Esperanza: When the Blue meets the Hazel

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Chapter 16


Those past days were tough for me. I was pretty busy with work. I was the whole time between my company, Philip’s company, and my home office. Carla and I didn’t talk much. She wanted some space and didn’t want to talk to me and I didn’t blame her for that. I didn’t want to talk to her either. I didn’t want to go through a lot of questions that had to be answered. I didn’t feel myself ready to tell her what was going on in my life; how I felt those days, why I felt so, and so on and so forth.

It wasn’t something easy to handle. It wasn’t something easy to confess to my wife. I was really torn between telling her the truth or keep it a secret. I would never give her the name of my “mistress”, if I had to tell her about my affair. Otherwise, she would get really mad at us and try to get in touch Amy. I wouldn’t let that happen to Amy. I didn’t want anyone to hurt her.

I needed to protect her no matter what happened. I was waiting for Amy to come back to my villa as it was agreed before she left with her mother to spend for some days in a hotel. Summer is coming to an end and a few days were left.

That morning, I came back from work. It was late afternoon. I found Mrs. Douglas, who informed me that my wife left for the airport. I was quite surprised because Carla didn’t inform me about it, so when I asked Mrs. Douglas why, she handed me a note. She told me that Carla told her to give that to me. I thanked her, opened the note quickly and headed to my office.

She informed me that she was going to Paris for business. She will be back in one week, that she would try to visit our son George if she had time. The first thing I thought about was one week without my wife. One week to do whatever I wanted. I felt myself free and careless. Jason is no longer here, he went back to campus. Only Lisa and I were going to be home, and Amy was coming soon, maybe tomorrow because her mother was going back to Phoenix.

I decided to work for about an hour on some files then decide what to do in the evening. I was planning to call Amy later. I knew from Lisa that they were going to meet that afternoon. I couldn’t call her now, so I finished working on some files till seven in the evening. Mrs. Douglas came to inform me that she was leaving when Lisa came to check up on me in my office and seemed to me that she was searching for her mother.

- “Have you seen mom? I called her many times but her cellphone is off !” she said worried.

- “Your mother went on a business trip to France. She’s fine. We will try to call her later to check up on her.” I informed her.

- “Okay. Did she say when she comes back?”

- “After a week. She said maybe she would visit George if she had some free time.”

- “I missed him !” She confessed, a glimmer of nostalgia in her eyes.

- “Missed him, too. How are you feeling today, honey?”

- “I am fine dad. What about you?” She asked, concern in her voice.

- “I am fine, I got to a lot of work to do as usual. Did you have dinner?”

- “Actually, I am going out with .... with some friends tonight dad.”

- “You mean with your boyfriend?” I raised my eyebrow at her.

- “I ... I haven’t said that !” Quite surprised, she was by my question.

I knew that my daughter was dating someone for a few weeks now. After what happened to her the other day, I tried to speak with her and tell her that what she was doing was wrong. I told her about the consequences of drinking too much and that she had to take care of herself despite her problems with her boyfriend. I was really worried about her and I couldn’t tell her to break up with him, because I was sure she wouldn’t do it. I barely knew the guy. We met a few times in business meetings. He worked for Johnson Inc as a financial consultant. He seemed to be a nice guy. I had to keep an eye on her though. She was still young and vulnerable.

- “Okay, go but don’t come back at a late hour. You have to be here before midnight!” I insisted on the word “midnight”.

- “I am not Cinderella dad!” She complained.

- “ It’s up to you Lisa, midnight or staying home!” I teased her.

- “Okay ... okay ... don’t have the choice, obviously!” She shrugged.

She was about to leave when she remembered something she forgot to mention.

- “By the way! Can Amy come to spend the night here ?”

- “Amy !” I said surprised. I didn’t know that she was coming. I thought she would come tomorrow because her mother was leaving tomorrow. I had to hide my enthusiasm and recollect my thoughts, so I added in a neutral voice

- “Of course, she can. Has her mother already left Santa Barbara?”

- “Not yet, actually. I will tell her to come, but I guess she will come around here at eight, I guess. Anyway, thank you dad. ”

- “Okay. Have a nice evening, sweetheart and don’t forget before midnight !” I reminded her.

- “Yes, dad!”

She waved goodbye to me then left. So Amy was coming to spend the night here, in my house. Well, that was interesting to know. The question now was why was she coming to spend the night in my house and her mother hasn’t left Santa Barbara yet?

