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Chapter 33

Thursday evening, Margo Mitchell’s phone rang. She’d just returned home from hearing about Peggy’s wonderful promotion at the bank. Margo assumed Peggy wanted something.


“Margo, this is Homer Tarrance. I met your daughter today. What a charming young woman! You should be very proud of her.”

“Homer, how nice to hear from you.”

“You know, Henry Johnson has been telling me about this wonderful employee, Peggy Waldren. If he had called her Peggy Mitchell I might have realized that she was your daughter. The name Waldren meant nothing to me. That is until I met her today. Henry has big plans for her, you know.”

“Homer, thank you for telling me. It makes a mother proud. How’s your son doing? I heard he resigned from the bank today. I asked Peggy why he resigned. She told me the notice simply said for personal reasons.”

“Ralph has his own problems. I’d prefer to leave it there, if that’s OK. Peggy told me your husband passed away some time ago. I’d no idea. I must’ve been out of town when it happened or I surely would have heard.”

“I’m sure you were, Homer. Otherwise, I know you would have made a gesture of some sort. Working on those committees together turned out to be lots of fun, didn’t it?”

“Yes it did. Margo, would you like to have dinner with me Saturday evening?”

A long silence ensued. Homer’s invitation stunned Margo. It took several seconds for her to finally gather her wits.

“Margo, are you still there?”

“Homer, I’d like to do that a lot. Unfortunately, Saturday night I’m scheduled to baby-sit my grandson. I could go tomorrow night or next week some time.”

“Let’s make it tomorrow night, Margo. I’ll pick you up at 7:00. You still live in the same house?”

“Yes I do. Thank you, Homer.”

Margo didn’t even hang up the phone. She simply held the button down until she got a dial tone. She called Peggy.

“Peggy Waldren.”

“Guess what???? Homer Tarrance called. He asked me for a date! We’re going out for dinner tomorrow night!”

“Mom, how wonderful! He asked me for your phone number today. I wasn’t sure he’d call or I would’ve warned you.”

“Peggy, what am I going to wear? I haven’t any nice dresses anymore.”

“It’s only 7:30. The stores don’t close until 9:00. I’ll grab Ned and be right over. One thing I want you to do Mom is to get rid of your stupid bun. You need to let your hair down. If you promise me you’ll hit the hair salon tomorrow, we’re on our way!”

On Saturday morning, Peggy received the full report on her mother’s date with Homer Tarrance. “We went to the University Club. It was easy to talk with him. I invited him to my house next Friday for a home cooked meal. Oh, and the dress we picked out plus my new hair arrangement proved to be just right. I could tell because Homer kept his eyes glued on me all evening.”

She continued, “Peggy, you’ll never guess who I saw at the University Club.”


“Your CPA friend, Jeb Richards. I can’t believe the girl he had with him. She had on a blouse that was cut so low you could almost see her navel! After Homer and I walked by he murmured to me, “I believe that’s more cleavage than has ever been seen in the twenty five year history of the University Club!”

“Later we both noticed the men waiters flocking around their table so they could peek. It was almost embarrassing.”

Peggy replied, “I suspect that Jeb was with Sue Ann Hennessy.”

Peggy selected a white blouse with a blue skirt for her date with Ken on Saturday night. As she got into the car, intense excitement claimed her body. Since Monday night, her thoughts constantly returned to those passionate moments they shared in Ken’s bed Monday night. As she approached Ken’s house, her anticipation became almost unbearable.

The churning in her lower stomach made Peggy very aware that her sexual needs, which had been dormant all those months, were working overtime!

She drove into the garage pushing the door opener button, which quickly closed the door behind her car. For a moment, Peggy remembered the last time she’d used the garage door opener with horrible Ralph at her heels. Fortunately, her bad memory faded as she looked up and saw Ken standing there with a great big wonderful smile plastered all over his face.

Peggy looked him over as she got out of the car. Ken was staring at her as if he wanted to …. well he looked ….God I want him! In addition, she smelled something wonderful emanating from the kitchen.

