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L e g e n d

By Nani-chan All Rights Reserved ©

Action / Romance

Prologue: The Days That Go By

 "Yuki," I only stirred around in my seat belt at the sound of my mother's voice. "Wake up, Yuki-kun." Through her second calling, i manged to open at least one eye, all I seen was her smiling face. And in a sense of humor it made me smile and chuckle in an almost giddy way. My mother's face could make anyone swoon or giddy, especially when she smiled. It was thoughtful and could brighten up a room, and if i recalled her telling me about it the first time i seen her smiling face, all i did was laugh and giggle. 
She said it confused her, but nevertheless she just laughed right along with me.  "Look, son. We're here." I caught my father's eye in the rearview mirror, he was smiling too! They we're both so excited about coming to America again, I could tell. This was their second time. Their first time was during their honeymoon, in which they traveled to Washington D.C. But that was years ago, I wasn't even thought of yet. They would always tell me Aru hi, Yuki-kun. It meant, One Day. They had been saying it since I was born, and I know they were referring to as One day I will come back to America. My parents were the traveling type. Though I never went with them when they did travel, I was always too scared to leave Tokyo. To leave our house, to leave our Shrine, and to leave Aki-chan. Before I had left she was practically crying on my shoulder, 
"How long will you be gone?" She asked tears still streaming down her face. I wanted to hold her, I wanted to tell her that it was only going to be for a week that I wouldn't make any American best friends because she was my only best friend! But I couldn't. "Yuki-kun? Don't tell me you're moving there forever?!""No!" I yelled at her. I didn't mean to, but even the slightest thought of moving to an unknown place without much knowledge made me upset. My parents wouldn't be thinking of secretly moving there without me knowing? They wouldn't do that. "So it's really only for a week..?" Aki looked up me, she had stopped crying but i couldn't read her face because her eyes held no emotion once so ever. I could tell if i were to suddenly jump up and move she would follow without hesitance. That was something i really loved about my best friend. I wouldn't be leaving her anytime soon.But if she would have expected me to stay with her in Tokyo forever.   That wasn't something I was willing to do.

