The Silver Tower

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Down in the cells

Unknown pov

I felt anger and hatred. They were stupid useless people. They thought stripping me of power would make me safe. Fools they should have killed me. It was a weakness; they could not kill their own. They would never kill their own. Fools standing on the so-called higher ground. It would do them no good in the end. I would escape and set the world right.

They want to help and save me? They were fools that didn’t see, we were the stronger part of the race. The wolves should worship us. Having mates makes up weak. It should something to be looked down on. Something forbidden. If one suppressed their wolf enough it wouldn’t interfere with what had to be done. Pesky feelings would be gone we would be able to take our rightful place.

They thought they could rehabilitate me. But I knew someone else in these cells who felt the same way. Someone who I could get on my side. They had taken my voice. My connection to the outside world. But they didn’t take his. He was one of their guards. They don’t screen well do they. Now how to get him to listen to me? He had the ability to manipulate fire and heat. Meaning he could manipulate anything with heat. A useful skill I could use.

The cells showed how weak they were. They were comfortable and soft, but they worked they made you complacent. I refused to be complacent.

I slept on the floor the bed and all the nicer things thrown on top of it. If I could have torn up the carpet I would have.

There weren’t even bars just walls. Of course, highly enchanted walls, but still only walls. They don’t have the power and intimidation that bars do. Fools the lot of them.

I knew that they had put my voice in another ‘cell’. I knew they had stripped her of her abilities to speak to others with her mind. To make then see what she needed them to, to join her. She did well, taught some of those packs fear. I knew that she had people under her. If I could just get one of them.

She was a good worker, making sure he mate, and child died was important. She had told me that she found a girl who was so tightly in her grasp she had managed to change some of her memories.

If I could get her, there were whispers that she was in this tower as well. But they treated her different she was a victim. Which would do perfectly for my plans. I was sure she was just on her own.

After such isolation it was doubtful that she had friends or a mate. Someone easily manipulated after having her mind fractured in such a way. Now how to get her to come down here?

I hadn’t had magic for a long time, they stripped it away from me forever ago. Having Joan to listen when I told her things worked well. But now she was gone so I was stuck in this room.

I felt frustrated and trapped. The door opened and I got brought out to be talked to. They sent different people each day. Always ones who could read minds. Since my voice was removed. I was a danger with a voice.

But they were all incompetent and thought I was now harmless.

The room had a boy in it interesting. He had blond hair, beautiful eyes, and a leather jacket. I sat down looking at him. He didn’t say anything just sat there.

“So, I think you know the drill.” He said and I glared. I had been here longer than he had been alive! I knew the drill the stupid question if I regretted what I did. I didn’t. What I did needed to be done. He listened to my mind; saw I wasn’t sorry.

I was only sorry that the rest of our kind were incompetent fools who don’t see that we should and must be rulers. Not only of the wolves but of the world.

He suddenly straightened up looking shocked.

“You were the one who got Joan the way she was.” He said. I looked at him he was extremely powerful; he shouldn’t have been able to see that I was involved. I growled and lunged at him. But well I did have chains on keeping me from attacking him. He left quickly and I cursed in my mind.

My plan was ruined, I knew it then. They would make sure no one but those they trusted the most came to see me now. Only the ones they knew were secure in their control. They didn’t understand this was the only way for us to survive.

I growled again as I was led back to my cell. I would find away out and to show everyone we should be the rulers. It was how to stop the world from ending.

No one had ever believed me, even before I was in this cell. I was not just a powerful emotional manipulate. I was a seer; I knew this was the only way. It had to be done.

But when I got people on my side the council said that I had manipulated them to believe me, when I hadn’t. All court proceedings within our little society were a sham. The very people who believed me turned on me at the first sign of trouble. They turned on me saying that I manipulated them into a sort of mania, it wasn’t their fault what they had done.

But one, one staid by my side. Joan, she was hesitant at first, but once her mate and child died, she became my most trusted and loyal follower. She finally understood, she refused to testify, and no one questioned it. They assumed that she was busy with her child and didn’t want to travel to the court. But no, she was doing my work. She was looking for more of us.

When they stripped me of my powers, they also removed my power to see in the future. A foolish thing to do, there was so little of us left. They ignored what we said, they didn’t like the idea of a war. So, they banished us or stripped us of power.

Like I said fools.

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