They hugged. Then she took his hand leading him into the kitchen.

“It’s a kind of stew,” he announced. “Are you hungry?”

Peggy looked into his eyes, “Yes, Ken I’m very hungry. But not for food.” She reached over, turning off the stove. Next she put her arms around him kissing him deeply. Seconds later they were in his bedroom.

What happened in Ken’s bedroom in the next few minutes was incredible. After the crescendo engulfed them in joy, they hugged each other as they slowly recovered.

“Peggy whispered, I have something important to say, Ken…. . The reason what we just experienced was so incredible is you weren’t just having sex with me. You loved me. I could feel the love coming from you with every touch. I’ll never forget how loved you made me feel.”

“Well, I must have improved a little bit. This time I didn’t make you cry!”

Laughter filled the room.

After a few minutes Ken got up. He asked Peggy to stay in bed for a minute. He went out, turning the stew on once again. When he returned, he handed her a beautifully wrapped box.

Peggy began to protest. “Ken I told you to stop giving”…. Before she could complete the sentence, he gently laid his hand across her mouth.

With the most loving eyes he exclaimed, “Peggy, I’m in love with you. There’s no way I can stop buying things for you. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t stop. I love you too much!

“You’ve experienced an extremely tough couple of years, Peggy. Why don’t you just let go and allow me to pamper you?”

Her eyes moistened with tears. She whispered, “I’ll try.”

As he handed over the box he announced, “Before you open it you have to read my poem.”

“You wrote a poem?”

“It’s right on the front of the box.”

Peggy read it out loud:

Inside is something to wear in this house,

If you remove it, I’ll call you a louse.

Please wear it, my dear when you feel a chill,

Or whenever you want to give me a thrill.

When we go to our bedroom, please remove it my dear,

And when you remove it, please don’t shed a tear.

Cause when we’re in our bedroom or there in the hall,

What I want you to wear - is nothing at all!

Peggy burst out laughing. She found herself looking at him with shining eyes. “You are the most amazing man. Right now I’m dying to see what’s in this package.”

It was a beautiful, very sheer, white silky nightgown with a matching peignoir. After Peggy removed them from the box, she found a tiny pair of matching white satin slippers.

“Ken, this is simply gorgeous! I love it! Now you get out of here and go fix dinner. I’m going to slip into this and then come out to model it for you. She added, it may take me a minute, so please be patient.”

Grabbing her purse, she went into the bathroom washing away her tears. She brushed her hair until it shone. She reapplied her makeup, after which she put on the incredible nightgown. A glace in the mirror confirmed what she already suspected. It was extremely sheer. She pulled on the peignoir as she stepped into the satin slippers. She felt as if she were an English Princess!

Tiptoeing quietly into the kitchen, she stopped in the doorway watching him cook.

Seconds later, Ken sensed Peggy’s presence in the doorway. He turned. The look on his face when he saw her filled Peggy with joy. She could almost read his thoughts. If I didn’t know it before, I surely know now. This man adores me!

Ken exclaimed, “Holy mackerel! You are knockout beautiful! Ah…The gown is more sheer than I suspected when I bought it. I can see, well WOW!!!

As her glowing eyes loved him she proceeded to preen into the living room turning this way and that as if she were a model. The gown and peignoir blossomed away from her body. He stood staring, transfixed!

Finally, he found his voice, “Peggy, would you mind terribly if we postponed dinner for another hour or so?”

As he reached over to turn off the stove Peggy protested, “But Ken, I haven’t worn this outfit more than two minutes.”

“It’s very effective isn’t it?” He took her hand and they returned to the bedroom. She didn’t protest. In fact, she found herself more than anxious to begin again.

They ate dinner around 9:00 P. M. Perhaps it was a late hour to eat, but, neither seemed to mind. After they washed the dishes, their eyes locked.… There was absolutely no question as to what they wanted to do next. Holding hands, they returned to the bedroom.

Finally, Peggy knew the time had come when she had to leave. As she slipped into her car, she whispered softly, “See Ken I was right. We did manage to find something to do together without playing chess.”

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