The Silver Tower

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Morpheus POV

I was happy to be traveling with Hunter and Lissette. I hadn’t lived in a pack since my mate, but this would be a good thing. I meant what I said to the lady in the cell I wasn’t going to spend my life in the tower anymore. I knew how to control my powers better. I wasn’t planning on staying in Hunter’s pack long. I wanted to see the world, at least that was the plan.

We took our time getting to the pack. We would have been there months ago, but the world was too wide and fun to just go right home, so we explored. It was fun to travel with them, even if sometimes I was third wheeling the happy couple it was nice to have friends to experience things with. I knew I would miss them after I left.

Lissette was happy now and very much in love with Hunter. It was sweet to see. To my surprise it didn’t make me jealous that they had a relationship I could not. Instead it made me happy as well. They were infectious with their happiness and never made me feel like I was intruding on their time together. Lissette was still my best friend and I was getting to know Hunter better. Overall, it felt like a great start to my new life.

We explored the continent of Europe together before going back to the United States. We did all the touristy things and ran through the wood as wolves all over having an amazing time. Lissette was comfortable with her wolf now and running as wolves was just so intoxicating. We had so many pictures now that I knew I would treasure for the rest of my life; I wouldn’t want to forget this time. It felt like the perfect goodbye together.

We visited every country in Europe but one. We did not go to France, something I was very thankful for. I don’t think I can ever go back to France it would be too much. It would always be a home, there was a fear that if I went back it would send me in to a tailspin and I would have to go back to the tower. I couldn’t relive my mate’s death without completely losing it. I wouldn’t be Joan or any of those other wolves I could do this without a romantic relationship. I knew I would need friends to rely on for days that are bad, but I could do this.

I knew that Lissette wanted to visit her home country but was too sweet to say anything. She knew what happened there and didn’t want to make me have to go back. She also didn’t want me left alone so didn’t suggest or mention it. When Hunter asked about France, she said not this trip. Besides I think she knew she would be able to visit another time with just her and her mate. A good little honeymoon in a romantic country, who would ask for more?

We took a cruise back to the states I for one enjoyed the pampering and the ability to be outside constantly. It made my wolf very happy to be able to enjoy the outside without the magical fence that was around the tower. While the unfirm ground under us had me a bit on edge, wolves are not water living creatures I still enjoyed myself.

Finally, after a long run we made it to the pack, it was a nice sized pack and felt cozy when we came into it. Everyone was celebrating their Alpha returning with a Luna. Lissette looked like a pro saying hello to everyone and learning all their names. I hung back watching. We had shifted back and were dressed in some spare cloths they gave us to use while our cloths were being shipped to us. I watched everyone and saw a boy my age hanging in the back. When we met my eyes, I felt my breath catch, he looked just like my love…

I quickly turned away and walked into the woods feeling like I couldn’t breathe. It wasn’t him. I had to keep repeating it in my mind, that wasn’t my love, that wasn’t my mate. My mate died I know because I watched him die. I don’t think I can stay in the pack; I will tell Lissette that I couldn’t stay. She would be disappointed but too busy with her new role to worry to much about my sudden departure. I would go somewhere else. Russia always sounded like a fun trip. I would go to Russia, far away from those haunting gray eyes. I didn’t hear the footsteps following me until a hand wrapped around my wrist making me stop. I froze he had a different scent then my love did but it still smelled amazing making my wolf both hum and whine.

“Please wait, I think you are my mate.” The boy said I looked at him feeling hurt because it couldn’t be true no matter how much I wanted it to be. He had to be mistaken, it wasn’t uncommon wolves like Lissette, and I were beautiful and intoxicating. We can easily cause confusion to wolves that we are their mate.

“What’s your name?” I asked swallowing thickly he looked so good and concerned for me. I couldn’t think to hurting him, I didn’t pull my wrist away his touch sending small sparks that I knew had to just be my imagination. My sad imagination wanting something that we had lost long ago.

“Roman, you came back with Hunter, right? You are going to stay here right?” He asked I let out a breath see he even has a different name then your love. He isn’t my love but staring into his eyes I couldn’t think of every leaving him. I bit my lip and nodded. Maybe I was given a second chance to keep my mate safe, to have what Lissette has.

/// Well this is the end. I hope everyone enjoyed the story I may later write one for Roman and Morpheus if anyone is interested in it. See you in my world another day!///

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