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Live a thousand lives in one book. Short stories from different genres, a mix of fluffy romances that make you say 'Aww', breathtaking missions, even fetishes that seem taboo. Welcome to the mind of Kari! Random updates. This book is written around the author's writer's block.

Romance / Erotica
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Winner Takes The Prize

Rory Blanchard was regretting this get together. After years of graduating from high school and having whatever college experience one will have, she expected her ‘friends’ to be mature. Sitting at the expensive decorated dinner table overlooking everyone else and the dance floor, she now regretted coming to her high school reunion. The same as the majority of the world’s population, her high school career was far from happy. College helped her heal from whatever damage that has been done to her and the real world opened her eyes and made her mature. The three girls she surrounded herself within her teen years didn’t change a bit.

Over the years they called to check up on her for their benefit only, asked for favors even make a little meetup dinner, but it never felt sincere when she joined them. While building her self confidence, Rory gradually created a new life without their input.

The reunion was held at a well-known hotel at the heart of the city. The banquet hall was designed beautifully and the guests all came out dressed their best. We all know why they did. This was a chance to show off and brag about accomplishments that may or may not have happened. Currently, Rory was hiding a smile on her face and trying not to laugh as Hyacinth her high school buddy relayed a story of her being an owner of a local boutique.

“That’s impressive. My sister shops there all the time. She always raves about never seeing the same thing over and over. So what made you bring in men’s wear when it was simply a store for curvy women.”

Rory glanced at the guy who just spoke, he too caught her eyes. He actually did a double-take and smiled her way. She remembered him. Nasim Henry. A latecomer to Jallop High. Star football player and a sweetheart. He had a soft spot for cheesecake and cream-filled cupcakes. She wasn’t shocked when she got news of him making it to the NFL. Nasim was basically one of the largest men in the hall and his suit looked immaculate on him. Hyacinth caught their little moment and tried to block Nasim’s view before she answered. It was so pointless when the guy towered over her. Being the respectable guy he was, he gave a little cough and waited for her answer.

“Well, I thought it was a good decision to get some male customers to come by. Menswear are a top seller. More money I say. Whoever you bought this suit from has a good eye,” she said running her hand up to his broad chest. Nasim gave her a gleaming smile, the cute smile Rory always teased him about was partially covered by his full dark beard. His Arabic background was heavily shown through his hair and tan coloring. He was naturally handsome and turned a lot of heads but he never allowed the girls nor the fame to turn his head.

“Really? I’m surprised that you don’t recognize your own design. The owner which is you, did design this right?” Nasim said a bit confused.

“Uhhh... yeah. I must have forgotten. So many designs I have done,” she said faltering in response. He frowned and seem to be thinking things over. Rory’s breath caught when he looked her way abruptly. His eyes widen in realization and looked between Hyacinth and her. She shook her head subtly and looked away from him.

“Well, it’s great to know who is the mastermind behind that wonderful store. Congratulations Hyacinth for keeping your identity hidden so well. I would have never thought you will be such a great designer and entrepreneur. Keeping your name out of the media made your stores popular. Thanks once again for the gift,” he said warmly.

“Uh.. um... yeah. Sure. You’re welcome Nasim. Maybe we can catch up soon” she said putting on her sultry voice. Those around the table knew that voice. She wanted Nasim in her bed, over the years she kept retelling the story of nearly bedding him homecoming night but things came up. Rory knew the truth to that night but never told a soul. Hyacinth’s rep will take a hit, big time. Ignoring Nasim’s excuse, Rory reached for her buzzing phone and answered the text with a small smile.

“He’s still a fucking goody two shoes,” Hyacinth groused.

“Forget about him. Hey, let’s go out to the bar. This reunion blows, everyone is still the same. Lame ass idiots,” Jamie chimed in while fixing her too red lipstick. Che was still texting away on her phone, popping the same gum she has been chewing since they arrived at the dinner. The girls kept talking, finding fault with everyone who came up to say hello even when those people accomplished more than them. These three earned their flashy clothes and apartment by depending on their sugar daddies, when the bankroll stops then they turn to Rory.

