The Perfect Bad Boy

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A talented, beautiful and cheerful teenage girl, who had to leave anything behind for her father cos of a promotion in New York city. Does the sacrifice of losing everything worth what's going to unfold in New York city. Her past crawls back revealing something in her, she's never dreamed of. Would her sacrifice be worth all the thorns she has to undergo. Read on and find out. Surprises to come, hearts to broken, things to reveal and love would be found. It's a story of romance and of course spicy drama.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Nico's POV

It was a beautiful morning, the cool breeze that passed me waking me up with my right hand as birds chirped which made me use my talent. I started singing with my towel around my body going into the bathroom to do my business remembering what today is, my last day in Florida cause my dad got a promotion and I couldn't say no because this is the first time he looked a little focused on something since my mom passed away three years ago. So I, my brother Eric and dad are moving to New York city tomorrow.

As I came out from the bathroom, my phone rang looking at the screen it was my best friend Jack, his handsome, tall, fashionable and all the girls at school would kill for him if they had to but he is gay and I just like him that way. I picked as he shouted and I extended the phone from my ear for him to finish screaming and brought it back to my ear saying "Sorry Jack I didn't hear you due to all the shouting"

He started again this time calmly "What the heck, you are moving to New York and didn't even tell your best friend."

I didn't even know what to tell him,"Nico Nico still there?" he said.

"Yes, I am sorry I forgot....... it happened so quickly"

"OK but I will forgive you on one condition Nico Vegas, let's have a goodbye sleepover with Furi and Charlotte before you go and I forgot to ask when are you going?"

"Tomorrow" I said sadly.


"Jack, I have to pack so bye and call the girls, see you guys by six" saying this I ended the call. I felt frustrated and sad leaving my friends and everything behind but is it worth it? I just started singing with my lovely voice cause it's makes me happy and less depressed. I went downstairs, seeing luggages beside Eric when my dad spoke happily

"I have good news my best friend in New York found a beautiful house we can stay in, I even have a picture that he sent to me." How is that good news!

This house is amazingly beautiful but one problem it don't have my friends in it or its not Florida.

Snapping me out of my thoughts Eric said "the house is lovely and huge also good for parties" he said wiggling his eyebrow playfully.

"Let's just stay here for few more days" I said looking at dad to see his expression.

"We are leaving tomorrow and that's final" he said walking to his room ignoring I and Eric's opinion about it. Sometimes I wonder whether this man is my dad, we have nothing in common.


It's time for the sleepover but I can't help am so worried if, I miss my flight tomorrow cause I was drunk, dad will obviously murdered me thats if he can. Setting an alarm just in case on my phone. I got all dressed up ready to have the best sleepover of my life with my three friends for the last time.

Curled my hair and wore a little makeup, taking a last glance at myself, satisfied. I heard a horn sound outside, looked through my window, saw Furi waiting. I picked my phone and left. After twenty minutes of discussing random shit, we reached Jack's huge white house.

When we were all complete, we started the sleepover, watched movies, ate snacks and of course got drunk.

Waking up on my bed around 5am still sleepy and the realization hit me that am already late, having serious headache, wondering how I got here. I hurtled into the bathroom to take a quick shower. Oh no! what if we missed the flight because of me I will be happy but also dead. I hear my bedroom door fly open revealing Eric shouting "you fucking better not be sleeping!"

"Such words this early morning Eric, getting ready be down in few minutes." I said from the bathroom.


We were already in the flight when I noticed Eric's not sleeping.

"Eric how did I get home last night" I curiously asked.

"I don't know and stop bothering me" he said with anger, just then I realized something not right, Eric never spoke to me with so much anger in his eyes for no freaking reason. No! Eric's bad choice of words are starting to get the better of me. Just then the flight landed, we got a taxi to the house.

"Nico, i will show you your room, c'mon" my dad said and i nodded. We entered a huge room with gold sparkles and black walls and tiles. He pecked me on the forehead saying 'goodnight Angel'. I changed into comfortable clothes then jump on the large soft bed drifting off to sleep. Even the peck he gave me seemed fake, I wonder why.


My first story begins, I hope you guys like chapter one. Short chapter but chill it's the first chapter after all.

Pls don't forget to vote and leave some comments.

Love you guys, xoxo💞

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