The Silver Tower

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The wolf in the woods

Hunters POV

I felt her. I felt my heart jump in nervousness and excitement. She was so close! I went to the edge of the forest and looked out through the trees. There she was sitting in the grass she looked so beautiful with the sun on her face. Her hair was shinning in the sun, she had lighter blond hair now. I wondered if it was because she had been in the sun more now. With my wolf eyesight I could just see those beautiful blue eyes from here. She was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen .

I noticed a boy next to her, they sat very close which had me feeling worried. What if she moved on?

So, I didn’t think of how this would look. I was stalking closer to her, looking very much like a dangerous wolf stalking prey. I crawled closer to them. I wasn’t listening to their conversation. I froze when I saw the boy look over at me. He smirked and then contacted my mind.

‘Hello, Are you her mate?’ He asked, I gave a short nod he smiled widely. I heard a small squeal in my mind.

‘Yes! I knew you would find her. Ohh yea, I Morpheus Declan welcome you to the Silver Tower. I am so excited!’ He said. When he welcomed me to the tower, I suddenly saw a huge tower behind them, so that’s how they let people in the tower. I didn’t really know what to do now. To be honest when I started walking, I didn’t think of a plan of what to do.

“Hey, I’m going to go inside. Say out here for a bit the fresh air will do you good.” He said to my girl. She nodded watching the clouds. Once he was gone, I had to think about what to do next. I couldn’t decide would making my presents known in wolf form or in human form would be better.

I was broken out of my planning by a gasp I looked up and she was sitting up staring at me. Ohh shit I instantly laid down, so she knew I wasn’t a threat. I sat staring into my eyes breathing semi heavily. She looked so good, she looked happier!

I knew it couldn’t be just because of me, I knew that. So, this place must be helping.

“Hunter?” She said softly I gave a nod. She swallowed and reached out her hand. I was pretty close, so she easily touched my head. I felt my tail wagging she was petting me!

Wait I’m not a dog! I am an alpha wolf!

Ohh that’s the spot. She was scratching behind my ear making my back-leg kick. I knew I should probably feel foolish about this, but she was my mate. So, I would let it go, that and it felt amazing.

“You found me.” She said softly I inched closer to my absolute delight she didn’t move away. I ended up laying next to her my head in her lap. This was perfect, just being close like this was building our bound. I was hopeful her petting me like this meant she wasn’t going to reject me cause that would suck so so bad.

“Um its almost dinner time, do you want to come in? Maybe you should be in human form.” She said softly. I didn’t want to move. I sighed and stood up. I ran back to grab my bag and quickly shift. I will admit I ran back to her. I was holding my shirt. I saw her look relived that I came back. Then I saw her eyes look me over. I puffed my chest out a bit. I noticed how her breath caught and a blush formed on her cheeks. She was so cute!

I pulled on my shirt which seemed to wake her back up. I offered her my hand. She got a small smile and took my hand. YES!

We walked inside I couldn’t help but look around this place was amazing looking! It was also huge there were people everywhere. I got a few looks, but most people were busy and had their own lives.

We picked up some food to my surprise we didn’t go into the cafeteria. I gave her a questioning look and she looked down.

“I don’t eat in there too many people.” She said softly. I nodded okay so she isn’t as comfortable as I thought she would be, for being here for months interesting.

“So, where are we going?” I asked I heard her breath catch for a moment. I wondered why that happened. I hoped she wasn’t sick or something which was making her short of breath.

“We are going to my room. If that’s okay?” She asked looking up at me, she looked so beautiful. She staired into my eyes seeming to get lost until I pulled her closer by her hand, I still held so she didn’t walk into the wall. She blushed deeply and looked down as she led me to her room.

She was so cute! I followed still holding her hand. We got to a room up several floors. I didn’t count them because I was more focused on my mate who was finally in front of me.

I knew we needed to talk about a lot of things.

I worried that it would harm her healing process. It was a bit to late for that though since I was already here.

She opened her door; her room was warm in both temperature and colors. I was cozy with plants and little knickknacks all over the place. I noticed there was only a chair a bookshelf and a bed for furniture. Her bookshelf was overflowing. I figured she liked books before, but it was good to have it confirmed. I knew if she came back with me, I would introduce her to Roman. I was glad she didn’t look like a mental patient’s room. She sat on the floor with me.

“So, we should probably talk.” I said softly. She sighed and nodded.

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