“At least you changed a bit. You lost a few pounds, didn’t you? Finally, you listened to me about my special diet,” Jamie said loudly. Rory looked up from her phone in time to see the skinny barbie aggressively rub lipstick off her teeth. Hyacinth was trying to tame her wild brown curls which nearly covered her small makeup caked face. Che was.... well Che was in her own world. Rory asked herself once again why they were friends. She was completely different from these women. Not only was she different in color but size also. Giving Jamie a fake smile she thanked the girl. “Why don’t I buy you guys the first round of drinks? After all, we haven’t seen each other in ages,” she said with a fake smile. As expected they all perked up with the knowledge of her buying.
Quietly she followed the trio to the hotel bar, where they quickly found a vacant table for four. A minute after they sat, a waiter approached them and took their orders. The three ordered the most expensive drinks while she simply ordered a fruity margarita. The girls rolled their eyes when Rory voiced her order and began to tease her about being cheap and lightweight. In return, she said nothing and simply replied to a text that came in.

“I see my next paycheck. I can’t believe it has such good catches here in this boring city. It’s a good thing we decided to come for that idiotic reunion,” Jamie exclaimed. Raising her head, Rory spotted two couples and a lone man coming through the bar entrance. She had to agree with Jamie, the men were simply breathtaking, drool-worthy in their own way. The women on two of the men’s arms were gorgeous beyond a doubt. Hyacinth immediately found a fault with the women. The couples were in their own love-filled world but their friend was standing beside their table talking into his phone. Greedily her eyes took in his six foot two muscular frame in his simple yet eye-catching outfit. Dressed in dark washed jeans, tan ankle boots, and white henley, along with the green peacoat, the man had a great sense of style. His dark hair was slicked back, showing everyone his handsome angular face and coal-black eyes. His creamy skin glowed under the bar lights, his Korean background made him exotic. The few silver studded earrings in his ear gleamed. Rory swallowed loudly when she caught a glimpse of color on his neck and his hands. One of the ladies stood and helped him out of his coat with a playful glare. When he smiled her way, she swore his smile was for her. His friends chuckled at whatever the woman said, he gave her a kiss on her cheek and continued with his phone call. Her heart thundered in her chest, it wasn’t like her to get worked up over a stranger.

A very handsome and undeniably sexy stranger.

She didn’t miss the fact that every woman in the bar had her eyes on the man. He was a prize at that moment, wordlessly a competition began. Hyacinth, Jamie, and Che who finally came out of her texting craze were eyeing him intensely. The man probably had money, she heard them say. They actually priced the silver wristwatch he wore and the chain around his neck. He turned their way and a soft groan escaped her when she saw first hand how sung his henley fitted him. You can practically outline each ab muscle. She shifted uncomfortably and crossed her legs. His eyes met hers but she quickly averted her eyes, allowing her natural dreadlocks to create a curtain to hide her.

“He’s looking over here. This will be easier than I thought,” Hyacinth exclaimed and quickly hopped off her stool. The waiter returned with their drinks with an additional item. “We didn’t order that,” Jamie rudely said with a sneer on her face.

“Sorry ma’am but its orders from the boss. The young lady who ordered the margarita is the one to get the fries. I can return it if you like,” the young man said with an apologetic smile.

“It’s okay. I am hungry. Please thank your boss. Can you please open a tab for...” Rory started to say.

“Already done, ma’am. Enjoy.” The waiter left with a nod, leaving her with the heated glares from her table companions.

“Seems like Rotund Rory finally moved up the ranks. Didn’t expect you to fuck for benefits. He probably gives you pity fucks,” Jamie said coldly. Rory heard the venom of spite in the girl’s voice and chose not to say a word. Their snide remarks have been sliding off her back for years but tonight will be the last.

“Enough to get the right connections,” she said with a smile. Taking a bite of her fries, Rory took that chance to do some people watching, that’s when she witnessed Hyacinth being denied. The man stepped back with a cold expression on his face and spoke to her easily. Whatever he said, dear Hyacinth didn’t like it. The brunette practically stomped her way back to the table. Stifling her laugh, the fry she ate slipped causing her to lightly choke. Chugging the margarita down the fry dislodged in her throat but she couldn’t stop the laugh that made its way up.

“What are you laughing?” Hyacinth yelled.

“Like if you can do better. Your ass probably can’t get a man like that. One look at your nappy head and overweight body he will run for the hills,” Che sneered.

“Oh I know I can’t catch him now but I will like to see who can. You two are left plus every other woman here. It’s pretty entertaining. I’m contented in seeing who he will take home,” Rory said with a smirk on her lips. Their comments on her image have been coming ruthless over the years. She deduced that their true self came out after seeing her improvements on her self and life.
The girls looked around the bar and saw what she was talking about. They were all watching the Korean masterpiece talk animatedly with his friends, his strong aura overpowering them all yet calling them to him.

