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Sometimes, I wish it was just a dream, one I had to wake up from and waved aside. But no, it was my reality and if wishes were horses, then maybe I would have believed in a miracle of wishes coming true. Can I shock you? I feel I should, Kaycee isn't my first husband, but will be my last. Surprise? It all started 14 years ago, I just clocked age 20, I was so happy because I have always dreamt of getting married at 20, have children and stopped childbirth once I clock 26th. Then life brought my best friend's elder brother, who is my perfect dream of a man with a 10 years old boy's dick size...and my life is twisted when I realized the same day I said " yes" to commit my whole life to Charles, was the same day my youth President JJ went to my family with a marriage proposal. Now I am torn between marrying my first love or marrying that church brother. But whatever decision I make will only make me learn that humans come in different packages and it up to us to value them just the way they are...irrespective of their beliefs, or choices. With three men in my life, I have learnt a bitter truth about love, maturity, secrecy, trust, and friendship This is a story of love, innocence, sex, deceit, betrayals, commitments, sacrifice and above all second chance.

Romance / Mystery
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The birthday wish


Can I shock you?

I feel I should, Kaycee isn't my first husband, but will be my last. Surprise?

It all started 14 years ago, I just clocked age 20, I was so happy because I have always dreamt of getting married at 20, have children and stopped childbirth once I clock 26th. So that fateful birthday morning, I received a birthday SMS from my Sunday school teacher, who also happened to be the youth President of my church. You know all these holy brothers eh, it came to me as a shock, but I appreciated it all the same and recharged the airtime voucher that came along with the SMS.

I put a call across to brother JJ, as we fondly called him to say a thank you, and that's how it all started. Brother JJ requested a lunch date with me, and I accepted on the condition that I will be allowed to invite my friends He agreed with no hesitation. My relationship with me JJ went quite smoothly, it has been 3 months, and yet unlike all the men in my life, JJ never asked me for sex, or even to be his girlfriend, you know we acted like all these zee world romantic scenes.

My best friend Emem had called me one fateful day to meet her brother who just returned from the state, I went to their house, and there stood right before me a handsome, tall, muscled looking guy that from my calculation was just 26 years. I fell in love instantly and started a romantic relationship with Charles. Charles relationship with me was basically platonic kind of, because we only kissed and hugged... And he was a wonderful kisser, neat, beautiful haircut and dresses very well. Emem started calling me "sister inlaw", it was a thing of joy to be best friends turned sis-in-laws. Who wouldn't love that?


I forgot my GST term paper with Emem previous day, and she had asked me to pick it with hers at her place since she needed to meet with her project supervisor, I had picked a motorcycle and rushes to her house, and that's how I decided to stop by and say hello to Charlie. I opened his door and there he stood all in his birthday suit looking so ravishing, I took a good glance at him and saw the shock of my life His manhood was just the size of a 10year old. He quickly covers himself with a towel and beckons on me to come in.

I smiled and told him, I just stopped by to say hi that I had a class. just then Emy called to announced the cancellation of the class, she begged I wait for her as she was already on her way home. I nodded and went inside Charlie's room, I couldn't still comprehend that such a handsome rich guy could have such tiny manhood No wonder he wasn't a flirt, and always spending his time on how to make money.

I sat there on his couch and smiled sheepishly with a lot of things running through my head. All the sexual fantasy I had on my head about Charlie seems to be vanishing slowly, then I felt a kissed on my neck... I snapped back to reality and met his eyes lurking into mine and he asked

" eh, what's on your mind? ".

I smiled... And we kissed, and he took me to his bed, we were still kissing, but my head was still on the size of what I saw, I found my voice and asked him if his manhood was all that I have seen earlier on, and he fell off the bed, put his hands on his head and shyly nodded his head


He said he loved me, and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he wanted us to even marry and move down to the state together. I told him sex was very important in marriage, and he promised me that he doesn't mind buying all the sex toys in the world to give me the sexual satisfaction I ever wanted.

Yes, I was a virgin and he knew that Giving my virginity to an ordinary sex toy, oh no that was the height of it. Did I want to marry and moved to America, of course, capital ' YES'?

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