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Chapter 9: Summer days

The day was hot, too hot for Gabriel’s taste. The sun was beating down on him as he slaved over the broken car before him. He should have never let Kyle use the car he thought. He always imagined it would be Luke who broke the car...

He wore a simple grey tank top and a pair of black shorts. His long brown curly hair laid messily in a bun on his head. The sun was giving Gabriel’s skin the softest glow, sweat running down the muscular biceps of his. He almost looked like a God with his magnificent look... though he didn’t feel like it. He hated hot weather.

The sound of the front door filled Gabriel’s ears, and there was already a smile painted on his lips. He knew it was his boyfriend coming to greet him; Luke asked him countless times if he could help, but he refused. Luke never learned how to do these things, and that’s okay.

″Are you getting anywhere?″ Luke asked Gabriel, walking up to the left side of the car. Gabriel glanced in his direction, the smile still present on his lips. Luke looked like a ray of sunshine today... he always does. His hair was the brightest blonde color; it was summer, so his hair was growing lighter from the sun. He wore a simple yellow T-shirt with bleached ripped shorts. Gabriel often thought of him as an angel. His appearance was so bright and soft, along with his personality.

Well... compared to him in the sheets, he is an angel.

″Yeah. I’m never letting that dumbass drive my car again. He was high, you know. It was stupid of me to let him go in the first place.″ Gabriel muttered to Luke.

Luke shook his head, a small smile on his lips. He offered once more to try to help... but Gabriel refused.

″How about I help in a different way?″ Luke suddenly said, his blue eyes looking at Gabriel innocently. Gabriel couldn’t help but smirk at him, placing the wrench that he had in his hand down. He leaned against the car, gazing down at him.

″Depends on how you’re helping me, blondie,″ Gabriel said to him. Luke’s eyes seemed to look at him in almost a demanding way, something he never really saw often. He still had the appearance of an angel, but deep down he could be the kinkiest person Gabriel has ever met.

″Come with me and maybe you’ll find out.″ Luke finally said to him, winking at him playfully. He slowly walked back into the house, obvious that he expected Gabriel to follow him. Gabriel obeyed, pulling himself up from the car and up the stairs to the house. He closed the door behind him, making his way up to their bedroom. He grew more excited with every step he took... he really did need a break.

He walked into their bedroom. The sight he saw was Luke sitting on their bed, the confidence in his face left his face. He had a deep blush on his face as Gabriel walked into the room, and he couldn’t help but notice the bludge in his shorts. He had a small smile on his lips... which reassured Gabriel.

″Not so cocky now, huh?″ Gabriel said, slowly walking up to him. He pulled the tank top off his torso as he made his way towards him, the devilish smirk resting on his face. His tattoos shown proud of his body, accenting the abs and sculpted arms he had.

He finally made his way over to Luke, climbing slowly up onto the bed. He connected his lips with Luke’s, and he still got the thrill as the first kiss they shared. He wouldn’t ever get sick of Luke.

″Wait...″ Luke mumbled against his lips, startling Gabriel. He broke the kiss, gazing down at his boyfriend. He had the biggest blush on his face, and he looked awfully nervous.

″What is it?″ Gabriel asked softly, bringing his hand to his cheek. He didn’t want to force him to do anything he didn’t want to; if he wasn’t ready for anything right now, they could just hold each other. Whatever Gabriel does with him, he feels happy.

″Can...″ He started, but he couldn’t get the words out. He covered his face, and Gabriel felt his bulge get bigger. It was poking eagerly at his leg.

″Use your words.″ Gabriel mumbled, running his thumb over his cheek. Luke took a shaky breath before he spoke, the confidence somewhat coming back to his body.

″Can... can I do what you do? If you want me to take it, I will... I just want to try something new...″ He mumbled. Gabriel’s eyes widened, and for once he was the one blushing madly. Gabriel was, in fact, a switch... but he hasn’t bottomed in over two years. He doesn’t hate the thought of it, maybe letting someone else do the work for once would be enjoyable...

″You think you could do it?″ Gabriel asked Luke, watching as Luke eagerly nodded his head. Though Luke was 5′9 and Gabriel was 6′5, he was sure it would work out. Luke was somewhat built himself, he started going to the gym more often with Gabriel.

Gabriel slowly climbed off of Luke, anxiety building up in his chest. He wasn’t worried about being clean or anything; he always takes care of himself like that. The last time he bottomed he got so nervous he began crying... he enjoyed it definitely, he’s just not used to being held or used like that.

Luke motioned for him to lay on the bed, the blush on his face reducing. He figured he must of gained his confidence back...

He slowly climbed onto the bed, lying on his stomach. Because of their height difference, he figured this would be the position they would be in... oh god. He was scared.

