” I asked already knowing the answer but tried to make small talk.

Logan chuckled and smiled from ear to ear. “Yeah, I’m a frat guy. I live upstairs. But I’m not that bad” He replied. He took a swig of his drink and continued “What’s your name?”


“Kennedy, I’m Logan.” He said as he held out his hand for me to shake. My name rolls off his tongue and stoked the fire inside me. “This night went from boring to interesting fast.” He said bashfully. He was adorable, he acted as if he had little experience with flirting but from the looks of his body that couldn’t be true.

We spent the next hour talking about our interests and what we were going to school for. Logan was here on a football scholarship and was in the engineer’s program. He hadn’t figured out what type he wanted to be yet but knew that he wanted to design products that helped people in need at an affordable cost. From where I was sitting, he sure looked perfect and too good to be true.

He held my lower back and my body felt like it was on fire again, it was ablaze. His touch caused pleasure to spread all over, concentrating on my sex. I was wet and he had hardly touched me. Was I losing my senses so easily? I needed to control myself but my want overpowered my need.

Without realizing what I was doing I started rubbing my sex against his lap to relieve some of the fire. It wasn’t long until I felt his erection straining against his pants again. He let out a small moan that was barely audible. I turned around and straddled him, he looked a little taken aback but quickly recovered with a wide grin.

I wrapped my hand around his head, grabbing his hair, and pulled back slightly. I drew closer, close enough to feel his breath against my lips. I looked into his eyes, silently awaiting permission to dive in. He licked his lips and gave me a small nod so I drew closer and kissed him.

He responded with a nervous urgency, why would he be nervous? A guy like him must have tons of experience and girls trailing behind him. Why would I make him nervous? I rid myself of the thought and licked his lips, asking for entrance, he complied and I explored his mouth with my tongue. He tasted like beer and peach, an odd combination but delicious all the same.

Everything about him made my senses go crazy and my sanity go out the window. I knew without a second thought that this man would be my undoing. I was at the edge of a deep pool but nothing could stop me from diving in, head first.

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