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Elisa is a lady with many troubles. It gets doubled when she gets involved in an accident. Marco is a guy she met on the day of her accident but not on the best of terms. A year later, she decides to push her troubles aside and work temporarily at a college. She meets Marco again but yet again, they emerge as sworn enemies. Elisa meets Marco the third time, however it comes to her as a major shock when she finds out he became the college's new principal. What would she do when she also finds out how much she might have affected his life negatively especially now that she was already in love with him?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1 - RUN OVER

Waking up from the frightening noise of an alarm is a really hectic way to start a life every morning. Migraine was a sort of cyclone that seemed to be fast hitting me and the ticking of my clock seemed to be resounding in my head like a bomb waiting to explode. The consistent nightmares I got every hour of the night was taking a huge toll on me.

I yawned tiredly after putting a stop to the alarm on the desk next to my bed. It was another bad day. There are hardly any good day anyways since my nightmares appear every night. So it has become normal to have a shitty temper everyday.

I got off the bed grudgingly and threw a glance at the clock. I sighed, mentally noting that I had just an hour to get to my workplace as I walked out of the room and made for the kitchen.

'Another nightmare today?', Cassey, my best friend asked with a lot of concern laced in her voice as she dried her hands with the kitchen napkin. I could tell she had just done the dishes from last night.

''s been regular lately', I sighed, picking up a glass and filling with water.

'I am sorry I wasn't here to help you last night', she apologised, sighing.

I gulped down the water, gathered my breath again and responded, 'It's okay, Cassey. You have a life too. I can't take that from you. You have done enough for me'

I threw her a tight reassuring smile before leaving the kitchen for my room again.

She went on a date with her boyfriend and apparently stayed the night at his house. I was too busy catching up on lost sleep early this morning to have heard her crawl into the house.

I took my bath, slipped on my under wears and rummaged through my closet. I picked up a black trouser, a long sleeve off shouldered blue top and slipped on a pair of leather sandals.

I scanned the inside of my small black leather bag and decided I had everything I needed in it. Taking a last look at the mirror, I slipped on my wig and made a quick arrangement. Satisfied with how I looked, I left the room.

'See you later, Cassey', I shouted out to her as I left the house.

'You too sweetheart', she responded.

As soon as a got out of the house, i made for my car and drove out of the compound.


As if my throbbing headache wasn't enough ruckus for the morning, I managed to almost - note that - hit another lost asshole who was roaming the road mindlessly.

I flicked my phone on and figured I had 10 more minutes to not get a query letter. I sighed angrily and dashed out of my car to give the guy, man or whatever he was, a daunting piece of my mind.

But it appeared I wasn't the only one with a night on the wrong side of the bed and not the only one hauled in the world of a 'bad day'.

'Were you planning to run me over, fool?',he growled as he ran his hand over his shirt and jean to dust off the dirt he had on from his fall.

Apparently, the shock from the screeching of my tyres and the sudden jolt from whatever he had heavy on his mind was enough to have a man's back to the ground. It was a good thing there were hardly any vehicles on the road at that time or the case could have been fatal.

Disgustingly, I looked at the growling nincompoop who hardly had any right to run his mouth in the situation we were in.

Judging from his looks, he was around my age or maybe a little above. His chocolate skin shone beautifully in the projection of the rays of the rising sun that was hiding shyly behind the clouds with his dark hair effortlessly complementing his beauty. If he wasn't so grumpy and unruly, I would have lent him the word 'handsome' till I got the chance to arrive at my work place. I could picture the distasteful face my boss would offer to me once I got to work pretty late.

'You are the fool here! You walk on the road so mindlessly and I get blamed for it?,' I shot at him with a glare that could send him six feet under.

He opened his mouth to speak but I wasn't finished.

'Have you ever thought of the reason why traffic lights were placed on this road? You walk on a busy road so carelessly and dare to even give so much attitude?', I blurted out as I felt a fresh surge of anger rise within me. I couldn't believe he just tried to make me the bad guy when this was obviously all of his fault.

He tried to speak again but yet again, I wasn't done.

'If you wanted to die so badly, then you would have at least thought of not getting another in your miserable trouble. Don't bitch about running you over since I have too many other things to take care of than running your sorry ass over', I screamed at him and sent him a devil's glare amidst the blasting of horns from the cars of other people.

