The Silver Tower

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Way too distracting

*Steamer chapter ahead*

Lissette pov

The smile that appeared on his face was breath taking. It was something I wanted to burn into my mind, the kind of smile I wanted to cause all the time.

He pulled me in to his lap burring his face in my neck. I knew from reading that was a wolf thing. I gasped softly when I felt him kiss the crook of my neck. He hummed softly and I could feel him smirk against my skin at my reaction. Which then lead to him sucking lightly on my skin. My hands tangled into his hair, way to soon for my liking he pulled away blushing a bit.

“Sorry, you just smell and taste very good.” He said. I felt a bit dazed and had to blink fuck this boy.

“I didn’t mind.” I said softly and kissed him, cause I had to kiss him. He hummed slightly.

I am not sure how exactly it happened, but he was suddenly on his back with me on top of him. I felt his hands resting on my waist. I kept my hands tangled into his hair. It was just long enough for me to burry my fingers in. I felt it was the perfect length.

He was very warm, and my entire body was pressed against his. He pulled away

“I think we need to stop darling.” He said his voice was thicker and not helping with my wanting to continue. I nodded but didn’t move away yet. I rested my forehead against his trying to catch my breath and calm down. If kissing was that great, then I couldn’t imagine how anything more would feel.

It had been about a month now since Hunter showed up. My therapist was ecstatic that he was here, he fit in quite well actually. He had met Morpheus, and even made a few friends of his own. I wasn’t the most sociable person, so I was shocked he so easily talked to people.

There was one problem, and it wasn’t a real problem, but it was something that drove me crazy. He would go out and train which everyone did that. But he was shitless, okay a lot of people worked out shirtless. But every time he did it was way to distracting. The way his muscles flexed and how his skin looked in the sun I couldn’t stop staring at him.

It was so unfair. I normally trained with one of the girls who had life powers or Morpheus, since my powers sometimes freaked out when I was attacked. My therapist said it was an automatic reaction and not be to upset about it. I was getting better but still I hated when that happened. The teacher always put a dome around the training area so that no one would die, instead they would get a major nosebleed. To show that they would have died.

Today however the teacher decided that I should train doing take downs with Hunter. Which was so fucking unfair! He was all shirtless and hot. I however didn’t complain I could do this. Maybe.

He stood in front of me, shirtless and slightly sweaty from the warmup. My eyes wandered his toned chest wanting to trace all those nice lines. He chuckled making me look back up into his eyes. Don’t get me started on those green eyes, the way his black hair fell into his eyes just a bit looked so hot.

“See something you like darling?” He asked I gave him a small glare.

“Yes.” I said making him bit his lip in a smile. I decided that if he could be distracting, I could be just as distracting. I pulled off my tank top making his eyes widen and he staired just as bad as I had. I was then in my sports bra and workout shorts since it was a warmer day outside.

“See something you like honey?” I asked and he laughed nodding. Then got in the ready stance. I also got ready. I was not as ready as I thought I was he easily knocked me down and pinned me.

“One point me.” He whispered in my ear before getting up. Ohh its on.

We were pretty well matched actually, which is surprising I would have thought he was way better than me. I knew he wasn’t going easy on me since when he took me down it did hurt. I also noticed that every time I took him down, he didn’t get upset. Ohh he was plenty competitive and wanted to win but was proud when I managed to get him down.

We were 12 to 12 and both sweating quiet a bit. I noticed that everyone else had left already but we were not quitting till we had a winner. I watched him while he didn’t stick to a specific pattern, he still had his own style of fighting. I dodged to the left when he lunged but was wrong and found myself back on the ground. Fuck!

“I win.” He said in my ear but didn’t move off of me this time. I was breathing heavily with my hands above my head. He held both my hands in one wrist his other hand holding him up. He was completely pressed against me. I felt sparks everywhere our skin touched. I felt his heat all over me. My breathing heavily made my chest press against his every few seconds.

Staring into his eyes I saw how they had darkened just a touch. He swallowed thickly shifting his hips just a bit I could feel why he had swallowed thickly. I gave a small smirk and rolled my hips up in to him making his breath stutter and cuss softly.

“Do you want to go to our room or are you going to go shower?” I asked softly giving him the choice because I didn’t want to rush him. He took a minute to breath and think again after what I did with my hips.

“Can we go to our room?” He asked softly and I nodded quickly I could feel how much he wanted me, and I wanted him just as much.

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