He suddenly felt Luke rubbing his back in a comforting way. He must have noticed how nervous he was. He knew Luke was going to take care of him, he always does.

He felt as Luke wrapped his fingers around the waistband of his shorts; along with his boxers. He seemed pretty excited to do this to him... maybe he’s wanted to for a while now?

″...You have to help me, okay?″ Luke said as he pulled down his shorts and boxers, Gabriel feeling the cold air along his lower half. Gabriel nodded his head, pressing his face against the bed. He felt as Luke placed a hand on his ass, giving it a small squeeze. Gabriel flinched in response, furrowing his eyebrows as he looked back at him.

″What are you doing back there?″ He said, his deep voice breaking the silence of the room. His next question was cut off as Luke slowly placed a finger inside him, a deep moan leaving Gabriel’s throat.

″Don’t- Don’t fuck me as I fuck you okay, you-″ Gabriel started, his voice shaking. He didn’t like how vulnerable he felt... he definitely wanted this, but he didn’t want to be roughly fucked.

″Gabriel... you’re gonna be okay, let me take care of you. You’ll be okay, just relax.″ Luke whispered to him, slowly pumping a finger in and out of him. Gabriel nodded his head slowly, burying his face back in the mattress. The anxious feeling was still in the pit of his stomach... but he trusted Luke. He would be fine.

He felt the finger leave him, and the sound of Luke taking off his shorts filled the room. Gabriel waited in anticipation for Luke to enter him; He was anxious. Luke wasn’t small himself. Of course, Gabriel was bigger than him in size, but Luke was long in length and thick. Gabriel was a little thicker than him and slightly longer... but there wasn’t a big difference.

Gabriel suddenly felt something bigger pressing bigger against his entrance. He let out a gasp, begging Luke once more to be gentle. Luke reassured him that he would be as gentle as possible; Luke didn’t want to fuck him hard either. This is the first time in his life he will ever top; so there was no reason to. He didn’t really know what to do.

″Okay... so I should just push in? All of it like you do?-″

″NO. You do it SLOWLY.″ Gabriel snapped, clenching the bed sheets around them. Luke nodded his head, the blush rising to his face again.

He slowly pushed inside of Gabriel, as slow as he possibly could. Gabriel felt amazing around him... he was unbelievably tight; he would be, he hasn’t topped in over two years. Gabriel let out deep gasps, his body slightly shaking and shivering.

Luke finally sunk himself all the way in, whiny moans leaking out of his throat. He was definitely enjoying himself; he wondered why he hasn’t done it sooner. Even as he was topping he has those cute high pitched moans of his.

″Gabriel... should I move?″

″No... not yet, please. Let me get used to it.″ He begged, grasping onto the bed sheets. Luke stood in place obediently, but he wanted nothing more than to move. He didn’t want to cum already... he wanted to make Gabriel feel good.

″Okay... go ahead. Slow thrusts, blondie...″ He mumbled to Luke.

He felt as Luke slowly thrust out, his heart beating a mile a minute. He felt good surprisingly.... he felt full. He definitely wouldn’t mind doing this again for Luke.

He thrust back in, and he heard the desperate whines of Luke behind him. His whines were almost angelic... but so dirty at the same time.

He felt as Luke reached up to his hair, undoing the tight bun he had in his hair. The dark brown locks fell at his shoulders... only for Luke to grasp onto them.

Gabriel let out a deep moan as Luke used his hair as a handle, his thrusts growing deeper. He was still thrusting slowly as Gabriel wanted, but he was deep. Extremely deep.

″Gabriel... It feels so good,″ Luke whined out. His thrusts slowly sped up... Gabriel would have protested, but it felt amazing. He was rubbing up a part inside of him each time.

″Yeah? You like taking control, huh?″ Gabriel asked him, deep moans coming from his throat after. Luke let out a series of ″Mhms″ in response, the thrusts growing faster and faster, deeper. The grip on his hair grew tighter as he pounded into Gabriel, his whines growing louder and more desperate.

″Gabriel you’re gonna make me cum...″ Luke said to him, and he couldn’t help but moan at his voice. It was surprisingly deep. He sounded like he was really enjoying himself.

″Do it, Luke...″ Gabriel replied, clenching the bed sheets below him. Luke pounded him harder in response, deep growls leaving his throat as he fucked him senseless. Luke completely forgot about Gabriel begging him to fuck him softly, but it was okay. Gabriel surprisingly loved it; his body felt like it was being overcome with pleasure.

Luke came with a scream, curses leaking out of his throat. He didn’t bother to pull out of Gabriel, he sank deeper into him and released himself. The grip on Gabriel’s hair pulled Gabriel to the edge, making him cum with silent whimpers. He came all over the sheets below him and his stomach...

″We need to do that more often...″ Luke finally said, out of breath.

″I agree...″

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