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Shadow of Light

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"Promise me that you won't turn around until I say" he said softly, kissing her knuckles. "What are you doing?" she asked nervously. "Hold on for a few more minutes babygirl" he said lifting her up bridal style with her eyes still blindfolded. Her hand clutched his neck tightly. She opened her eyes and a small gasp escaped her mouth. "Now you can turn around" he said kneeling down on his knees. Dim moonlight fell on the diamond ring in his hand making it glow higher. However, her ocean blue eyes stared right into his deep eyes. Unknowingly, two strings of tears escaped her eyes. "I love you more than you can ever think of" he murmured softly in her ears. "We love you too" she said placing his hand on her still flat belly. He stared at her in disbelief as she dropped her eyelids. What happens when two persons from two different worlds collide against each other?

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1


"Just stop this nonsense... I want to live... I want to live a normal life uncle... I am not your puppet... I am a grown up girl who is sensible enough to judge what is wrong and right..." I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping that it would stop the chaos going on in the living room...

"You're really disgusting... You know what? Things wouldn't have been like this if you were dead" was all that he spat out and went away, leaving me and aunt alone... Silence filled the room... I just sat there motionless and tears rolling down my cheeks recalling the incidents of that dreadful night... I never had the courage to speak about it with anyone... I am a kind of person who can't trust anyone easily... I lost counts of how many times I got nightmares... Somewhere I feel like I am just not suitable for anything and anyone...

After sometime my aunt tried to get up and speak to me but eventually she failed... After few minutes "I... I am s-sorry Jenna" was all she managed to say... I was confused... Why was she asking sorry... She did nothing wrong... She always loved me like my own mother, took care of my needs and guided me..."I need you to leave us alone" she spoke again... I just stared at her... She cleared her throat and said those words I never imagined to hear... "Pack your stuffs... You need to leave Georgia soon... Take some money from my cabinet and leave the city as soon as you can... " I stood there in disbelief... "Do you really want me to go? That's it?" I said between my sobs... She just nodded and I got it clearly that I was like some trash in this house nowadays. Things changed suddenly since last year. I was brought up by my uncle and aunt after my parents passed away. They treated me just like their own daughter. But suddenly things fell apart and went worse. Uncle's attitude and behaviour towards me changed and the peace of the house is replaced by arguments. I can't understand still now what wrong have I done that they are pushing me away. "Please don't let Tia know about this" she added...

I made my way upstairs to my room and slammed the door behind me... It seemed like the world was falling apart... I lost everything... My childhood, my parents, my happiness and myself somewhere... Engulfed in my thoughts, I fell asleep leaning on the door...

"Open the door Jen... It's me Tia" came a voice from the other side of the door... I was awakened in the middle of the night by her knock... I stood up and opened the door only to be welcomed into a tight hug... "I finally proposed Adi and guess what.. He said yes" she said and jumped happily across my room...

Tia is a very cheerful, straight forward and fun loving girl... Not to mention she is the one and only daughter of uncle and aunt... She is the only one with whom I can be myself in this house... I managed to smile at her and said "Congratulations Tia... Finally my little sister is in love... Wish you guys a very happy future ahead"... She was acting all lovey-dovey... She kissed my cheek saying "You are the best sister in the world... See you in the morning". She was about to leave the room when I called "Tia..."

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