Eternal Soul

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Kai Crowman, a normal boy on the outside, and abused child on the inside. Kai has only one wish, to be free from his father. He runs away to a college right after graduating. His mother, who left his dad over six years ago, moves close to the college to make sure Kai is safe. But when Kai gets hit with a bad infection from a wound his dad gave him, he is left alone in the world. But then he meets a friend that helps him through all of it. But they grow closer and something happened that made them more than friends, But Kai's father finds out and Kai and his friend disappear for months. Left searching his mother is worried Kai's gonna never recover from this. Will he be safe? Can Kai and his lover get out of what happened to them?

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

I heard my name called on the stage, it was my turn to get my diploma. I walked up to the teacher, I looked out into the audience. I sighed a sigh of relief when I only saw my mom and step-dad cheering me on.

I was the last to get my diploma, I walked down to my mom and step-dad. They ran up to me and hugged me tight, "Congrats, Kai." My mom said, hugging me tight. My step-dad handed me my keys. "Don't worry honey, your father doesn't know he got drugged last night and won't wake up for awhile. You stuff was shipped to you college." My step-dad said as I took the keys.

"You gonna stay the night with us then tomorrow your flight will leave." My mom said, as we walked to our cars. I nodded, removing my cap and gown revealing bruises and knife stabs. "Did your dad do this to you." My mom said, slipping a coat over my T-shirt.

"Yeah, he's gotten worse since you left." I said, hugging my mom and getting in the car. "See you at home bud," My step-dad said, patting the door. I saw him walk away and I drove to their house a u-haul sat in the driveway.

I laid my head on the steering wheel, I flinched when someone knocked on my window. It was my grandma, who lived with my mom. I got out and hugged her, "I saw you flinch, it's your dad your running from isn't it?" She asked running her hand down my face.

I nodded, "Well come in the house. I made cookies." She said, as I helped her walk to the house. I helped her up the steps, "I am so glad to be moving closer to you at college. I hate not being in your life." She said, as she grabbed a tray of cookies and handed them to me.

"Well since you're here came you help me pack up my room. It's the last room left to pack." She said, her glazed eyes looking at through her glasses. "Yeah lets do that." I said, as we walked to her room.

I got to work and started by wrapping up all her glass things and asking her is she wanted to keep it or not. I finished her small things and was moving onto her taking apart her dresser and closet.

"We're here!" I heard my Step-dad yell, I walked into the kitchen my grandma not far behind. "Can you go unload some of the bags from the car?" My mom asked me, as she carried in bags of groceries. I ran out to the car and unloaded some of the bags.

As I went into the house I heard screeching tires outside. I stopped and started shaking. "Honey it's just the neighbors." My mom said rubbing my shoulder. I nodded then set the bags down.

I went back and finished up my grandma's room. I can out when dinner was done. "Wow, did you finish my room dear?" My grandma said, as she rocked her rocking chair back and forth. I nodded, "Kai, grandma. Come sit for dinner." My step-dad said, as he finished setting the table.

I sat down, "Looks good mom." I said, meekly checking the door every ten seconds. "It's ok. I never told him where I live and never will." She said, grabbing my hand. I was just so scarred, I had lived my life in fear. I ate my dinner then headed to bed, I actually had a bed at my moms house.

I laid down and passed out really quickly. Lucky for me, my mom was my alarm. "Kai, Kai. Time to get up our flight is leaving in four hours." I heard my mom say, I jumped up and stared at her. I sighed, "I'll get ready." I said, throwing on a shirt and pants. I looked in the mirror my brown hair was waving down past my ear.

I clicked in my earing from my bag. I walked out of my empty room. All the stuff I loved I kept here and mom had it sent to the college dorm for me. I walked into the living room.

"Bye, sweetie." My grandma said, giving me a big hug. My step-dad hugged me as well. "I thought you were going with us?" I said, He shook his head. "No I'm gonna finish packing the house and then head that way with grandma." He said, patting me on the shoulder.

"Have fun you two!" My mom said, as we loaded the rental car. I sighed looking around the neighborhood. "Aren't you gonna miss this place?" I asked my mom as I climbed into the passenger seat of the car.

"Not really. I'm gonna be happy when your free from your father. I set a court date to win custody." She said, as we pulled out of the driveway. I was only seventeen at this time, I should have gotten a say in who I wanted to live with.

I watched out the window as we sped down the highway to the airport. We arrived and turned in the rental car and got our tickets. We went through security and stuff, then we sat at the gate for a long time. I stared at my phone, then I decided. I went into my contacts and blocked my dad from texting me.

My mom leaned over and saw what I did. "That's a step in the right direction." She said, rubbing my back. "I think I get a therapy person when I get there, so I can get it all off my shoulders and heal from it." I said, searching up therapists near my college dorm.

My mom nodded and laid her head on my shoulder, "You shouldn't have went through all of this. It was my fault when I didn't take you with me when i left." She said, her eyes filled with tears. "It wasn't your fault mom, he's just that way. Nothing will change him." I said, slipping my phone in my pocket.

The first group was called, we went to the gate and went to our seats. It was a short one hour trip, I leaned back in my seat as people filed into the plane.

Today was the start of a new life, I was gonna make friends and forget about my past. I stared out the window at the country we flew over.

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