The Silver Tower

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*unedited* Lissette was trying to remember who she really was before she was Arlie. Morpheus just wants someone to connect with and hopes the girl locked in the tower could be it. And Lissette's mate is looking for her, he wont let her go again.

Romance / Fantasy
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An ending

“It has been a year since the tragedy of what happened in Colorado. We have sent aid to our allies in Colorado and can finally say after everything it is truly over. Many have died yes. The funerals are over, the dead buried, and everything set right. While we will never forget the lives that were needlessly wasted for one person set on needless revenge. It is our job now to never repeat history, we must be closer as a community to ensure that no one does this again. It was a lapse in our judgment that caused us to not notice one of our own suffering so badly. Thank you. You are dismissed.” The Head of the tower said. I knew somewhere there was a crowd of people. Probably in the huge entrance to the tower. She was probably sanding on the first landing looking out into the hundreds of faces. Hundreds, a year ago I thought we were dying out. She lied to me.

They talked of needless death. I caused that. I wasn’t supposed to think like that. My doctor said it wasn’t my fault. She told me a lot of things; I couldn’t help but think that she also lied. Maybe everyone lied. The doctor said my name was actually “Lissette”. Something in my felt that was correct, but Joan had made everything feel right.

The only one I knew didn’t lie was Morpheus. He visited almost every day; he was very arrogant to be honest. But it a fun way, he made the days I spend in this cell better. The cell wasn’t bad, not like the ones Joan had in the basement of the fake tower. Those were dark and cold. They also smelled like mildew and just yucky.

This was practically a little apartment. It was mostly a pastel green with light blue accents. Apparently pastel colors are good for the soul or something like that. It was very nice, there was a small oversized chair in the corner. I had a little bookshelf and a bed in the corner. I had my own bathroom which was new. They gave me lots of books to read, and I had an old record player for music. I really did like music; I even had a window. However, the window of course didn’t open and couldn’t break. I was still a mental patient.

I felt I would never be not a mental patient. I couldn’t stand that they were saying it was over. Many have died. Hundreds have died, not just the wolves that are apparently the same species as us, but so many of us. I know I was the one who brought them to her. So many trips, with so many girls who were now dead. Did she not care at all? They were all dead.

They say that she was driven insane by grief. It went to far, how could they not know ether?

I had a lot of misplaced anger at everyone to be honest. I heard the door open and Morpheus came in. He had on his leather jacket and that goofy smile on his face. He was however extremely attractive. I wasn’t blind it was easy to see with his careless styled hair that looked like he had just come from some steamy session in his room. Meaning he always had sex hair, fuck I wouldn’t mind running my hand through his hair. He was tall and lean but still had muscles.

Not as good as Hunter’s though, I dreamed about the werewolf’s muscles way too often. I didn’t understand it, why was I still attracted to him. I thought rejection would remove that. I felt the monster, no, my wolf, whine in the back of my mind. To be honest she freaked the absolute fuck out of me.

“Hey there pretty one.” He said sitting down in my chair. I was on my bed staring at the celling. I glanced at him. He had a good voice a middle tone, it made me think of silk. I stopped my self from thinking of the werewolf boy again.

“What’s wrong normally you at least look at me?” He said a bit pouty. I chuckled and look at him. He was lounging in my chair.

“You are way to comfortable in my room.” I say a bit pissed still about that stupid announcement. Done my ass. I had noticed something since I had gotten here. I felt freer to talk in my own mind, weird since I had never had more mind readers around me till now. I felt free to cuss all I wanted, she always disapproved of cussing. It was little things like that, that make me feel like maybe I am getting better. Like her influence is lessening.

“Your upset about the announcement.” He said was I really that obvious? I nodded and he suddenly stood up.

“Come on.” He said holding out his hand. I looked at his hand confused.

“What?” I say and he laughed.

“Come on we are going to get you out of this room.” He said and took my hand pulling me up.

“What?! I am not allowed to leave the room.” I say seriously and he looked at me.

“Did anyone tell you that?” He asked I shook my head no.

“Then you can leave. They didn’t tell you, you couldn’t so you can. Just like they never explicitly said that I can’t come see you, just that I am not allowed in this area.” He said as he opened the door and lead me out.

“What your not supposed to come see me?” I say shocked. Okay so maybe I should have noticed that he was a rebel with the leather jacket an all. But still.

“we just covered that pretty thing. They never said I couldn’t.” He said still dragging me down the hallways. It made me think of a hotel to be honest this was crazy what was he doing? Also, there was no guards. I thought I would need some right?

“you are helping a practical criminal escape.” I said in a hushed whisper still worried about being found out.

“You are not a criminal.” He said like he was personally offended by that. I couldn't help but smile. Ohh what am I going to do with this boy?

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