 San Francisco! My parents had been telling me how they wanted to bring me here. And now that we were here, I couldn't really say too much. At least not until we arrived at our hotel and I had a chance to branch away from the grownups. However the view was defiantly pleasant.           I looked out the window and seen open grassy fields so big you could build a playground on them! And the houses were so close together. The neighbors must be best friends with each other!     When I rolled down my window, I felt the cool breeze of the wind blowing into the car. Even the air seemed cleaner, i was having so much fun with just admiring the scenery that i didn't notice when we had pulled onto the side of what looked like a museum. "We're here! The Palace Hotel." My father parked the car and turned off the engine. He looked satisfied and excited, my mother looked relived but tired. "A Palace?" I looked back at the giant building from my window then back at my parents who decided they wanted to get out the car without telling me. I swear, it was like sometimes they would just forget about me completely! If it wasn't for me slamming the car door shut after i had hopped out on my own i'm pretty sure they would have thought they were still on their honeymoon. "Come on, Yuki." My mother held her hand out to me, and i grabbed it. My father as usual was handling the luggage, for his wife and kid. I clutched onto my mother as we entered inside the building, not what i was expecting at all! I finally understood why they called it Palace Hotel.         The inside was nothing but gold and other fancy stuff, it definitely looked like something from out of a fancy American movie but it still had that hotel aura around it. We approached the front desk, a blonde haired lady appeared with a wide grin on her face. Her cheeks were so red it looked as if someone had slapped her in the face. She looked at me and my mother and smiled."Why hello there. And what's you're name?" She asked me ,I was cautious of this lady and looked up to my mother to see if it was OK to give out my government.        Mother nodded to me with a small smile and i looked back towards the lady with a smile of my own. "My name is Yuki." I told her, thank goodness for the English classes I took at school, I don't think this woman would understand a single drop of Japanese. "Kon'nichiwa? Sumimasen? Koko de sukoshi tasuke." Both me and my mother looked back to my father, who was struggling with all six bags in his hands. "I'll be right back." She said in a friendly tone to the lady behind the desk and then hurried to help my father, she didn't tell me to stay put, but I got the impression that,  that was what I was suppose to do anyway. "So- How old are you, Yuki?" I turned back to the woman, I studied her before finally saying, "I am seven. How old are you?" She seemed shocked and a little taken back by my question. But continued to smile anyway, and answered. "Really? I couldn't tell. You look younger but you speak so fluently and grownup. As for me. I'm twenty-eight and counting." Her compliment made me smile, back home everyone made fun of me because I looked younger. The kids did at least. The grownups would boost my intellect, and tell me how I was wise beyond my years. I never payed attention to any of the comments or remarks about me, but that didn't mean I couldn't hear them.
"Yuki-kun, come on now. Let's go see our room." I turned to my mother, who was waiting by the elevator with father. They had already pushed the button and was now awaiting for the silver doors to open. I had to hurry or they'd leave me, I quickly turned back to the woman,"Goodbye Mi-" My words were cut short, I stared around for a moment. Where did she go? Wasn't she just behind the desk? Did she back into her office maybe? How weird..
"Wow! Okasan, look, We have a really nice view." "Hold on Yuki, I'll be there in a moment." Why was it that as soon as we entered our cozy hotel room my parents decided to drop on our little couch. The room was bigger than I had thought it would be. Really beautiful, decorations as well. Like a mini apartment. "I got an idea. Maki why don't we all go out and get ice cream?" My father suggested beforehand that we try to eat as much foreign foods and sweets as we could. Ice cream sounded good too me, "Does ice cream here taste the same as back home?" I looked up to my father who towered over me. His hand laid gently on my head, and he smiled. "I have no idea.. So why not go try right?" I nodded, that sounded like a plan to me. "Alright than. We'll all go get some ice cream." My mother added, grabbing her purse. But on the way out the door, I had decided to bring up something that was still kind of bugging me. "Okasan?" I followed after my mother out the door and to near the elvator door. I was quick to press the button before my father, he gave me a look but i just grinned. I loved beating him at pressing the button on the elevator. "Yuki? What was it that you wanted to ask me?" My mother grabbed my hand and followed my father into the elevator, "The blonde lady at the desk. Did you see her go into her office or something?""Blonde lady? What blonde lady?" My mother looked to me with a curious raised brow, was she serious? "The lady that gave us our key to our room.." I recalled the pretty woman with a red face. But for some reason my mother didn't seem to follow along. "Honey, the lady at the desk wasn't blonde. Nor a lady. She was he. And he was a brunette." What...
"Maki!" The familiar sight of a certain ravenette beauty flown in front of our car as we pulled up to an ice cream parlor. I only seen her face three times in all my whole life. I knew her mostly as my godmother, since she was my mother's best friend. "Hana!" My mother just as excited as her friend, quickly got out of the car and made her way to the other. They embraced tightly, smiling and laughing. It made me a bit happy. Mother was happy and the enegry was postitive,"Is that little Yuki in the back?" Her light brown eyes, instantly locked straight onto my brown ones. i smiled even more and joined my mother and Hana outside of the vehicle. "Hello." I said through one of her bear hugs."So will you be joining us for ice cream than, Hana?" My father stepped onto the sidewalk by our little group, a cigarette perched between his lips. My mother swiftly snatched the cancer-causing drug from his mouth and threw it too the ground, "Yes she will." Mother said while stompong on to the bud with teh ball of her boot."It's nice too see you again as well, Anju." Hana only laughed at my father's annoyance. She had been with the two since primary school which was probably why my father wasn't so fond of her now.
"So how's the ice cream Yuki? I been suggesting this place to your parents for years." Hana smiled through big scoops of strawberry ice cream. I was right! The ice cream here tasted way different than it did back home. It was sweet and soft."I rate it five stars!" I said loudly."Same." My mother and father both agreed with my opinion. Hanako definitely knew her stuff when it came to sweets."Well should we grab our softy's and go for a drive around the town. Maybe a little shopping?"  I stared at my mother who's eyes were sparkling now. My mother loved to shop, which was unfortunate because it was my dad who was always buying her things. I sneaked a peek over at him, he was slightly shaking his head. I tried not laugh. Adults were truly funny."I can't wait till I get older and become an adult.".....As soon I stepped outside, I felt it again. That free feeling. The cool breeze. I looked up towards the sky, it was so big and clear. It was beautiful, all I could do was smile. The streets the buildings they all started spinning, until my vision stopped hastily on a man. Posing with a sword clutched in his hands. I hadn't seen this statue when we first pulled up. But then again i had been distracted by Hana's appearance on the scene.  Now that I was sable to focus and breathe and look at my surroundings more closely the statue stood out more than anything to me. My feet instantly started moving on their own, as i made my way over to the rusty bronze. "Legend?" I read out loud."The worlds greatest hero!"I turned around surprised by the sudden voice that had made it's way behind me. A man stood tall and proud intrigued by my presence as much i was by his. He had long gray hair and pale skin and his green eyes stood out, he wore a black suit. Maybe he was someone famous or important? I almost didn't even notice the woman on his arm. She was extremely beautiful. But not compared to my mother, her skin was the color of milk chocolate and she had soft light brown eyes that were slightly covered by her shoulder-length brown hair hair. She was his lover. The product of these two people, was small but she looked no older than me. Her skin was a light caramel color and she had shoulder-length light brown hair like her mother, and hazel green eyes that somehow matched the man's. She was also beautiful, and looked no older than me. "That man is Legend. The worlds savior. Not like God. But very superior." The man spoke slowly, and bore a small grin."Superman got nothing on him!" The tiny girl in between the pair spoke out bravely, she stared at me with a smile that was innocent and a good feature. "Story says that one day his decedent will return. A seventh son. He'll return and save us from Them, once more." The woman spoke with a clear Australian accent. She looked towards the man who's gaze was steady studying me. I was so lost and caught up in what was going that I didn't even noticed  my three parents stride up at my side. "Yuki-kun.." My mother bent to my level, i looked in her eyes and seen concern. I didn't mean to worry her, but she faintly smiled at me and I knew everything was okay. "We're so sorry. I hope he wasn't disturbing you." My father bowed to the tiny interracial family, but was waved off slightly. "He was just curious. There's nothing better than a child that's curious about the world and it's people." The man nodded to my father, who nodded back with a nervous smile. "Well then we'll be on our way.." Hana said through the awkwardness, she and my mother had grabbed each of my hands and my father had hurried in front of us to the car, just as we me, Hana, and mother were also heading back to the car the man called out to me. "One day. Legend will be reborn. And he will save us. One day." He said and turned with his own family, his woman and child both waving good bye to me as they turned and headed the opposite direction. One day huh."One day, I think i'll move here."
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1. Prologue: The Days That Go By
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