“Why don’t I make it interesting. I will give the woman who he takes home one grand. Not backing out, simply being a good samaritan in a twisted way,” Rory said leaning back in her seat. The yellow bodycon dress she wore clung to her ample breast and curvy hips, unknowing to her, the single men around her each eyed her with appreciation but she was oblivious to it all. Her crossed legs were shapely, she loved shoes, the yellow jeweled high heeled sandal on her feet made her legs longer and sexier. Her wide lips were wet and enticing. Rory was truly clueless about the sexual power she held but she was learning.

“Are you serious?” Hyacinth asked, already thinking about what to buy with the grand she will win.

“As a heart attack.”

“You just got denied, you’re definitely not his type,” Che said with a laugh.

“Neither is she,” Rory quipped as a redhead stalked away from the man’s table. Maybe its the little buzz but she thought it was fun. One by one she watched the man politely declined drinks and dances until she really needed a bathroom break. Che and Jamie didn’t approach him and it looked like they were calculating their embarrassment. With a snort of laughter, Rory left the table in search of the ladies’ room. Finding the designated carpeted hallway for the restrooms, she slowly strutted down the hall thinking of the endless work she had to do in the morning, not to mention meetings. She was thankful that she had a competent assistant but somethings required her special touch.
Somethings like Nasim Henry’s personally tailored suit, requested by his sister. When the request came in, she knew what to design for her old friend. He was one of few who she had a unique friendship with and stood up for her. She was bullied because of her weight and hair but it was the few who silently stood by her side. During college she found her calling in design and healed from the mental blows that were dealt to her through high school years.
It was oddly amusing to hear Hyacinth brag about one of her many boutiques. No one knew that she, Rory Blanchard was one of the top ten female millionaires with highly sort after clothing for curvaceous women and husky men. Keeping her name and face out of the media and living a simple life, she was content with the anonymity.

It was her little secret.

“Do you know how gorgeous you are?”

The low accented drawl startled Rory out of her thoughts when she left the ladies room, placing her hand over her chest, she found the intense dark eyes of the man-god from the bar. In a relaxed pose, he was leaned against the wall of the restroom, arms folded gazing at her.

“Please don’t tell me you’re trying a pickup line on me outside the bathroom,” she retorted trying not to laugh.

He shrugged and grinned her way. Her breathing hitched upon seeing his smile so close. “I saw an opportunity and took it. Also, I don’t think your friend with the wild hair will be welcoming after I shot her down,” he returned. Rory fidgeted under his heated gaze and wrapped her arms around her body.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

“I don’t talk to strangers,” she teased.

Whoa, hello there Rory, did you just flirt?

“Well, I wish to be more than strangers. Skip the friends phase and just be mine,” he returned.

“Is that so?”

“I see what I need not want, and I go after it. You’re gorgeous beyond a doubt, your smile is breathtaking and those brown eyes of yours are hypnotizing.”

Lost in his words she didn’t realize he was approaching her, unconsciously she backed herself into the opposite wall and found his handsome face looming over hers. “I.. Umm.... wow... thank you,” she stuttered.

“Has no one ever told you the truth of your natural beauty?” he asked with a soft smile. His eyes took in her features, boldly he pressed his body against hers just to hear her breathing hitched.



“M-My boyfriend.”

He groaned at the mention of her significant other. Slowly he stepped away from her and sent an apologetic smile her way. Rory felt her cheeks heat from his attention and respectful behavior. Her fingers were itching to trace the tattoos on his neck, wanting to see where it ends or continues. “He’s a lucky man. Where is he right now? Anyone can take you away from him,” he teased.

“Business trip.”

Composing herself, she adapted a cool facade and worked up her confidence to talk to this imposing man. “Please tell me he’s coming right back to you.”

“Yes. He always does. Even when I’m busy at work,” Rory answered softly with a soft smile on her lips. The man in question has been by her side since the ending of college days, he helped mold her life in such a major way.

“That smile tells me a lot about your man. Much respect to him and apologies for trying to turn your head. I will love to have a woman like you in my life.”

“What’s your name?”

“I believe I asked you first.” He couldn’t help but tease her. Her eyes light up and the smile that she tries to hide was there for him to see. He spotted her when he approached the bar entrance, even his friends noticed how she garnered his attention. She was sexy with a great amount of classy, from afar he thought he can actually feel her warm nature, now standing before her, she was pure, a kind soul.