We were causing a traffic but I didn't care so much. I could swear I saw his brown eyes turn dark as he approached me dangerously.

I desperately wanted to shrink he got into my personal space with his intimidating height but of course I wasn't about to chicken out. I had to show him what I stood for too. I braced my self mentally for whatever the heck he had to say.

People were shouting and hauling insults at us, asking us to get off the road but I was too busy getting mad to care.

We were standing just in front of my car and he stared deep into my eyes daringly.

'I swear to God if you weren't a woman, I would punch your pretty face but I of course would be such a bastard to do that', he roared in my face.

I blushed when he called me pretty and hated my stupid cheeks for having to blush during such a tense situation. I just hoped he didn't notice but I could tell he was too mad to see any flash of pink on my face.

People were starting to gather round us to finish off the fight, so he started to back off from me.

'Stay clear from me bitch or you wouldn't like you wouldn't love your life one bit', he threatened as he jogged off the road and strolled into one of the streets.

I scoffed angrily and made for my car. I started it and sent the accelerator to hell.

I arrived at my workplace at exactly five minutes after work resumption and just as I predicted, my boss was carefully waiting at the entrance to hand me a letter with a really mean glare.

I just hoped it wouldn't be the last letter I was going to be handed.

I swallowed nervously and tried to get into the building but of course he wasn't letting me in. I already knew what it was.

Beads of sweat gathered on my forehead as I kept staring at the white envelope I had in my hand and glanced at my boss who was urging me to take a peek at it.

But of course, of what use would that be? He would just have the grace of laughing in my face and that I wasn't about to give to him.

I turned my back and made for my car again without sparing him another glance. Such shitty bad day and all thanks to the bastard whom I almost ran over. I hissed furiously and sped out of the compound, heading straight home. I glanced at the envelop lying on the seat next to mine and hissed. Gripping hard on the poor wheel and swallowing really hard, I pressed h a r d on the accelerator.

I really was not ready to see what's was in the letter. Call me a coward, I really do not care. Anyways, what's there to check? I am pretty sure it's a 'forced resignation letter'. Why make the words pretty anyway? It was a sack letter!

A damn sack letter!

I hissed profusely. I couldn't even get any pay, it was the first day of the month. So there is nothing to look up to there.

I stepped hard on the brakes as I almost collided with another vehicle who was trying to get on the road from a street. I could hear the screeching of my tyres and suddenly I swerved to the left, coming face to face with a trailer.

A deafening scream filled the car and it sounded so much like mine. I could hardly feel my self anymore but the vehicle seemed to still have a lot of control. Adrenaline surged through my system and instinctively, I felt my feet press hard against the accelerator and the last thing I heard was the ghastly hit of my car on whatever it was. I felt the car upturn and something was sticking in my chest..........It was so painful, so painful.

The envelope was now in my hands and I could see prints of blood stains on it. I must have held on to it during the accident. My vision was starting to blur.....I saw something that resembled a pair of feet appear and consciousness gave me away.


Slowly, my eyes drifted open and I felt like I had a pair of scale on.





Where am I? Is it another nightmare? Why do I feel so weak?

I tried to get up but immediately, pain shot through my body. I winced painfully as I fell back into my former position again. As if that wasn't enough, my head started to throb painfully and it felt like my whole world was crashing.

Oh miserable, my body feels so miserable.

I looked around me and figured I was in an hospital. Drip was confined to my hand and an oxygen mask, on my nose. I tried to think but instead I was greeted again by my throbbing head and this made me wince painfully.

Someone I hadn't noticed whose head was resting at an edge on my bed near my leg stirred and looked up with swollen eyes. Immediately, I recognised her to be Cassey.

As soon as she understood that I was awake, her eyes bulged and she shot out of her position and moved to where my head rested.

'Lisa', she called, her voice cracking. She cleaned off a tear which was rolling off her cheek and I could see her eyes were threatening to rain.

'You are awake! You are awake!', she exclaimed, picking up the back of my palm and kissing it.

I stared at her blankly, and could only wish I could get off the damn bed and squash her in my arms. I couldn't bare to see her cry.

'I will go call the doctor, okay?', she assured me, laid my hand on my side and rushed out of the room in haste.

