The Silver Tower

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Wildest Thing

Ariel’s POV

“Well I can end peoples lives, and I realized semi recently I can bring people back. But only if they have just died.” I said softly it was a shit explanation, but the lady didn’t seem upset.

“How did you learn that you can bring people back?” she asked, she was really nice. It was kind of nice to have an older female to talk to. My therapist was a girl, but she was my age, then there was Morpheus. Who was both my age and a dude, a hot dude which was not a part of the point!

Point is it was nice to have like a mentor hopefully she would be better then Joan. I don’t actually know if I could go through that again.

“On the day that Joan was captured, I uhm have a mate and felt him die. Before I realized what, I was doing I was there with him. I kissed him and then he was alive again. It hurt a lot and also made me feel very tired.” I said trying to think how I did it but honestly, I had no idea. Probably didn’t help that when every I tried to think about that moment all I could think about was how soft Hunter’s lips were or how good it felt to kiss him. I also then got stuck with how much I wanted to kiss him again, and again and again for like ever. So, I couldn’t figure out if I could do that again because I didn’t know how I did it. Nor could I figure it out.

“You have a mate?” she asked smiling and looked hopeful for me. Why was she hopeful? Maybe having a mate was a good thing, well okay I knew that in a general sense a mate is a great thing. But maybe for me having a mate would help, problem is I don’t know where my mate is. I do kinda wish he was here right now.

“Yeah, he is, well will be an alpha. I uh don’t know where he is, or if he even really wants to be with me after the whole Joan thing.” I said looking down, my wolf whined softly I actually had forgotten that she was there. I also noticed that the lady wasn’t dead to my aura must not be dangerous, good to know.

“I am sure that he does want you and will come find you when the time is right.” She said I should probably ask her name, or is it to awkward to ask that now?

“Yeah, Morpheus said the same thing.” I said casually not thinking about what I just said she huffed ohh shit.

“That boy is the wildest thing, and I swear finds loopholes in everything. But I will not lie, he may be good for you sometimes breaking the rules is a very good thing. Makes one feel alive. Now I think that Mor if looking for you. Go out the door take a left and you will find him. He can take you back to your room then.” She said and I knew that was me being dismissed form the room. I got up not at all graceful cause my legs had gone to sleep sitting like I was.

I walked out of the room and went left like she said. It wasn’t long till I ran in to Morpheus he smiled and came bounding up to me.

“look at you! I’m so proud!” he said and linked arms with me. Which shocked me but he had his jacket on, so it was okay.

I couldn’t help but laugh a bit as his pride and excitement.

“So, you are coming to my room for dinner cause your room is small and sad. It has none of the amazing tech this century has to offer. And you can’t argue because I will not take no for an answer.” He said and dragged me off to go get food first.

The food here was always pretty good, I met some of the kitchen staff when we went down to get the food. All of them seemed to know of Morpheus, I noticed they all were hesitant with him. Which is weird because he is always nice and so friendly with everyone. It couldn’t be that he breaks rules because even that teacher lady, I’m assuming she was a teacher, didn’t seem to mind him breaking rules.

Okay mystery number two why are they weird around Morpheus. I actually knew it wasn’t me because once they saw me, they were all smiles and very happy and not at all hesitant.

I still had the other mystery to solve of what the fuck this tower specialized in. The training rooms were a normal thing in every tower, so that didn’t help. Maybe there was a library that would have like specialized books? Which meant I would have to explore more to try and find it.

Morpheus after we got our food took me down more stairs to his room. His room was a lot bigger than mine not that I cared. I liked my small room. He had a very large tv on one wall with a variety of gaming consoles. He had me sit on the couch with him. He was chattering away about some reality tv show.

I looked around his room it was well decorated if a bit messy and did have a lot of tech. But it didn’t give me any ideas of his powers or why others would treat him differently. This wasn’t going to be an easy mystery to solve.

I decided to focus on what show he had put on, something called Alone it was about humans living only on some items they could bring in deserted places. They were trying to outlast the other people that were also in around the same area. It was really interesting.

Once it got very late and I could barely stay awake Morpheus walked be back up two flights of stairs to my room and told me goodnight before leaving.

I laid in bed looking at the ceiling, everything should feel right. I was in a nice place, I was safe, I had a friend, I was able to not keep my aura locked up, but something was still missing… I knew what, or more correctly who was missing. Those green eyes haunt me at night.

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