Rolling her eyes she answered him with a smirk of her own. “Rory Blanchard.”

“Rory. Is it short for another name? Though Rory is not a common name, I have a feeling the simplicity of it doesn’t truly suit you,” he relayed. Leaning against the wall beside her, he wanted to stay all night in her presence. He felt calm and comforted.

“Handsome and smart. You’re right. It’s officially Aurora. My parents longed for a child through their early years of marriage and after so many failures, I was born full-term, no complications. They named me after the daughter King Stefan and his wife also longed for. Their princess,” she answered, clearing her throat at the end. It always touched her deeply when she mention the reason for her name. It wasn’t a name most folks will dub black but it was hers and she was proud.

“Sleeping Beauty. One of my favorite western stories, my halmeoni.... sorry grandmother always read it to me when I was younger. They chose the perfect name for you.”

“Thank you,” she whispered trying to hide her smile. Thank heavens it’s hard to know when a black person is blushing. “It’s your turn,” she added.

“Yuin Eric Kwan,” he stated, giving her a respectable bow.

“Kwan. I like it.”

“I..I was about to...”

“My boyfriend is Korean also. He loves to tell me about the culture and I’m always eager to learn. When we first met he introduced himself the same way. Last name first then first name last, a common culture act.”

“Wow. Now I’m jealous of my fellow countryman. Where were you when I was searching for my other half?” Kwan whined playfully.

“Guess our paths weren’t supposed to cross so soon.”

“I guess not. You are truly beautiful. Not just in features but in personality. I can’t remember when last I had a conversation on simple things than what I do for a living or what I drive,” he explained. Rory grimaced at his predicament, sad to say she knew the type.

“You’ll find your other half someday, probably sooner than you think.”

“She’s taking her sweet time coming my way. I will have my ring on her finger after she says hello.”

Rory couldn’t help but laugh at his cuteness. The firm and truthful tone linked with that adorable look on his face, the guy was just too much for her. The buzzing of her cell made her compose herself to check the message and oblivious to the adoring gaze Kwan had on her.

“My driver is here. I’m flying out in the morning,” she said looking up abruptly. She caught his gaze and found it cute to see him blush. Not only was he every girl’s wet dream but he was down to earth and awfully sweet. She silently asked the universe to place the perfect woman for him in his arms.

“Thank you for being the highlight of my night. Safe travels, Princess Aurora,” he said lowly, leaning forward to place a kiss on her cheek.

“Good night, Kwan. It was nice to meet you and sorry.”

“Sorry for what?”

“I placed a $1000 wager to the woman who you choose for the night.” The cheeky grin on her face didn’t allow him to fully register what she did. His booming laugh bounced off the walls and wrapped around her body, Rory loved his laugh and again pray that no woman hurts him.

“If you were in the running then you would have won, princess.”

With his words bouncing around her head making the smile on her face permanent, she made her way back to the table, not surprised that the girls ordered more expensive drinks and a lot of appetizers.
Head up, hips swaying she approached them and slowly gathered her things, leaving her drink and fries untouched.

“It seems like no one won, my time here is over and so is this thing amongst us. From tonight I’m no longer available to any of you. The free ride stops when I exit this bar so I think you may need someone else to buy you drinks. Now my car is here, have a good night girls.”

She didn’t wait for any crude retorts, Rory was satisfied with the astonished look on their faces. They were never her real friends, the ones she considered true are the ones who actually knew her. Walking towards the entrance, she caught the gaze from Kwan’s friends, the looks weren’t rude nor bold, they were simply welcoming and friendly. Sending a nod and a smile their way, Rory made her way out of the hotel and to the car, her driver rented for them during their stay. “Enjoyed your self, Miss Rory,” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Very. I actually did it,” she confided in the older man.

“How do you feel now?”

“Lighter. My world now feels brighter.”

“Now that’s a good feeling. Do you have any stops before the hotel?”

“No. I think a good night’s sleep is needed,” Rory said turning to go into the car.

“Very well, Miss.” Ivan was her boyfriend’s driver and over the three years she has been in the relationship with his boss, she found him to be a father figure to her.
Entering the blacked-out Audi, she spotted a pink and gold gift bag on the spot beside her seat. There was a card attached to the pink braided handle of the bag which she read eagerly. Over the years of her relationship gifts have been popping up around their home for her, a ‘Just Because’ gift he always says with the most pleasing smile on his face.