What was happening? I needed to know what was going on between them. She seemed fine this morning when we met in Philip’s company.

Despite my concern, I was happy because we were going to be alone. We have till midnight. Lisa was out and Carla was on a trip. As for Jason, he wasn’t home anymore, and Mrs. Douglas, she just left. I made sure that Lisa has left the house, then I called Amy.

- “Hey Amy!”

- “Hello Marvin!”

- “How are you doing?”

- “I’m fine thanks. And you?”

- “Good. Lisa told me you’re coming back to my house tonight!”

- “Yes, actually I am on my way. Is there a problem or something? I know I should have asked you first, but I had ... ” I stopped her right away.

- “Oh no, not at all. You are always welcome, Amy. You should know that by now. I just called to let you know that I am home. I am waiting for you. See you later”.

- “Se you later, Marvin”.

I hung up the phone and headed directly to my bedroom to change my outfit. I decided to put on a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, a casual outfit. After about fifteen minutes, the door bell rang. I went downstairs and there she was. She was so beautiful wearing a mini white cotton dress. She came in, carrying a small suitcase, smiled at me and I could tell she was as happy as I was when she saw me.

- “You brought your suitcase with you?” I asked.

- “I hope you don’t mind. I had to leave the hotel!”

- “Is everything alright?”

- “Yes, yes, nothing to worry about. It’s just that my step-father came.” she said confused as if she didn’t expect him to come back to Santa Barbara, then added “I wanted to give them some space.” She rubbed the back of her neck in embrrassment.

- “Yes, you’re right. So now I guess you are going to be here until you ...”

- “Yes, until I come back to campus.” She explained.

- “I missed you!” I said getting closer to her, and held her arm.

- “Marvin! Stop it!” she tried to hide her hand behind her.

- “What ! We’re alone ! Don’t worry Amy!“ I reached out for her arm again, then approached her and wrapped her into a tight hug her. I missed her perfume and the touch of my skin on hers. I felt her body stiffen somehow under my arms, so I looked back at her to notice that she was looking around the house expecting someone else to appear.

- “Don’t worry Amy! We’re alone, I swear. Carla is in Europe. Lisa went out for dinner with her boyfriend. Jason left few days ago to campus. We’re alone baby. So you don’t have to worry. Believe me, alright?”

I explained everything to her when she sighed out of relief, and smiled to me.

- “Perfect! I missed you, too.” As soon as she finished her sentence, she jumped on me, making me grab her by the waist and wrap her in a tight hug, before we started kissing.

I felt that she missed me a lot and missed my way of taking care of her. I let her down, still holding her by the waist as I introduced my mouth between her lips, searching for mine to meet hers. She released a soft moan and placed both hands to grab my face closer to her, enjoying the way I was kissing her. I let my left hand around her lovely slim and supple waist grabbing her still tight, while I released my right hand to explore slightly a higher zone of her feminine body that I like very much. I gently touched her skin above her nude microfiber bra, and let my fingers seek a way towards her right breast. As I reached her hardened rosy nipples, I started to apply soft and gentle regular circles around with my thumb, to finally allow my mouth get hold of her firm, entire petite breast first, then start to suck it on a slow and regular pitch.

A stupid idea popped out in my head as I didn’t know what we were about to do after what happened the other night, now that I really wanted to fuck her again. I didn’t want to go further unless she asked me to, but at the same time I didn’t want to stop. She was so needy of my kisses and touches as she kept moaning while I sucked her nipple and bring my left hand towards her lower body part through her dress, to touch the silky fabric of her panties as to find a way to her intimate part before starting to finger her.

- “ You’re so wet baby ... always responsive to me. I like that ” I moaned

- “ Marvin .... please don’t stop ” she begged, her eyes half-closed.

- “You can’t imagine how much I want you Amy. I want to make love to you in every single part of my house !”

She grabbed a loose strand of my hair, with a firm hand, as her body was synchonized to the way my finger was introduced into her, up and down, on a slightly quick and regular tempo.

- “ Oh yeah I like that ...”

I released my finger from her lower part and grabbed her again by the waist, still kissing her as I reached the hot skin of her graceful neck. She opened her eyes, surprised by my move.

- “ Where are you taking me? ”

- “ First to my office ”

- “My suitcase ! I have to put it in the guest room first !”

- “Leave it there, no one is coming tonight. We’ll take care of it later. Now time for sex !” She chuckled when I said “time for sex”.

- “You’re sooo crazy ! You know that !” She smiled to me, her index finger on my passionate swollen lips.

