The Silver Tower

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The library

Small warning the beginning of the chapter is a bit steamer than other chapters. Nothing very explicit happens. If you are uncomfortable with such topics skip to where it says "the dream shifted"

There was a crowd of people outside, they moved like a large river. Hunter was in wolf form he wagged his tail and came running over to me. But got stopped by an invisible barrier. It was the one around the tower to keep people from finding the tower. I wanted him. I wanted him to be mine. I stepped over the barrier I choose him. I will choose him every time.

I smiled at my mate we were alone in the woods together. He stepped closer and connected our lips. It was just as good as I remembered. His lips were soft and warm against my own. Pleasure flowed through my body at such a simple yet intimate touch. It was even better because he was alive this time.

I kissed back tangling my hands in his hair. We pulled away for air something I didn’t really want anymore. His eye seemed to glow those green eyes that pulled me in every time. He was smiling as I watched his eyes.

He pulled me down to the forest floor with him. I was straddling his lap kissing him like he was air and I needed him to survive. I did need him to survive. As we kissed our tongues intertwined. He tasted better than I could have imagined.

Shirts were removed when we pulled away for that cursed thing called air. He took a second to look me over as I traced those lick-able abs. Then kisses were placed on any part of skin that was accessible, his lips leaving a pleasurable fire where every they touched. I was on my back now with him kissing down my stomach. He met my eyes as his hands unbuttoned my pants.

The dream shifted

I was in Morpheus room he some how didn’t know I was there he was sitting staring out of the window. He was quietly sobbing, whispering someone’s name. Begging them to come back. An over whelming sadness overcame me, and a longing. A longing for someone dead. A doctor came in and comforted him. They apologized for intruding but he was projecting again.

Suddenly I was standing in the middle of the tower. It was empty except me and Joan.

“They are monsters. They don’t understand. I was right. They are the corrupt ones.” But it wasn’t her talking it was like a memory of her. An eco of a voice that was gone, a voice that was taken and silenced.

I woke up the next morning determined to find a library and find what this tower was for. The weird dreams of the night were already fading by the time I was dressed.

Finding the library was actually not as difficult I happened to run in to someone who asked if I was lost.

“Actually, yes I am, I need to find the library.” I said the boy smiled he was younger than me and seemed very sweet. I thanked him when I got the library. He was a quiet type and just nodded before turning and going his own way.

I opened the large oak doors and entered the library. It was huge, I couldn’t help but pause in wonder. I looked around; it had that amazing scent of old books. It was easily several stories high. There were books lining the walls to the ceiling. Balconies were about every story they wrapped around all of the wall. It was in the shape of a huge tower. The bookshelves were a dark wood color, with a plush carpet floor. Small circular staircases up to the balconies and were on my right. It was also very quiet and seemed empty.

Okay now to find like a history of this tower, I quickly found however that it was based on some system that made no sense, it wasn’t alphabetical, it was not by year. It wasn’t even that weird dewy decimal system. This would be harder.

After wandering for a bit and not finding a librarian I decided there had to be a better way. Then I had to hit my head with the palm of my hand. I have magic, literally there were spells that would do this for me. I sighed okay; I haven’t done this in a long time.

I focused not on my specific power, but on power in general. All of us, apparently, we are called the blessed bit pretentious in my taste. Anyways all of the blessed have rudimentary magic like little spells that we can do. Like making things not look like they are there, or making shields, and of course finding shit. Like what I needed to do.

I thought of the correct book that I needed; I didn’t know what it looked like but just thought of the book that would tell me what I needed. I opened my eyes and caught the book flying towards me.

I sat in a little area of the library in a comfortable chair and opened the book. It was called “A Brief History of Silver” different title but alright. Magic said it was correct so it must be correct.

I finished the book; it was not a history book in the normal sense. It was about one particular person; his story was fascinating. He created the silver tower, which I would like to mention is for those who have mental problems.

It is a hospital, okay yes that should have been obvious, but I wanted to be sure. Maybe it was a jail or reform place, or even the place for like super dangerous people.

There was something interesting also in the book. It talked about the code of ethics the blessed follows. Ethics that wouldn’t have changed, they don’t kill their own kind. Which was bad news for me since I have killed, it wasn’t pleasant. It did kina explain why they didn’t kill me, the book talked about how there were other punishments for those who committed crimes.

There was something else in the story that gave me an idea of why people we weird around Morpheus. Problem is how do I ask him if I was correct? It was a sensitive topic and he was my only friend.

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