“A different just because gift. Take a look in the bag. See you soon, my beautiful sunflower,” she read. Opening the gift bag, she spotted a purple envelope with his signature gold waxed seal and a red velvet jewelry box. When she found out his formal style of communicating with the people he considered close, Rory thought it romantic and regal. So many letters he wrote to her during their dating phase and still do when their jobs keep them busy, each day she falls deeper in love with him. Deciding to read the letter she knew it was, she didn’t expect it to be this deep.

’To my princess Aurora,
I feel like a true prince because I have my very own Sleeping Beauty. You, my love, has got me under your thumb the first day you spoke to me in our college library. I thought you beautiful, that day. Exotically beautiful. The sun from the skylight made your dark skin glow in a bronze hue, making your eyes turn hazel and your hair like ebony. I was dumbfounded that you were before me and was actually talking to me. Hearing your voice made me addicted to you even more but I thought you were too good for me. Me, a quiet nerd from Korea with knowledge of little English. You didn’t mind. You found an app just to translate one question when you could have simply forgotten about it. Now here we are my love, five years of friendship, three years as lovers, making that a total of eight years of being in each other’s lives.
You’re my world, Aurora. My heart. I wanted to do this for months but knew that you had one more thing to do to make yourself feel beautiful inside and out.
At the end of this car ride, I hope you have an answer for me. I’ll be waiting to hear it when you get here. You’re my sun, my moon, and my stars. You have been my best friend, my confidant, my anchor, my lover, and my champion. There’s one more role I wish you to be and this position is forever.
Aurora Blanchard, will you be my wife? Will you marry me and be the woman who holds my heart forever?
Eagerly awaiting your answer.
Your very own loving Prince.′

“Oh great he just ruined my makeup,” she laughed lightly after drying the tears that escaped her eyes. She read over his letter and held it close to her heart, she didn’t have to think of an answer to give him. Rory knew he was the man for her even when they were friends. They were both fighting the attraction they had for each other until one twisted night, thanks to his family and her friends.
The car came to a stop which she didn’t notice. She remembered the jewelry box and quickly opened it. A sharp gasp escaped her when she saw the gold chain with a teardrop yellow diamond pendant. A yellow sticky note was tightly tucked into the box cover. Gingerly she took it out and unfolded the note. “You deserve the world, my sunflower,” she whispered the words out loud. With trembling hands, she placed it around her neck and tried to compose herself. Two knocks on the car glass reminded her that she should go up to her room now. Ivan opened the door and offered his hand to help her out. Standing before the older man she released a shuddering breath and neatened her dress while trying to let the happy tears stop.

“He’s waiting for you. Here’s the penthouse key card,” he said handing her the piece of plastic. She laughed at the irony, the penthouse was the room she should have booked but not wanting to stay longer in her hometown she booked a standard room.

“Thanks, Ivan. For everything,” Rory said sincerely.

“It’s an honor, Miss Rory. Now go, he has been nervous since he landed earlier,” he said with a laugh.

“He’s so silly. He should already know my answer.” Shaking her head at her boyfriend’s adorable behavior, she bid Ivan a goodbye, and hurriedly made her way to the elevator. Standing in the middle of the elevator as it ascended to the penthouse, Rory slowly traced the curves of her body that she took for being fat, the same others did. It was a personal trainer who told and taught her that female bodies are different and society’s standards can make females lose sight of their natural beauty.
Her hips were wide, hitting 56" now, her waist was small in which rude girls were quick to comment on having procedures done. Rory always smiles in amusement when that happens, he waist measures at 38" which was on a none bloated day. She was thankful for her somewhat manageable D cup. A handful to her man but a good size for her liking. Growing up the bullying about her dark skin, natural 4C hair and wide hips took a toll on her confidence. Jamie and the others were her companions from middle school and the only girls who had the same homeroom as her during high school. Wanting friends she hung out with the socially accepted girls but the teasing didn’t stop, they did it too but in a joking matter that confused her. Years of different experiences taught her about life and real friendships.
Now here she was, finally seeing her self as gorgeous as her friends keep saying and confident as her man always says about her. She was now a successful businesswoman with a man in love with her and an unburdened mind.

The doors opened up to the penthouse’s double door. Stepping forward she laughed at the note on the door.

