The Silver Tower

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A Simple Plan

Lissette’s Pov

I woke up late the next day. Hunter had woken me up a bit earlier to go train with some people. I slept in a bit more before getting up. I wandered down to the kitchen to ask for just some tea and toast.

I ate them outside enjoying the fresh air. I felt restless, I felt like I was ready to leave here. I wanted to go to my mate’s pack. Well it will be our pack soon. That idea had me very excited and hopefully that that dream from forever would come true. I would be living in our pack and we would have little kids together. Not right now though! I wanted kids but I am way to young for that right now. Besides we needed to get used to living together before we should add kids to the equation.

I heard footsteps and looked up. There stood Morpheus in his signature leather jacket with dark skinny jeans and some combat boots on. He fit that bad boy persona so well. He looked fine, not like he had been crying or having any problems so he must have been working yesterday. I smiled up at him and he sat down next to me smirking.

“Well hello, you are all smiles. Tell me did you get thoroughly fucked by a big beautiful hunky alpha?” He asked and I laughed shoving him by his shoulder a blush bright on my cheek. Which was answer enough for him making him laugh loudly. He was way too into my sex life, but it was part of his charm.

“So, when are you and your alpha going back to your pack?” He asked. I shrugged Hunter and I hadn’t talked about it at all. Which is something that we need to talk about and also because communication is a something that is needed in all relationships.

“I don’t know but I hope soon, I feel... I don’t know.” I said shrugging again he gave me a sweet smile.

“Restless, your wolf knows she has a job to do as a Luna and feels trapped here. Well I wanted to talk to you about when you leave.” He said I looked at him curiously

“What is it?” I asked hopefully it wouldn’t be something bad or something that would keep me from being able to live out that dream.

“Could I maybe travel with you? I know that seems weird, but I can’t stay here any longer. I need to be out I don’t want to live my life stuck here.” He said he seemed a bit frantic, he must really need to get out of the tower. I don’t blame him, as great of a place as it was. It was still a hospital which made you want to leave as soon as possible; I gave him a reassuring smile.

“Why would we mind you traveling with us? Ohh maybe we could do a bit of site seeing together before we go back to the states?” I asked and he smiled back looking so relived. I was glad to help him feel better; he had done so much for me before anything I could do to pay him back I was more than willing to do.

“That would be nice. Are you sure that your mate wouldn’t mind? Could you also ask him if I could stay in his pack for a few days when we get there? So, I can make some plans of where to go after that?” he asked seriously. I nodded and contacted Hunter who was taking a short break from his training. I explained what Morpheus asked and told him about maybe all of us traveling around Europe doing some sightseeing. Hunter loved the idea and agreed. He also said that Morpheus was welcome in the pack at any point he knew how close we had gotten. He also said having friends was always a great thing.

“Hunter loves all of the ideas and also said that you are always welcome in our pack because you are my best friend!” I said honestly, he gave me a sweet smile and gave me a tight hug in thanks. I could feel he was shaking just a bit I hugged him a bit tighter.

“So where were you yesterday?” I asked softly when he let go. He shrugged.

“Had something I wanted to look in to about a work thing I did a little bit ago. It was a sad story, but its why I realized I can’t stay in this tower forever. Nor do I want to.” He said smiling sweetly at me.

“So, want to give me some amazing details about what you were up to two nights ago?” He asked smirking again.

“Nope, nope nope. You’re my best friend but I’m not going to give you explicit details about my sex life!” I said loudly and got up. He laughed and chased after me laughing. When he caught me, he tickled me till I was unable to breath. He laid next to me laughing hard. I would miss him after he leaves but I would make sure to enjoy every moment with him as I could.

“So, I am thinking that we see the whole world before we go to the pack what do you say?” I asked and he laughed again

“No, that is a lot to do. You need to get back to be a Luna. Your nervous aren’t you love?” He asked I sighed and nodded.

“Yeah, what if I mess up? The only leading I have done is as a general not a loving caring Luna.” I said rolling over to pick at the grass.

“You will be an amazing Luna love. You are a natural at caring for people and keeping people feeling loved.” He said making me feel a lot better. I gave him a smile and patted his head which made him laugh.

“What am I a dog now?” He asked and I nodded which had him growling and we ran around the yard again.

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