- “You make me crazy, baby!”

I decided to fuck her first, in my office. I have always dreamt of doing that. That night we did it four times. And Hell yes ! by the third time I was so tired, but I chased out the idea of not going for another round. The full house empty for both of us is not happening for so soon, probably never again. We had to enjoy spending time together no matter what it takes.

Each time we had sex was in one place of the house. The first time was in my office on my desk. The second time in her guest room. The third time was in her bathroom and the fourth time was the best. It was in the swimming pool, and this time it was her idea.

It must be ten o’clock. She ordered me to go to the swimming pool while she was preparing herself to wear her red bikini. The one I liked so damn much. That night, when she came by the pool she was wearing another bikini. Sexier than the reddish one. It was black and I must say that she looked hotter wearing that one.

I was swimming near the corner of the pool. When I saw her I stopped and put my arms on the counter keeping my whole body, except my head, in the water. She came slowly with a flirtatious smile lifting the corners of her small mouth. The lights of the house were off except the ones of the living room and the swimming pool. I was swimming gently waiting for her to make a move. She got near the pool, kneeled and put her arm into the water.

- “Come on baby ! I’m all alone in here ! Don’t make me wait for you longer or I will come and catch you!” I warned her, which made her smile.

- “Wait ! I am coming! You need to be patient ” She finally said.

What was she doing ? She was standing still and I think I got what she was about to do when she started to undress herself in a provocative way through a strip dance. I was being offered a strip dance in front of my pool. I couldn’t wish for more. She was the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen. She was swaying her body so naturally. Her steps were so delicate and sensual. Her right hand was touching her body softly while the other one was in her sandy hair.

I was swimming in the pool enjoying the show. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I bit my lip and I was waiting for her to make a further move to be here with me in the pool.

Amy was dancing gently and started to undress herself, first she started with the top of her bikini that she threw over me and I caught it, and for that she received cheering from me as a way to encourage her to go on with the show. I wanted to see more.

She laughed and nodded in agreement. I decided to reach over the other side of the pool to try to grab her by the leg, but she stepped back smiling teasingly

- “Wait ... I haven’t finished yet!”

- “You make me crazy, come here right now, Amy ! Don’t make me wait for you any longer ! You’re killing me !”

She didn’t reply. She just looked at me then undressed the other part of her bikini. I must say I was more than excited at that moment. She made me feel so hard and I wanted to fuck her right now. She then jumped into the water and I turned back and caught her when she rose up toward the surface to finally pull her toward my wet chest. She looked at me as she was naked in my arms.

I couldn’t wait any longer as I crashed my mouth onto hers and started to kiss her immediately, lust pouring inside of me. I swam slowly until we reached the other counter of the pool. Her hands were grabbed in my wet unruly hair as I placed her in front of the counter and turned to be in front her.

I liked when I get a step back and see how she reacted to when I stopped kissing her for a short moment. I liked to tease her making her longing for another kiss, then I would come closer and lick her upper lip, then her luscious lower lip before kissing her again.

- “Love me Marvin!” she realeased silent moans.

- “I want to fuck you Amy ! I want so bad”

- “So do I !”

I came closer toward her without taking my eyes off her and her off mine. I felt that she was thinking about what I shall do to her as if she was getting herself prepared to welcome my erection into her. I went down to her neck, then reached her collarbone to let my nose dive all over it gently smelling her fruity perfume, then I began to bite tiny parts of the area in a very smooth manner, making her grab my hair tighter. I liked to smell the taste of water on her wet skin, so sensual as it seems. I wish that moment didn’t come to an end.

She was searching for my lips to kiss. She needed to feel me, to feel my tongue into her mouth. She needed to taste my kiss. I could feel it from the way she was holding me. I couldn’t wait longer as I needed to feel her inside of me.

That night was different from yesterday evening. I felt that she opened up herself more to me. I felt that she was secure with me, that she trusted me.

I spread her legs and thrusted myself into her making her slightly jump as she welcomed my erection, right away and started to moan louder once I got to slightly quicken my moves into her, enjoying every single moment, how she surrendered herself to me.

We were making love in the pool, just the two of us in the blue water beneath a nightly sky. I explored her body again and I devoured every inch of it, consuming her through passionate kisses on her neck and collarbone. Other times, I was tempted by holding her tightly toward me every time my hands were on her slim waist. Each time I reached that part, I feel that she surrendered herself to me as if she had no longer a control all over herself. It was her manner of telling me that she belonged thoroughly to me. I was so proud of myself for satisfying her in every possible way.

