The Silver Tower

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Down the Stairs

Ariel’s POV

I was back in my room I have to admit that going to the garden yesterday was wildly fun. Something in me wanted to explore this tower more. Morpheus did say that I wasn’t actually a prisoner here. I stood at the door debating it. Then decided Fuck it.

I walked into the hallway once again shocked by the lack of guards. It kind of weirded me out not going to lie. I walked to the stairs and went down them. They were beautiful stairs the walls were a nice sea green color with soft swirls in them like paint. The stairs themselves were made of marble.

I walked slowly down them, partly to look at the pretty pictures along the walls and partly because I felt like if I fell down these stairs it would be the end of me. They were steep and well-made of literal stone.

At the bottom it opened up into a large room with tall ceilings. The walls were filled with windows so there was a lot of light everywhere.

The next thing I noticed was the noise. There were people everywhere walking talking and just being normal. I took a second standing on the stairs; I was waiting for someone to notice me. To raise an alarm that I was out of my room, but no one did.

The noise was too much I felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I turned and walked down one of the emptier halls. Once out of the main hall room thing I leaned against the wall breathing deeply.

I didn’t know what to do now, I wasn’t in my room and had no idea where everything was. Part of me wanted to go outside but I didn’t want to push it. Well since no one was coming to put me back in my room I might as well wander around.

I had read that each tower specialized in different things. My goal then was to find what this tower specialized in.

I looked down the empty hall and shrugged might as go this way since I was already here. This hall while quiet still had a lot of windows on each side. I knew they were enchanted to show the outside even if the hall was in the middle of the tower. Tower was a loose definition of what this was, on the outside it did look completely like a tower. But the inside had been enchanted so that it was bigger on the inside and not at all like a tower. It honestly felt more like a maze.

I wandered around for hours I honestly kind of got completely lost. Well shit. I looked around I was in a big room again, but it wasn’t a hallway it was a room with one door which I came in. I knew it was getting later and I probably would be missed. The problem was I liked this room it felt calming and safe.

I could feel the hum of the magic around me, it must be a private training room. I could feel all of the protections around this room so that no one would be harmed outside of the room. I sat on the hard wood floor then fully laid down on the floor this felt nice.

I slowly opened that door to my powers. It felt nice, the constant headache of trying to keep the door closed lessened to nothing. I breathed slowly feeling my powers shift in the aura around me. All of us had an aura around us.

Joan had told me that an aura is dangerous and should always be kept away, especially powers like mine. I could kill people so easily my aura was poison. But a lot of what she had been saying was wrong, so maybe she was wrong about this. I wasn’t willing to find out right now.

But in here it was safe, I felt my wolf in the back of my mind she still scared the shit out of me. I also don’t think she liked me; I mean I did try to suppress her permanently. I wouldn’t like me ether.

I kind of ignored that part of me where she was in my mind. It made me feel like she was just laying in the back of my mind, she was only really able to ‘move’ around in my mind when I opened that door. So, my powers were linked to her.

With the door open I could feel her wants; she wasn’t like another personality but more like a set of feelings that didn’t really feel like my own. She was the part that wanted to go outside, not just outside but out of the grounds of the tower. Why I have no idea, I also was not about to do something like that at all.

I heard a knock on the door and sat up.

“yes?” I said softly and looked at the door. I really didn’t want to have to close that door in my mind again. Not having that headache was just so nice.

The door opened and an older lady was on the other side.

“I’m sorry if I shouldn’t be in here, I will leave. Sorry.” I said getting up the lady smiled softly.

“No child you are welcome to be here. I just came to see who was in here. I haven’t seen you in any of my classes. Why don’t you sit back down, and we can talk some?” She said and I nodded I slowly sat down on the floor again. She sat down easily, which was shocking since she was very old looking.

“I’m uh Lissette, I am not actually sure if I am allowed to be here. I have a room upstairs. I was uhm the girl who was with Joan.” I said softly unable to look at her. I expected her to recoil and send me away.

“Well I am glad you are with us now.” She said and I looked at her shocked. She laughed softly,

“Oh sweetie, you really haven’t had any good experience with us. Now your powers are very unique sweetheart, so tell me about them.” She said I took a deep breath I could do this.

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