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Chapter 3: God's own Sinner

This is a project I actually did for school! I figured you guys would like it, so I published it here!

There is a small town in Texas where the sun doesn’t quite shine and the flowers around the place refuse to sprout up for a new season. They say that this place is where the sinners go to confess their sins to the preacher who isn’t as innocent himself. They say that this place is so run down and destroyed because of the weight of the sins that the travelers poured onto the preacher’s shoulders... that God abandoned the place.

They aren’t too far away from the truth. In this town there is a man named Mr. Devorak. He is a heavier set man with a set of brown eyes that seem to gaze into the depths of your soul; as if he’s only judging you on your appearance. The grey hairs on his head expose his true age, a man in his late fifties. They say that he is a very wise, intelligent man. He has studied scriptures all his life- dissecting each word and making it his own. Although he has all this knowledge... He doesn’t use it for good, unfortunately.

His son, Grayson, could serve as evidence for that statement. He is a skinner young man with brown eyes to match his fathers, although his dark brown hair still maintains his youth. He’s known to be a kind young man who only wants to bring joy to the people around him... unlike his father. A smile is continuously on his face when other people are around him, although when alone with his father... it truly isn’t the same.

Truly, his father is a drunkard and a bigot. The people in the congregation don’t know that he is a misery man with a quick fist and loud of tongue. It’s nothing new in the Devorak house; it may be the reason why Mrs. Devorak left all those years ago. Mr. Devorak thinks it’s because she couldn’t take the pressure of being the pastor’s wife... truly, it was because of his hatred.

It was a rainy Sunday morning. Men and women gathered in the church like they do any other morning. Mr. Devorak stood at the front of the room, his gaze lingering on the rest of the congregation. His son sat in the front pew by himself, his eyes looking elsewhere. His face was twisted in a look of remorse- he looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but there.

“The pastors son seems to be in distress. I wonder what is on his mind!″ One woman of the congregation exclaimed to her husband beside her. He crinkled his nose at her statement, his gaze lingering over to the young man that sat by himself in the front.

“Maybe it’s the weather, dear. He’s usually bright and cheery, don’t you agree?″ He replied to her. She began nodding her head slowly in response- but she wondered to herself if maybe there was more to the story.

The service was no different from any other sermon. The pastor spoke his wisdom to the congregation, although his words may have been twisted with some of his own views. Only Grayson knew that some of the words he spoke may have been fixed to fit his father’s own views or opinions. Or... he may be modest because of the secret sin he’s been holding within himself. Is his father correct with the poison and hate he spouts out of his mouth? Or are all these innocent people being subjected to hate?

“Grayson, are you listening?” His father asked towards the end of the sermon. “You look like you’re daydreaming.” He continued. The congregation laughed at the pastor’s sudden question- it looked be simply a father poking fun at his son. But in reality... it was a threat. Grayson knew that.

He wanted to tell his father that his words were wrong and boast about how the congregation is full of sin themselves... and they shouldn’t judge each other for how they look, for who they love, and for how they act. God doesn’t judge each of his creations on their appearance... so why do we?

Grayson didn’t dare to reply. He knew that if he did so and said the wrong thing... only bad things would follow. All he did was stand up from the pew he sat in and exited the church without another word with the gaze of the congregation boring into the back of his head.

The rain that fell from the sky was awfully cold and intrusive. It was almost like God knew Grayson’s feelings- so heaven’s rain fell from the sky to reflect them. He wrapped his arms tightly around him to keep himself warm- but it obviously was no use.

He walked down the dirt road that strayed away from his father’s church. He would rather be anywhere else but there at the moment- regardless of mother nature’s cold touch tumbling down on him. Grayson’s mind raced with all sorts of different ideas- his mind fogged with the total hatred he had for his father. Would his life be better without his father? He thought. Would he stop living in fear of him? He wondered.

“Shouldn’t you be back at your church, young man?” A voice suddenly said out loud, breaking Grayson out of the train of thought he seemed to be stuck in. He looked left and right for the owner of the voice... but it was nowhere to be seen.

“Where are you?” Grayson asked out loud. The voice let out a deep, ear piercing laugh- almost demonic before he replied.

