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Shadow of Light

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Chapter 3

A black Bentley followed the car that drove away Jenna. A tall figure driving the car reported "The car left your house and is driving towards the airport". The person on the other end responded "Make sure she leaves the city and transfer one million to her account so that she never faces this city. Make sure she is safe and sound throughout the journey.". The person in the driver seated nodded and hung up the call.

On the other hand, Mr. Ray suddenly felt that the car was being followed. After making sure there was a Bentley following them, he cleared his throat and drove even faster. Jenna frowned and asked "Mr. Ray are you fine?". Mr. Ray just put on a small smile. He did not want to scare Jenna. He assured her "Miss Shaw please make yourself comfortable. We will reach the airport in ten minutes". However Jenna didn't buy the lie. She glanced at the moving trees and buildings through the window and gradually she began to recall the past incident where she lost her parents. "No...Stop the car..."she screamed suddenly. Mr. Ray was frightened. He immediately parked the car in the nearest parking lot and the car stopped within seconds. He turned back and saw Jenna covered in sweat. "Miss are you okay?" he asked. Jenna wanted to catch some fresh air, so she pushed the door open and rushed out of the car terrified. Mr. Ray followed her behind. Then did he realize that the Black Bentley was parked just behind few cars. He knew well his new master and his personality. He would be fired if he heard that the car was stopped without informing him. Somehow he felt something was wrong and felt pity for the fragile little girl next to him. He asked "Miss are you fine?" She nodded her head but her fists were tightly clenched. After a while she relaxed and went to the car. Rest of the drive was silent.

They arrived at the airport soon. It was finally the time for Jenna to start a new chapter of her life. However she was reluctant to go away from her birthplace. Out of nowhere she asked "Mr. Ray do you think anyone will ever miss me here?". He was stunned by her question. Apparently, he was thinking about this the entire time. He said "Everything happens for a reason young lady" and went on to take her luggage. The answer of Mr. Ray kept questioning her again and again. What was the reason for which she has to go away... Why was she going away... Why was she living a life like this... Why her uncle and aunt pushed her away all of a sudden... What is the reason for the indifferent behaviour of uncle nowadays...

Thousands of questions were rising in her mind. She came to her senses when the announcement of her flight was made. She thought she was alone at the airport with Mr. Ray. However, two other eyes were still on her. One was the tall figure who constantly reported her every movement to her uncle. The other man was in his late twenties wearing a black tuxedo. He had dark brown eyes and sharp facial features with a strong aura. He was seated in the corner with his assistant and his eyes were fixed on the elegent beauty.

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