I tried to lift my legs but they felt like they weighed a million tons so I figured I would just let them be. Suddenly, I heard the door to my room try to click close and instinctively my eyes flickered to the door. I could only catch the gold bracelet around the wrist of whoever it was before the door closed finally. From what I saw, the bracelet looked so much like an anklet. It had very many pendants attached to it.

Who knows what fashion is now? I may have been in this bed for many years.

The thought of that made me shiver inwardly. Cassey still looked the same so maybe I may just be thinking too much.

I wondered who it was for a moment but that was the least of my concerns at the moment. I desperately needed to get out of my position, I felt so stiff.

Finally acknowledging that I needed some help and would have to wait till Cassey was back, I decided to push it aside and try to think of how I landed in the hospital.

What happened to me?

Just then, a doctor came in with Cassey hot on his heel and two other nurses trailing behind. He examined my breathing while one of the nurses removed the mask embracing my nose and I could feel a lot of relief rush at me as fresh air brushed through my nose. The doctor collected a writing pad from the other nurse and scribbled something in it.

He faced Cassey and announced, 'now that she is awake, she can be discharged in about two days'.

I still hadn't remembered what happened to me.

'She was only lucky to have gotten a donor so quickly. A lot of people take years, lying in coma to find a suitable donor especially with a blood type like hers, O-. It's really a miracle she got a donor almost immediately', he explained to Cassey while she nodded her head nervously. Her hand was on her mouth and as soon as our eyes met, they darted away quickly. She was trying very hard not to cry and I felt so bad that I was the cause.

What ever happened to me had to have been really bad. She looked very scared as if I had died and hope was lost but something miraculous brought me back to life. I wanted to roll my eyes at my thought.

Well with what the doctor had been saying, I should as well agree I was close to death.

I tried to offer her a small smile but the muscles in my cheeks would not budge. I was extremely weak. I felt really bad I had failed my promise to her as a memory came to me.


I walked quietly into the compound where my best friend lived with her now dead mother. The compound looked almost as innocent as a dove like a murder hadn't taken place the last night. Quietly I made my way into the front porch.

The whole place was in total disarray. The door was slightly ajar and I tried to push gently but halted as soon as i noticed it was already broken. Since I was a small size, I managed to get through into the small sitting room. I could hear the sniffling sound of someone crying from behind a standing shelf that stood on the other side of the room and i immediately recognized the voice to be Cassiella's.

I wanted to run but the situation of the room would take none of such. There were broken glasses and vases here and there. The couches were turned upside down and center table broken in two. The huge clock that used to hang beautifully on the blue painted wall laid already smashed on the floor. The blue rug was blood stained and a really long rod stuck out from inside the seat of one of the wooden chairs. The situation of the room displayed that there had obviously been one hell of a struggle in the room.

Gently and patiently, I walked through the room and finally made my way to Cassey. She sat crouched with her head between her two legs. She hadn't noticed I was there so I crouched and rubbed her back gently. She looked up at me with her once crystal clear brown eyes which had now turned red and utterly swollen. She was clearly very tired from crying ceaselessly. As soon as our eyes met, she cried out loud and snuggled close to me. I was only two years older than her so there was hardly any difference in our heights yet I tried to consume her in my hug as best as I could.

I wanted to cry too but I needed to be strong for her. I hated to see her cry, she was so fragile. She was such a good person yet she had experienced so much. I wondered why good things never seem to come the way of good people.

I never wanted to see her cry again.

'I promise I will make sure you never have to cry so much again', my 'thirteen years old self' whispered in her ears.


But now as I looked in her eyes, I could tell she had cried just as much or maybe even more. I was such a bad person to have failed to keep my promise.

I could still hear the voice of the doctor but gradually, it began to drown and everything went black.


Hi Everyone

I understand that some things in this chapter may seem unrealistic now but they would be explained later in the book.

For instance, in Lisa's memory. A murder had taken place and policemen had not raided the place. You would understand as you continue to read.

And I don't want you guys to misunderstand. Cassiella is Elisa's best friend but they care deeply for each other because they have been friends for very long and they practically grew up as sisters. Like i said earlier, you would understand as you read on in later chapters.

I am a new writer. I hope you read and enjoy this book. It will only get better I promise. Depending on the responses I get, I would try to make sure to update every week and if grammatical errors are noticed, please pardon me or correct me constructively.

Thank you!


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