‘Clothes optional’

“Interesting,” she murmured. Opening the door, soft music from Ali Gatie reached her ears, the lighting was low but she can clearly see the mixture of yellow and white rose petals on the carpeted floor. Following the trail, it led her into the living area where a fleece blanket and large pillows were arranged before the electric fireplace. A tray of appetizers that she loved sat on the coffee table with bottles of their favorite hard cider was nestled in a bucket of ice. Moving closer to the blanket she saw his laptop open laptop with her favorite movie already up and ready to play. Her heart thundered in her chest, tears flowed down her cheek once more, even more, when she saw the pack of tropical skittles next to the laptop.

“I hate seeing you crying, I feel powerless.” His deep accented voice washed over her body, calming her instantly.

“Even when they’re happy tears?” she asked, turning around slowly.

“Mixed feelings on that one.”

Waiting for him to come closer, she ran her fingers through his inky black hair, pushing her body closer to his to place a welcoming kiss on his lips. As for many times they have done this, it still felt like their first kiss, this time the feeling was more potent. The passion behind that one kiss was strong enough to answer every doubt they probably had of each other but mainly answer his question.
He was the first to remove himself from the kiss. Placing his head against hers, he chuckled and held her tighter.

“Please put me out of my misery, Miss Blanchard,” he said against her neck. That laugh he loved escaped her swollen lips. Her dark brown eyes were filled with that emotion of laughter with a hint of mischievousness.

“Tonight has been interesting.”

“How so?” he asked placing small kisses on her neck and shoulders before moving behind her.

“Someone told Rial that I was attending my high school reunion at his hotel. Oh and a very handsome and magnetic Korean man nearly stole me away from you,” she teased.

“Oh did he now? Should I be worried?”

He loved her playful side.

“No, you shouldn’t.”

“And why shouldn’t I, my princess Aurora?” he asked placing a soft kiss on her lips. Rory traced the tattoos on his neck and the ones she knew that were below his t-shirt. The muscles on his arms even on his chest reacted to her touch making his breathing raspy.

“Why?” The question came as a croak when she took off his t-shirt and kissed his colorful tattoos on his stomach. Taking his hands, she kissed four of his fingers, on those four RORY was spelled with four mini icons of things she loved. Books. Cats. The Mountains. Harry Potter.

“Because he already had me for years and I will love to have that ring he spoke about earlier.”

“Is that a yes? Please tell me that’s a yes,” he pleaded. His eyes were wide with hope, shining with love as he patiently waited.

“It’s a definite yes,” she answered. Her laugh filled the penthouse when he lifted her in his arms, spinning around in excitement, screaming at the top of his lungs ‘she said yes.’

“Kwan put me down!” What supposed to be stern came out more amused.
He finally stopped but didn’t place her back on her feet but in his lap on the blanket he prepared.

“I wanted to kiss you the moment I saw you at the bar. I missed you so much these past five days, our friends knew I was dying to see you when I suggested drinks at the hotel,” he confessed.

“That little game we played told me how much of a connection we have. My body was calling out to yours. I needed to feel you, touch me, have you in me.”

“I’ll be the only man to own your body like that. Promise me,” he demanded.

“Only you.”

Reclaiming her lips, he slowly unzipped her dress and laid back on the pillows as she stood above him. Inch by inch the straps to her dress slipped off her shoulders, he swallowed loudly when she shimmied out of her dress and stood over him in nothing but her sexy heels and corset lingerie. Kwan trailed his hands on her thick thighs on the outside before slipping them inside and up to the crotch of the whole suit lingerie. Using his index finger he brushed the lips of her now soaking core gently before unhooking the three fasteners. Her bare folds were glistening, she shuddered when he breathed against her womanhood right before he tasted her. “Have you been this wet for me all night baby?” he asked between licks.

“From... shit... from the moment.... yes... more...” she cried out when he went deeper with his tongue. Holding onto her hips, he helped her lower her body to his face. “Take a seat, your highness,” he said deeply. Rory back arched in total abandon when he plunged his tongue in her once more and began to eat his meal. On her knees, she circled her hips wanting him to go faster, Kwan didn’t release her, he tongue fucked her faster with the final result of his name being screamed into the quiet apartment.

