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Shadow of Light

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Chapter 2


I called her back "Tia...". She looked back and waited for me to speak. "I am leaving tommorrow early in the morning" I said. Her expression changed. "Are you going somewhere for vacation or something?" she questioned. I nodded my head and added "I am moving out. I need a complete break from everyone and everything in this city... I am going to my maternal grandparents house". She choked in her tears and said "Don't lie Jen... I have known you for years... something is up with you and you are not telling me the truth.. Whatever it is you could have told me for once before leaving me alone... I promise I will find out the truth Jenna... " she said and ran towards her room on the opposite side of the hallway. I closed the door and began packing my stuffs. Although I have very little stuffs but still I mentally noted I won't leave anything back. It took almost two hours to pack up every little thing I own. After that I went to bed and took out my phone to check it. I received a message from my bestfriend Nic and two missed calls from an unknown number. I checked my phone and tried to get some sleep...

"Help.... Please help us... Somebody help..." I cried with my body covered in blood and bloodstains all over the car... when I heard someone calling "Jenna...wake up... Open your eyes Jen". I opened my eyes and saw Tia shaking my hands... I was covered in thin layer of sweat... This was another night of that damn nightmare... Fourteen years have passed and I still can't get over it... I have taken many medications and counselling but still I just can't move on...

"Drink some water Sister" Tia handed me the glass to drink... I drank half of it one gulp... "Have you taken the pills?" she asked again. "Yes" I said in between my breathe. She rolled her eyes and said "You need to chill Jen... Nothing was your mistake... It was an accident... Stop blaming yourself... You deserve to be happy" . I just nodded in agreement and gestured her to leave me alone. She stood up and went to her room. As the door was shut, I looked across every corners of the room. For twenty one years I have lived in this very room and today is my last day here. Old memories flooded my mind. This house was built by my parents. We moved in when I was three. Everything was perfect and we were happy. Then suddenly one incident turned everything upside down and changed my life forever. Unknowingly, tears escaped my eyes and I felt a sharp pain in my chest...

Early next morning I woke up and went to freshen up. This is supposed to be the day I leave everything behind. I took a hot shower bath and changed into denim jeans, floral off-shoulder top and black heels, leaving behind my dark brown hairs into a messy bun. I took my diamond earrings and small pendant from the drawer and put them on. These two were the last gift from my parents. I looked at my room for the last time and said to myself "It's time for a fresh start Jenna... Re discover yourself". I dragged the luggage down the stairs and went to the living room where rest of the family were already seated.

Silence filled the room again. I walked towards uncle and said "Bye... Hope you live happy with aunt and Tia and..." . Before I could finish he snapped furiously "Get out of my house". Aunt came forward to calm him down. His furious eyes were frightening. He just took a last glance and left the house. I held back my tears and hugged aunt. She has been my mother figure ever since I lost my mother. A drop of tears escaped her eyes. She continued in between her sobs "Jenna... It's time to let go of the past. Discover yourself again and start with a fresh beginning. You deserve to be happy. You have us whenever you need anything. Remember, we are letting you go for your own safety." She handed me an envelope and an old diary. She just smiled and lead me to the car. I waved her back as the car rushed in the busy street. The sight of my house eventually disappeared.

Mr. Ray, our driver, drove the car. He is a very old staff. He was appointed by my Dad and he works still now. I sat in the backseat lost in my thoughts.

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