That night, while I was making love to her, I didn’t realize what I was about to tell her. I didn’t plan to say such things, nor did I even know that I could feel that way for her.

I didn’t expect something like that to happen to the man, I thought I knew, but actually having Amy in my life had changed a lot of things in me.

She was a new glimmer of hope, for another taste of life that had me to open up myself toward someone, a woman. A new woman in my life.

“I ... love ... you” the words slipped from my mouth unexpectedly.

I didn’t control myself, didn’t control what I have just told her.

How could I? She bewitched my soul. Her eyes were glimmering with tears when I revealed what I felt for her. I didn’t realize that she would react in that way. We stopped for a short moment.

We didn’t take our eyes off each other when she said,

“I love you too Marvin.”

We had little time to clean up the mess in my office before Lisa came back home. I let Amy go to shower and prepare herself to sleep while I went to shower quickly and tidy up my office.

Everything was set. I came back to see her before going upstairs to my bedroom. We kissed passionately then wished her sweet dreams.

I, then, headed to my bedroom, reached the big hall when I saw lights in the yard in front of my house. It was Lisa’s car. I was relieved she came back before midnight. I went upstairs leaving her the time to come into the house.

Tonight was a real feast: we fucked for four hours in four different places. I was really exhausted and needed to rest.

But I still missed her and wanted to smell the natural perfume of her skin. I missed it already.

When I lay on my bed, I couldn’t stop smiling, thinking again at the nice moments we’ve spent so far.

I was absorbed in thought when I remembered that I had to call Carla to check up on her. I grabbed my cellphone from the bed and dialed her number. There were about nine hours of jet lag between Santa Barbara and Paris, which meant that it was around nine in the morning there. So she should be awake.

It rang, but nobody responded so I decided to leave her a voice message just to tell her that I was just checking up on her and I was waiting for her to call me back as soon as she got my message. After calling Carla, I put my head on the pillow and doze off.

The next morning when I woke up, my first thoughts were driven to Amy, which made me happy. Only a few minutes and we would meet downstairs. She must be having breakfast with Lisa. I jumped out of my bed, headed to the bathroom to take a speedy shower to later get dressed up.
When I went downstairs, I heard voices coming from the living room. I reached the room when I found Mona and Jim Carlson, baby Lily in his hands, speaking with Lisa and Amy.

- “Good morning everyone !” I said.

- “Good morning Mr. Richardson !” the Carlson said.

They stood up and shook hands before Mona said,

“We came here to say goodbye to Amy. She didn’t want to come with us to the airport because she hates saying goodbye there. ”

I smiled at Mrs. Carlson, then said “We would have loved to have you with us here, but we decided that it was better for you to spend some time together.”

- “Thank you so much Mr. Richardson. Thank your wife on my behalf. You’ve done a lot for my daughter.”

- “ Don’t ever mention it again. Amy is .... now a member of our family. Isn’t it Lisa?”.

- “Yeah, sure dad”

- “So what time is your flight?”

- “Ten o’clock. We should be going to the airport.” She turned to her daughter, then said “take good care of yourself baby and please go to the medical center as you promised me.”

- “Do not worry about that Mrs. Carlson, we’ll look after her. Right Lisa?” I turned to my daughter and winked at her.

- “Yes, dad. Will do, as for you Amy, stop being so stubborn !”

Mona and Lisa both winked at Amy, who shrugged in defeat before chuckling and nodding in agreement. I looked at Jim Carlson and didn’t like the way he was looking at Amy. He had an intimidating way to look at her and I noticed as well that she tried her best not to look at his direction or even at him. I started to suspect something going on between the two of them.

Why was Amy trying to avoid him? What did happen in the past between her and her step-father?

Hope nothing bad.

We were speaking when Mrs. Douglas interrupted us

“Mr. Richardson, you have a visitor. It’s Mr. Johnson!” She announced before leaving the room.

- “Philip is here! Let him in!”

Philip came as we agreed yesterday. We had to work together at my office then we were going to my company for a business meeting at eleven o’clock that morning.

When Philip came in the living room, everyone greeted him. I noticed how Mona Carlson and my friend Philip exchanged glances. This time I was pretty sure that they have known each other before. Mona seemed uncomfortable and kept looking at her daughter while Amy was looking back at her, trying to decode the look in her eyes. Philip stood next to Lisa and engaged himself into a conversation with my daughter as a way to avoid Mona's glances.

