The Silver Tower

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Tea Time

Surprisingly we made it out of the tower with no one stopping us. Morpheus noticed my astonishment. He seemed to notice a lot of things around him. I wonder what his powers were, he didn’t tell me then again, I didn’t tell him what mine was. It felt too personal.

“You know that smart person who said that like being a prisoner is all about your mental state. Well for you it is, they never said you were a prisoner you just assumed. You don’t need to be punished; you need to live.” He said as we walked out of the grounds. It was slightly chilly.

“Where are we going?” I asked linking arms with him, he smiled and chuckled. He was warm and pulled me closer to him, to an outsider we would look like a couple taking a stroll.

“We are going somewhere I think you will love.” He said and lead us. It was a long walk, but it was beautiful here, I realized I didn’t really know where here was. No one had told me where the Silver tower was, just that I was going there. To be fair I hadn’t been very cooperative during my move because I was still confused on what had happened with Joan.

“Where are we?” I asked and he just laughed shaking his head no. I rolled my eyes then saw a large black iron gate. Seems we had arrived, to where I wasn’t sure yet. I hoped it was somewhere that would let me know what country I was in.

The gate was large with thick sides and looked very pleasing to anyone with a gothic eye. It had metal leaves and vines all over it honestly, I would love to have a fence like that. The center of the gate said, “These plants can kill” and had skull with crossbones on it. Over the top it said, “The Poison Garden”.

“The poison garden, you brought me to a place filled with poison?” I asked shocked but definitely did love it already. Maybe trying to do the opposite of my powers would work on these plants better.

“Of course you share similar properties to the plants, you both are deadly and beautiful.” He said I gave him a look and rolled my eyes again. Then paused, did he know what I could do? Maybe I should ask him but not right now. I just wanted to look as all of the plants.

The garden was beautiful, several of the plants were in cages to keep people away from them. Which was just so much fun. He lead me around and in to a back corner where there was a nice bench that was just the right size for two.

“So I thought we could talk about what happened.” He said softly I looked at him sighing. This was not unexpected by not exactly a welcome conversation.

“Okay, what do you want to know?” I asked and he pulled me down on to the bench together. He sat much closer than he had to his arm around my shoulders which was very nice. I decided I would tell him everything he wanted, my doctor always says that talking about it makes it better. The problem is that I don’t trust my doctor so I don’t tell her anything.

“I know a lot already. What I don’t know is the tea about you and a certain werewolf.” He said smiling widely. I chuckled at him of all the things to ask about. He would ask about my love life.

“What is there to know?” I asked watching the people pass by us. It was nice to be outside of the tower and just around normal people. People who didn’t know what I had done and didn’t have magic or wolves just people enjoying the outdoors and dangerous plants.

“Everything! What is his name? His rank? What does he look like? Did you fuck?” He asked I couldn’t help but laugh while blushing. Did we fuck? Who asks that?!

“His name is Hunter, he is an alpha.” I say looking down, trying not to think about how it would feel to fuck the werewolf. My mind worked against me reminding me of those lick-able abs that he had, and how he almost never had a shirt one. The feeling of his heat near me that day he was in my room. Ahh get your mind out of the gutter.

“We-“ I was interrupted by Morpheus getting overly excited.

“Ohh an alpha those are protective and possessive what happened?” He asked and I gave him a look.

“Do you want me to explain or not?” I say and he just nodded. I took a deep breath and thought about him again. Those green eyes and the way his black hair fell across his face. How his lips fitted perfectly against mine, how they were so soft I wouldn’t mind them anywhere on me.

“He had these green eyes. That I swear I could stare in to all the time, he had this very dark black hair that I just wanted to mess up all the time. He was always warm. He was so sweet and just wanted to be there for me. He seemed like he would have fought the world for me. No we didn’t fuck.” I say keeping that memory of the kiss to myself. Something about it was too intimate, the taste of him was something that only I wanted to know. The wolf in my mind agreed, she was very possessive of him, which was interesting I thought that was something that would go away as time went on. I did reject him.

“Sounds like you really like him, what happened then?” He asked when the silence of me staring at a nightshade flower stretched on for several minutes. I dragged my gaze away from the flower to look at him. I was not going to cry.

“The pack that Joan was attacking was an ally of his. So he and some warriors from his pack came to defend them. He…he got attacked and…” I suddenly felt like I couldn’t breath. I took slow deep breaths closing my eyes. Morpheus's hand around my shoulders pulled me close against his chest.

“You don’t have to tell me darling.” He said but I shook my head. Someone needed to know about what happened that night.

“What do you know of my powers?” I asked first. He looked a touch confused on the sudden change in subject.

“Not much, I stole your file but it didn’t have your powers listed just that they were rare.” He said petting my hair softly.

“I can take the life from things. I can make things die. That’s my power, that’s why Joan wanted me. The thing is that I can not bring back the dead if they have been dead for a long time.” I say and his eyes went wide in shock.

“Fuck, that’s incredible. Man I was spot on about the poison plants.” He said making me laugh at his ridiculousness.

“I heard Hunter scream. Something took over me, I know now that it was my wolf. I didn’t shift just ran as fast as I could go till I got to him. He was dead…. His neck was broken… The way he was laying there I still have nightmare about it. I couldn’t let him die, so I used my powers and brought him back. His healing powers helped so that he wouldn’t be paralyzed or have any permanent damage.” I took a deep breath looking at the plants again. Plants have such a calming effect and no one can convince me otherwise. Once I had calmed down some more I looked at Morpheus. He was watching me in rapt attention, such a drama addict.

“Then once I knew he was still alive, I rejected him and left.” I said softly. Morpheus looked shocked.

“You rejected him? How do you feel?” He asked and I thought about it, I had done some reading about mates. It said when you reject them it hurts for a very long time, but slowly you get better as long as you learn how to let go of that person. However if it was for the wrong reasons, like you didn’t like how the look then you are in unimaginable pain, while the one you rejected is perfectly fine.

“Honestly, I don’t know why but I don’t feel any different. I still feel connected to him and my wolf still wants him.” I say shrugging.

“What did you say exactly?”

“I, Arlie Grather, reject you, Alpha Hunter. Why?” I asked surely I didn’t do it wrong right?

“Wait Hunter from that pack your house was near. He isn’t a full alpha he is the alphas son, so the title Alpha doesn’t apply to him, and your name isn’t Ariel, its Lissette. You didn’t actually reject him. Which means that we are having our very own love story happen right now! He is going to come find you I am sure! I cant wait, think about that sex you will have.” He said said.

One word came to mind: Fuck

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