The Silver Tower

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Thunder and lightning

*NSFW chapter*

Lissette pov

I didn’t bother with us walking instead us a bit of magic to teleport us to our room. Got to love magic. It could be very helpful.

“Someone’s feeling impatient.” He chuckled and started kissing and sucking on my neck. I moaned softly, how could he so easily find my sweet spots?!

“Can you blame me?” I asked panting a bit fuck he was good with that mouth. He chuckled again but didn’t say anything. I tugged a bit on my hands that he still had pinned above my head. He looked up from my neck a smirk on his face. Those beautiful green eyes were a touch darker than normal he was panting slightly.

“What every could you want your hands for darling?” He asked, I have to admit I liked this pet name he had for me. I glared a bit but suddenly couldn’t think as he started leaving light love bites down my neck then to right above my sports bra.

He looked up again.

“Can this come this off?” He asked softy. Ohh I loved him

“Yes.” I said and he let go of my hands and sat back on his knees so I could take it off as he watched. His eyes went wide, and he bit his lip smiling staring at me shirtless. I couldn’t help but laugh softly he was very cute.

At my laugh he looked back into my eyes and pinned me again and left love bites all over my chest. Okay maybe more hot than cute. He finally let go of my hands as he kissed down my stomach.

I was reminded of that dream I had a while back with him. If my cheeks weren’t already on fire they would be now.

I put my hands back into his hair panting a bit as he paused at the waist band of my pants.

“Can these also come off?” He asked placing light kissed right above the waistband. I nodded but he just looked at me.

“You have to say it love.” He said softly. I had to take a second to catch my breath again like I said he was way to good with that mouth.

“Yeah they can come off.” I said and he smiled. I lifted my hips so he could completely undress me.

Now I had done things with boys before, but I was more nervous with hunter. I mean he was my mate, so it was more important not just a one-night stand. I really wanted to keep him.

He took his time pulling off my pants and underwear. Once they were off, he kissed from my ankle up my leg but right before he got to the place, I really would like his lips he went and kissed up the other leg.

I whimpered softly tugging a bit on his hair and he looked me in the eyes, and I realized he was doing this on purpose being a tease. I gave him a shocked look. I could tease too. I used my hands in his hair to pull his head back up and kiss him before flipping us over, so I was on top.

He smirked and laid still; I knew he was letting me be on top. He was an alpha so no surprise he was more dominate in bed. Not something I minded but I can be just as much fun on top.

I did as he did kiss and lightly biting on his neck. He moaned when I bite him. So big bad alpha likes to be bit. Good to know. His moan was lovely and made me want to just fuck him right now.

But I could resist and tease him for a bit. I kissed and bit all down his neck and chest. I licked those amazing abs tracing those lines I had been staring at on the training ground. When I reached his underwear, I looked up into his eyes again waiting for him to say it was okay.

Once he nodded and lifted his hips, I pulled his underwear off slowly watching the way his legs tensed as he tried to keep still. Once he was naked under me, I took my time looking him all over. Fuck he was so hot; I am aware it is cliquish to say he looked like a Greek sculpture, but it was true! He was magnificently sculpted and was hard all over. I smiled at him then while keeping eye contact licked his balls liking the way he moaned softly. He tasted pretty good to, that could be the mate bond making it that way. Not that I am complaining. I messed with is balls watching him pant and try to keep as still as possible. He was so cute. I kissed back up to his neck after giving his cock one long lick that had him whimpering softly.

“Do you want to have sex?” I asked he was panting softly.

“Fuck yes. Please.” He said whimpering a bit. I shifted off of him and laid down, because I obviously wanted to be dominated by this alpha. He smirked and climbed back on top of me. I moaned soflty when I felt one of his fingers slide in to stretch me out. I was glad he knew what to do because I was moaning to much to be able to say anything.

He made sure to stretch me out very well before pausing,

“Condom darling?” He asked, shit right. I pointed to the bed side table; I had a pack in there cause after Morpheus found out I had a mate he gave me a pack. Hunter pulled one out and put it on. Then slid slowly into me, it felt better than sex with anyone else ever had.

Everything after that was like thunder and lightning in the best way. Flashed of light and loud sounds and the feeling of Hunter everywhere. I loved it.

Well everyone else is ruined for me, I couldn’t even think of ever sleeping with another man again. By the end all the moaning and things Hunter said I knew that I was it for him as well.

Afterwards we laid there almost asleep he was lightly drawing patterns on my hip which felt very nice.

“Don’t we need to mark each other?” I asked softly looking at him. He looked so content, he hummed and nodded.

“Can we do it now? I want to keep you forever.” I said his eyes light up and he sat up.

“Are you serious?” He said very excited, I smiled and nodded. He pulled me gently in to his lap and kissed on my neck right on the hickies he had left there earlier in the day.

“Can I mark you here?” He asked. I moaned softly and nodded then felt him bite.

Which let’s be honest hurt like a bitch, but he licked the area, so it stopped stinging. I then bit his neck so then licked the spot. The mark was a bite mark and would stay a scar of well a bite mark but that was just fine. It faded to where only other werewolves would notice it. So, we wouldn’t have humans freaking out about the bite marks.

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