“I’m everywhere and have been many places. I’ve been in the garden of Eden to ensure world order, where I was soon banished and persecuted. I’ve been here when Greece entertained the idea of the Trojan horse. I’ve been in your home and your church, since it was the natives holy land... ripped away by the white man.” The voice went on. Grayson crinkled his nose in confusion of the voice’s words.

“...Who are you?″ Grayson asked as a second question.

“I go by many names. I am the adversary of the great one, sometimes presiding at the persecutions of Quakers and Anabaptists. I am also known as the grandmaster of the Salem Witches, the one who was cast down to this forsaken world ever since the beginning of time. The monument of your sins.” The voice said out loud. His voice boomed throughout the trees around Grayson, startling the wildlife that lived freely in the trees.

“...This is a holy land, not too far from the church. You cannot claim to be who you say you are. It’s impossible.” Grayson said out loud, his voice quivering with fear. The voice let out a deep, drawn out laugh at his words once more.

The voice finally came out from the shadows. He was a taller, handsome man with a set of black obsidian eyes. His intrusive glare seemed to pour directly into the eyes of Grayson; the windows of the soul.

“You think this place is holy land? Long ago God left this place dry. Demons run free through that place you call a church. That man you call your father ensured that.” he said to Grayson with a twisted smirk lingering on his lips. Grayson’s eyes widened at the mention of his father. He didn’t have trouble believing a word the man in front of him said.

“What are you doing here? What urged you to speak to me?” Grayson said. He couldn’t help but grow impatient the being’s words.

“I felt a heavy, foolish and kind heart mourning. I’ve come here to make you a deal.” The devil said to Grayson. He immediately began to shake his head in disagreement, slowly backing away from the awfully powerful being in front of him. Grayson wasn’t stupid or fickle of mind. He knew that the Devil took pleasure in corrupting the minds of the innocent and the kind; and Grayson fit that category. He knew then he wanted his soul... he was educated in this matter. He had studied scripture all of his life.

But what he didn’t know... is that the Devil has a silver tongue. He convinced Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit. It would be easy to convince Grayson to make a deal with him... or trick him.

“You haven’t even heard my deal yet, Grayson. It may not be what you think. I’m not completely awful, you know... nothing compared to your father.” He said to him. Grayson stopped in his tracks, directing his attention towards the taller man once more.

“Go on. It’s not like I have anywhere to go anyways. You’re not getting anything out of me.” Grayson said, the words leaking out of his mouth like poison towards the Devil. All the Devil did was smile at his defiance; knowing well he would convince him otherwise.

“I could make all of your worries go away within the snap of my fingers, Grayson. I could make that worry you hold deep in your heart of your father’s fist. I could even make him go
away... teach him a lesson, then lest he return. I could give you the riches you desire, the carefree attitude that you crave. I could give you everything... only for a small price.” The Devil said to Grayson.

“I am a holy man. Nothing you say would ever convince me otherwise-”

“What could he give you? He has given you a poor house. Not only a poor house, but a father with a poor mind. A mother who LEFT you with this man. I could give you so much more, Grayson...” He went on.

Grayson’s composure began to break. The Devil was right, even though he hated to admit it. He was tired of the way things were in his home. He wanted to be free. He wanted his father to stop hurting him and teaching the people of the church these lies.

“Can you make my father a better man?”

“I could do much more.”

He slowly walked towards the towering figure who stood in front of him. He held up a shaky hand towards him, not daring to gaze up at him.

“Will I be forever damned?” Grayson asked him.

“Your future actions will decipher that, my boy.” The Devil said to him, firmly wrapping his own larger hand around Grayson’s. His hand was stone cold against Grayson’s warmer ones- almost like he was dead.


Grayson Devorak grew up to be a cold man; maybe even worse than his father. He became cold hearted and refused to let anyone in his life. He never married- although he never wanted to, ever since he was a child.

He was not aware that The Devil meant he would eliminate his father. He thought that he would change his father into a better man... he was very, very wrong.

He constantly regrets making the deal with the Devil, although he grew up to have many riches. He became a wealthy banker of many items. Gold, Silver, Jewels... he had it all. But it
was never enough for him...all the things he had meant nothing to him. He knew that his life would only end with The Devil striding up to him on his dark horse.

He had forgot The Devil told him that his future actions would decipher if he truly belonged with the damned. The Devil was going to give him a chance- but he ruined his own fate.

They say you could still hear Grayson’s cries out for God in the woods, that his soul haunts the trees near his father’s church.

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