The Silver Tower

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Fun in the Woods

Lissette’s POV

I woke up very comfortable in my mate’s arms. He was sleeping deeply so I took a moment to be a bit creepy and watch him sleep. He was just so handsome, I liked not only our physical closeness but the mental closeness that marking had given us. While I could see I was a bit of an idiot for running away from him for so long I don’t regret it. I was able to learn more about myself and get better with those weird views that Joan had ingrained into me. After watching my mate for a bit, I sat up making him growl softly and open his eyes.

“Where are you going?” He asked his voice was a bit gravely from sleep, which was way to sexy for his own good. He got a smirk on his face.

“You think I am sexy?” He said fuck forget he could read my mind now that we were marked and mated. I rolled my eyes at him and got up. I could read his inappropriate thoughts as we watched me walk naked to my closet. I rolled my eyes at him again and flipped him off as I got dressed. He laughed and stretched out more on my bed. Speaking of the bed it was a bit small for both of us, unless I slept on top of him.

“I like you having to sleep on top of me at night. What are you planning to do today?” He asked I could tell he had something he wanted to ask me to do with him. I knew it wasn’t something involved in the room, since I saw a hint of the woods before he hid his thoughts from me. I gave him a playful scowl.

“Hey no fair! But don’t have any plans, what do you want to do?” I asked sitting down next to him he smiled and pulled me down for a kiss before answering.

“I want to go for a run with you.” He said I smiled.

“That sounds like fun let me get workout cloths on.” I said but he shook his head keeping my forehead against his.

“No, I want to go for a run with you in wolf form.” He said pleadingly. I bit my lip I hadn’t shifted really at all, but my doctors said that I needed to work on that. Work on being closer to my wolf side. Okay doing it with my mate around seemed safe, I nodded, and he smiled letting me pull away as he got up and danced around excitedly. I laughed at him and once he got dressed, we went down to get some food before our run.

He held my hand keeping me close to him, something I thoroughly enjoyed. Who knew physical touch was so nice, even just holding hands like this had my heart racing in the best way. He smiled down at me and let me see how content he was being with me no matter what we were doing.

After breakfast we went to the woods just outside of the tower. We stripped down so we didn’t shred our cloths and shifted. Well he shifted. I bit my lip looking at him how the fuck do I do this again? He sat down and spoke in my mind.

“Alright, so do you feel your wolf in your mind?” he asked, and I nodded I felt her she was happy and eager to go running around.

“Okay now imagine her coming forward more into your mind.” I did that which he must have felt because he continued his instructions

“Now think of yourself as a wolf. Hold that image into your mind and let your instincts show you what to do.” He said. Okay I could do that. I thought of my wolf and kept that thought in my mind. Next thing I felt was pain it hurt a lot but once the pain was gone. I was a different height and had paws. I yipped in joy and ran up to my mate rubbing against him while he licked my face. Then I nipped his tail playfully and ran off. He chased me barking happily.

I understood completely now this was so much fun! We chased each other around the woods for several hours. Before laying down by a river to get a drink and lay cuddled together. He had his head set on top of mine which was comfortable.

I think we took a small nap since we woke up a bit later and were both starving. So, we ran back to our cloths and shifted back. I could smell the stew that the kitchens were making and was excited I was so hungry. Running around for a while made you hungry, which is pretty obvious.

I noticed as we ate, I hadn’t heard from Morpheus at all today. He also wasn’t at dinner, that’s weird. I was worried about where he was. Hunter also looked for him for me as well. After dinner I went and knocked on his door, but ether wasn’t home or didn’t want to talk to anyone. I felt disappointed, I knew he would be especially exited that I was marked and mated. More likely he would be excited for me that I got laid. I wrote a little note telling him I wanted to talk to him tomorrow. I slid that under the door hoping he would see it. I noticed his light was off. I hoped he was doing okay and not feeling bad.

I was worried that me now having my mate made him think of how his mate had died in an awful way. Thinking about mates dying had me a bit panicked so I went back to my room to my mate who was alive and reading a book upside down in my chair. I laughed at him and took the book sitting in his lap to read to him. Which he was very happy about.

That night we went to bed and I still hadn’t heard from Morpheus, but Hunter suggested that maybe he was working. I hummed and then cuddled with him to go to bed. I would see him tomorrow I was sure.

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