“That’s my girl,” he cooed. Weak from the orgasm, she slumped over him and allowed him to move her onto her back. It was his turn to undress. The jeans he wore were on his muscled hips, her eyes greedily took in his corded body. She was right by his side over the years when he bulked up, the same he did when she made the commitment to tone her body and grow her confidence. Jeans and briefs were off, his hair fell into his face, giving her the perfect sight of her very own Korean hottie. Stroking his cock, he kept her gaze, even when he knelt between her legs. Her breasts spilled out of her corset, like a greedy baby he latched onto her chocolate nipple and proceeded to add more pleasure to her curvy body.
Fingers in his hair made him feel powerful when she held his face to her breasts begging for more. Taking the other bud into his mouth, his cock brushed against her slick pussy, she groaned and tried to slide onto it. Chuckling, he shifted away, teasing her with what she wanted. “Please. I need you. Please,” she begged.
Moving away slowly, he sat back on his toes and watched her body ready and open for him to have. He knew tonight’s lovemaking won’t consist of their normal play, this was big. Every touch and sound from their bodies were elevated the moment he saw her tonight. To him, the universe was giving him Rory’s unbridled love to claim for himself in one of the most symbolic ways, through mating.

Reaching to the side, he quickly reached into his jeans pocket and got the ring box. Retrieving the ring, he silently slid the engagement ring on her finger, loving the way her eyes widen when she saw the yellow diamond on the gold ring. She loved yellow and many times he has told her how radiant she looked in the color.

“I wish to make love to my fiance,” he said softly, kissing her ring finger.

“Wish granted.”

He didn’t wait any longer, he thrust sharply into her, bark arched she moaned aloud when they connected. Kwan placed her hands above her head and held them together with one of his. The other memorized her body as he moved in and out. She was tight and so warm around him, he wanted to go faster when she demanded it by the squeezing of her thighs around his waist. Eyes locked, he gave in to her. Her breasts bounced wildly as he made love to his best friend and future wife. Releasing her hands, he held onto her waist and went deeper, shifting his position a bit, he went wilder, losing himself in her grip. Rory’s pleasurable cries filled the air. Lifting herself up, he gathered her in his arms and gave into pushing thrusts, she too began to chase her orgasm matching each and every thrust he gave her. Sweat coated their bodies, breathing became labored but they kept going. Holding onto her tightly, he carefully got to his feet and pressed her against the wall and went harder into her tight core.

“There,” she cried out. Her nails dragged along his tatted back when he gave her those two long sharp thrusts. Her mouth was in a silent O when he slipped his hand between them to pinch her clit and with one rough and sharp thrust, his woman orgasmed all over his cock. Her body shaking by its intensity but he kept going in her sensitive pussy. His name was on repeat on her lips, oh how he loved it. This woman was his. She agreed to be his wife, his one, and only.

Burying his face in her neck, with the hand that held his engagement ring tightly in his, he whispered those three words against her hot skin, giving in to his own release.

“I love you.”

Rory couldn’t breathe as her body gave in to a third orgasm for night. She can feel his hot cum spill into her, racking her body in tiny jitters. They both slid to the floor holding onto each other, trying to come back down to earth.

“I love you so much, Aurora,” he whispered.

“I love you much more,” she replied kissing his cheek. He didn’t say anything out loud because he knew the love they had for each other was unmeasurable.

After a hot shower which consisted of her being strapped to the showerhead and him having full control of her body, the newly engaged couple recreated their first date. They came a long way from a socially awkward couple to a power couple anyone can envy healthily. Sitting before his laptop with a plate each of the prepared food, the two watched for maybe the thousandth time Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

The scene of Harry seeing his parents for the first time in the Mirror of Erised was on when two messages rang off on Rory’s phone. She ignored it, more focused on young Harry and his moment of realization of how alone he was and missing someone he never met.

“Check your messages, baby,” Kwan pushed gently.

“Its probably work, K. You know there’s no work when we’re together,” she answered sending him a quick smile his way.

“I know, my love, I know. Check this once,” he returned, pausing the movie. Shaking her head at his persistence, she reached for her phone and unlocked the phone without reading the onscreen overview. Kwan watched on as her brows furrowed in confusion. A thousand dollars was transferred into her personal account by him. “Baby...”

“Check the other one,” he said cutting her off.

“‘Winner takes the prize. You won, my princess’” she read. Her laugh at the end was expected, the mirth in her eyes was one thing he promised to keep for the rest of their lives together.

“Can I get my prize, now?” she teased.


That’s all she needed to hear. The movie was forgotten, it was time to celebrate again.

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