The Silver Tower

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The error of memory

Unknown POV

A boy with blond hair came to see me. He had a black leather jacket. Interesting I figured anyone would have loathed to come see me in my gilded cage. He sat down in front of my cell, so he wasn’t supposed to be here. If he was then I would be in that other room they brought me to everyday.

“I wish to try something.” He said and then entered my mind. The world around me altered we were outside sitting at a picnic bench. It was the rolling hills of my childhood. I looked around shocked it was so beautiful I didn’t realize how much I had missed the outside. I glared at the boy.

“Such foolish little tricks won’t sway me; I will never regret what I did. It was necessary.” I didn’t even realize that I had said that. I looked shocked at this child. It was like I was speaking again, but since he didn’t agree with me, I knew it wasn’t truly speaking. Before they cut out my tongue, my words commanded everyone. My every whim their command when I spoke. I lead nations, but then they got jealous of my power and felt my methods were too extreme. So now here I sit in a cell unable to speak my mind ever again.

“Tell me why? Don’t give me the we must be the leaders of the world and use your greed. We hold monumental power; ruling will give no more power. So why?” The boy asked, I could see the sadness in him. He knew loss.

“Because our race will die out unless we rule.” I said perhaps I could convince him to come to my side. He was more powerful than Joan and was a close friend of the girl.

“What do you mean die out? How do you know?” He asked me, he was cautious but curious. A good combination for me.

“I mean we will be extinct, and I know because the seers have said so. Back when I was young there was a vison that our kind would be erased if we did not rule. There would be a war, and if we didn’t win the wolves would kill us all. So, we have to rule.” I said feeling the fever of need rise in me, the need to do something, the need to make sure we survive.

“When was this vision? How old are you?” He asked, strange questions. Why would he wonder about that?

“I do not know, a long time ago. It was a true vison! And we will succeed no matter how hard I must try I will overcome all barriers and that girl will help. She could make the entire world bow to us and with a sigh kill all who oppose us!” I said when I had started shouting, I do not know. The boy looked somber.

“Can I tell you a story?” He asked softly. I was breathing heavily the sky was darkened more. I nodded sitting back down, a story. He was a strange boy, but I would humor him. He could get me to the girl. I looked at the boy. He wasn’t looking at me, instead he looked up into the sky.

“Long ago, in France there was a boy born. He was a blessed, something quickly realized by his parents. He as a child could show them in their minds what he wanted. He didn’t cry because he was understood. Now this family knew they were supposed to send their child for training, but he was young and the only one they had. The wife was told she could not have children, so to give up the one that felt so much like a gift was unimaginable. So, they kept the child, begged their neighbors not to tell anyone about the child. The neighbors understanding how much they loved the child and couldn’t bear to be separated from him, agreed with the request.

The child grew in a loving home. He learned from books and his own experiments how to control his gift. Other magics were harder for him to control, but he managed. He staid with his family until he was 16. Then in the proper manor set out to find his mate. He wandered the countryside of France for along time before coming upon an old castle deep in the countryside.” Here he paused for a moment a small smile on his face. The smile did make him an even more attractive child, but that same sadness was there in his eyes. A sadness that wouldn’t leave. Then he looked at me like he was going to watch my reaction for the next part of his story.

“The pack living at the castle were nice and welcomed him. When they found out he was looking for his mate they welcomed him with open arms. When they found he was a blessed they were delighted and wanted to see small parlor tricks of power.” I made a face. There is no way, they are wolves! Sworn enemies to us! They try to kill us and unless we are the top of the world we will die! He sighed and looked at the sky again, like he expected this reaction.

“While their he did find his mate. A beautiful boy with bright red hair and the greenest eyes that one would even have the pleasure of seeing. He was a scout for the pack, he was gentle but had quite a little temper. Even so he never harmed an innocent soul, he was wonderful.” He paused again those sad eyes seemed bigger, I saw unshed tears in them. So, the story was close to his heart about him then? But I could not believe that, males couldn’t mate with other males that was a freak to nature. Something that even those beasts that call themselves civilized would have killed them for. Even humans knew this.

“The boy stayed with his mate. They completed all rituals as was their right being mates. They lived happily for a year. Their mating while rare was no longer frowned upon by all. Just after their one-year anniversary the beautiful red-haired mate went on a scouting mission. A normal occurrence, however, this time things went wrong. A rival pack that had been planning on attacking caught him. The killed him, the boy felt his mate die and fell into shock. For the boy’s mental powers meant he could hear what his mates brain said when he died. The last words that he heard was ‘I love you, I’m sorry.’ What happened next the boy would not know until much later. His beautiful mates pack were overcome by the boy’s powers. His mind took over all around him, including the attacking pack. So strong was the boy’s thoughts and his mind so crowded by grief that many in both packs died. Luckily the children of the pack escaped such fate. However, the warriors of the pack coming to attack all died.” The boy looked at me his eyes dark with grief and regret. He was the boy he spoke of. But how had I not heard of this? It had been many years of me in here yes, but I should have heard of this anyways. Such strong powers and such large deaths always made there way to me. I would doubt his story, except that look in his eyes made me know he was telling the truth.

“The silver tower heard of the incident and immediately sent their best mind healers to try to save anyone they could. When they got within several miles of the pack, they too felt the grief and power. They were prepared for this and thus were able to get to the boy and suppress his powers. They got the children to family from other packs or with other families where they would be taken care of. They then took the boy to the silver tower and kept him there. Tell me what year it is?” He asked suddenly shocking me. Why would he ask this?

“I have been in here for a long-time boy, but from what I could say it is most likely 1843. Since in the year 1900 the wolves will kill us. We must gain power before that. Time runs out such a change can does not happen overnight. We need to fortify and gain our power as soon as possible don’t you understand this boy?” I asked he gave me such a pitying look. The picnic table faded away and we sat in my cell once again.

“My dear lady, the vison you speak of is true. However, in the year 1845 another vison was seen. If peace was made with the wolves and an acceptance to allow both blessed and wolves to search for there mates between the wolves then the race would not be wiped out, but saved, and strengthened. This was the path taken, it is the year 2018. We are all still here, you are in the silver tower not due to your crimes though they are great. You are here because you have a illness of the mind. You forget the years that have passed. You believe that you are back in such a dangerous time before there was hope of not having to go to war with the world. I am sorry, but I feel you will stay here in this tower for the rest of your life. The questions of do you regret is out of hope that one day you may remember. For I see even in your eyes now you are forgetting the year and what I have told you since it does not fit in what your mind remembers. I will not be visiting you again. For I refuse to live my life here, I want to see the world again.” He said standing and taking his leave. A strange boy why he didn’t ask the proper questions. He of course wouldn’t see me again they sent a new person each day to ask if I regretted what I did. I do not it was required of me; I was doing what I must to keep our species alive.

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