It was pretty weird. There was something going on behind my back and I had to find it out. The sooner, the better.

- “Okay, Amy. We got to be going now, baby.” She said to her daughter, then hugged her trying to pull herself together in order not to shed a tear.

- “Take care mom, and thank you for coming to visit me here !”

- “Try to come to Phoenix whenever you have time.” She insisted.

- “I'll try my best !”

- “Yes Amy, do come and visit us.” Jim said.

- “I will try. I love you mom”

Amy hugged her mother tightly, then approached her mother to take her baby sister in her arms. Lily was in Jim Carlson’s arms. I felt she was uncomfortable when she came closer to her step-father. I was scrutinizing every single detail of that scene. He looked at her and gave her the baby. She took her sister into her arms without looking at him, then kissed her forehead. The baby smiled at her and grabbed one loose strand of her hair into her tiny hand.

I liked to look at her spending that special moment with her family. Lisa came closer to Amy and held her arm in a tender gesture. Philip didn’t take his eyes off Amy and her mother. He sometimes looked at Jim Carlson.

It was the last time Amy saw her mother and her sister that period of the year. It was very hard for her. She had to take care of herself. She was just twenty years-old. Still too young to handle life by her own, but I was here in her life. I needed to take care of her.

After the Carlson family left, Philip and I headed to my office. I asked Mrs. Douglas to prepare my breakfast and asked Philip if he wanted to drink coffee or something else. He agreed to have just coffee with me. We came into my office. The first thought which came to my mind when we stepped into the room was seeing her naked on that desk, where I was about to work in a few minutes.

I still remember how she looked on it, naked with her legs spread and me into her. I still remember how she swayed her body, how she was kissing me and caressing my torso while we were making love yesterday.

Now, it was time for business work. I thought.

I had to get rid of that pleasant thought. I sat on my desk while Philip sat on the chair by the desk.

Still the image of her naked body on my mind. I tried not to think of her on that desk. I tried not to remember how she looked yesterday in my arms, how she begged me to kiss her again and how she enjoyed me fucking her.

It was really hard to focus. Yes so hard that I couldn’t focus at all.

Philip had just started speaking about business and I couldn’t even focus on what he was just saying. I was hearing the words without really listening to what he was just telling me. I decided to hold our meeting in another place of my house. I stood up suddenly, which made him feel surprised.

- “What about going by the pool and work outdoor! I don’t feel like working in here !”

- “Okay .... I don’t mind. Are you okay Marvin? You seem thoughtful!” He asked, concerned.

- “I am fine ... I am fine ! Let’s go !” I lied.

- “By the way, where is Carla ? I haven’t seen her around.”

- “Carla went on a business trip to Paris yesterday. She will come back next week!”

- “ So she won’t come to the party !”

- “Ah yes your party ! is it this week?”

- “Yes, it is this week. Don’t tell me you forgot about it?” He seemed to be slightly offended.

- “No, no, it just that I thought it was for next week. Can you remind me which day?”

- “Marvin ! you forgot about it, don’t you!”

- “Okay, kind of ! Sorry, man !”

- “It is after tomorrow. Starting at eight in the evening. Will Lisa come with you?”

- “Yes, Lisa will come with me,and ... Amy!”

- “Amy!” he said surprised. Actually, I did it on purpose to check how he would react to that.

- “You don’t remember her, the girl who came to see Felix the other day. She was standing with all of us earlier in the living room. Amy, Lisa's friend.”

- “Ah yes, I remember now. Amy Morgan. ”

- “Yeah that’s her. I guess you don’t mind that I invited her as well. Lisa wanted her to come, too.”

- “Of course not. The more, the merrier!” a weak smile filled up the corners of his mouth.

I was wondering why he was behaving that way. Did he know Mona Carlson ? and what about Amy?

He seemed to me that he wanted to know more about her, but he wouldn’t dare to ask me questions about my daughter’s friend.

Philip was hiding something from me. We came by the pool, then approached a corner far from the sun rays. By this time, the girls must have left and must have gotten off to work. We started to work and discuss some points when I looked at the pool.

The pool where Amy and I had sex last night.

That morning was really hard for my mind to embrace concentration. Every place reminded me of all the sex we had yesterday evening.

I stood up another time and changed seat as to look toward the garden and not at the pool.

Funny as it seemed to me, but a little creative, somehow, as it was the only way I found to focus on my work.

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