The Silver Tower

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The hunt

Hunter’s POV

After the fight everything was in confusion. Until some high-ranking officials came and explained that an insane cult leader was responsible, and she had been taken care of. The alpha whose pack had been attacked didn’t find that the most satisfactory. But you don’t question the blessed.

Since that was what my beautiful mate was a blessed, the reason that never came to mind before was due to her lack of a wolf. I tried to go ask the blessed where she went but the disappeared before I could get close.

I knew they had taken her with them, they hadn’t killed her because I would be able to tell. I would get that dead mate crazy stuff. Since my wolf wasn’t screaming in my mind, I figured that she had to still be alive just was taken away. I hoped they didn’t punish her, that they helped her get her wolf back and healed her. I knew it wasn’t something I could do, even though I really wished I could be the answer to her problems.

I had to recover for a few weeks, dying then being brought back through magic does take you off your feet for a while. Even after I was healed, they said I had a mark of magic that would always be on me. I didn’t mind this mark though because I knew it was from my mate. I could still call her that because she didn’t actually reject me, at first the panic of her saying those words made me cry out. But it wasn’t the right words, one she didn’t say my true title and two I had heard rumors that Ariel wasn’t he real name.

After recovering I spent many hours in my father’s office as we discussed what we should do. It was obvious that I had to find her. An alpha was weak without his mate, as well I was head over heels in love with her. I had to at least talk to her. If she truly wanted to reject me after I spoke with her then I would accept it. I wanted what was best for her. I had to talk to her though, I know she rejected me before for my safety, but she has to care about me. She saved my life even though in her mind I was the enemy. That must mean something.

My father made many calls to try and find out where she was. It didn’t work, no one would speak about her or where she was. So, we decided that I should go out to find her on my own.

Which is how I got here laying in the woods in wolf form it was dark out, I had been tracking her it was slow and often I was wrong. Her trail was almost too cold it had been so long since she went this way. But I listened to that connection we had and slowly started getting closer I could feel it.

It took a very long time to find my way to her. I had to find her though. I went through many packs which slowed me down having to wait for the alpha to come and me explain what I was trying to do. All the females who heard that thought it was sweet and many of the older males gave me approving looks. Which shouldn’t that be what all mates do? Try to find their mate when they disappear?

I had crossed the ocean on a boat, I was afraid of heights so would absolutely never fly. I was currently in England. She was here somewhere. The big problem now is that all the towers of the blessed are hidden from being found. One to make sure no humans wander into the magical places, and two to make sure no wolves who wanted to harm or use the blessed could find them. Which thinking back I should have noticed how weird it was that we could find that ‘scarlet’ tower so easily.

But since this was a proper tower it was well hidden. So, I just had to wait and hope she came outside. Okay not a great plan but there wasn’t much else I could do.

Yesterday I suddenly caught her smell at some poison garden but when I got there it was older by about a day. So, she had to be somewhere around here. I was staying hidden in the woods hoping and praying that she would come back out of the tower and I could talk to her.

I did miss her, even though we didn’t spend that much time together I still missed that time. The quiet moments in her room, or when she would stare and not realize that I knew she was staring.

Another problem I had was what am I going to say to her? Do I just walk up and say I love you please let me stay with you? Or should I come up with poetry? Do I be romantic or more straight forward? Do I even say anything at first or just let her say what she wanted to? If I did that though would she reject me right away?

Okay so maybe I over think things, but what else should I do? You can’t play on a phone while in wolf form. I did have a backpack with all my stuff, but it was colder tonight and so being in my wolf form is warmer.

There was a pack nearby, but I didn’t want to go it. I wanted to be on my own for a bit to think of how I would talk to her again. I thought I would be angry at what she had done or that she had rejected me. But I am not. Every time I think about it all I can think is that it wasn’t her fault. Even I could tell she was brain washed or something weird like that. I am a normal wolf that could tell. So surely the blessed could also see that and have being working on healing her not locking her up.

My biggest worry wasn’t she would reject me, but that she couldn’t be helped, like some how she was too far gone. Surely it wasn’t that bad right?

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