Esperanza: When the Blue meets the Hazel

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Chapter 18


That night after Amy and I came back home, I went upstairs to shower and watch the news. I checked up my cellphone and found no calls from Carla so I felt worried and needed to check up on her. I dialed her number again and waited for her to pick up the phone ... and there on the fourth time her phone rang, she picked it up. I could hear a little noise all around, and it seemed to me she was busy at work, as usual.

- “Hello Marvin!”

- “Hi Carla ! I just wanted to check up on you since you didn’t call me back. Anyway, how’s Paris?”

- “Actually, I didn’t have much time. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but I really am very busy with clients and I’m trying my best to keep it up. It is rainy in here. How’s the weather there? !”

- “ Oh here it is a little frisky, but the weather is cool.”

- “Good to know about that. So how’s Lisa? ”
- “She is fine, you don’t have to worry about her. Her friend Amy came back at home after her mother went back to Phoenix.”

- “Great ! I like this girl, she’s sweet.” She paused and I could listen to someone else asking her about something in French,

- “Should I call you back later?” I asked.

- ” It’s fine, I can speak. Just give me a moment, Marvin” She explained. She spoke a few words in French, and I think she asked for a moment because she received an important call or something.

- “I’m back. So you were saying ...” Carla spoke again on the line.

- “ I was just telling you about Lisa and A-Amy ..”

- “ Yeah, it is good to know that everything is fine. I should have called you before setting off, Marvin. I didn’t want to bother you.” Her voice was somehow awkward.

I didn’t want to bother you ! Why was she telling me This?

- “Don’t say that ! You don’t bother me ! You can’t be serious Carla, you know you can call me anytime, right?!”

- “Yeah ... of course, I know. I called Lisa the other day and she told me if I could manage to see George. So I told her that we’d be meeting in a few days before I come back home.”

- “Great! I haven’t called George for a while. Hope he’s doing great in France.”

- “He is. He is having a nice time and he speaks French now, better than me.” We checkled on the line, then she added “He is coming with a few friends to Paris, so I will let you know when we meet.” She informed me.

- “Okay ! By the way, when will you be back home?” I asked her.

- “I should come back next week. I still have a lot of work to do here with French clients. So I need to finish it before coming back home and it is going to take more days than I planned.”

- “I see. Good luck with your work. I just thought that you were going to come with me to Philip and Lauren’s party.”

- “Oh crap! I totally forgot about it. I thought it was going to be for next week, but I was mistaken. Anyway, just tell them that I am abroad.”

- “Don’t worry about it. I’ve already told Philip about that.”

- “Good. Will you go alone?”

- “No, I am going with Lisa and I invited her friend Amy, so she can join us to the party.”

- “Yes, good idea. It’s an occasion for the girls to have fun and meet new people.”

- “Yes, this is what I thought as well”

- “I got to go now Marvin ! I got to be back to work! I will call you soon, okay?”

- “Okay, Carla. Take good care of yourself !”

- “Thanks. Take care. Bye.”

I was relieved to know that she was alright. After all, I had to check up on her. Even if I was feeling that I don’t love her anymore, I still cared about her.

After watching the news on T.V, I decided to go on the balcony and gaze at the stars through the telescope. That night, the sky was filled with so many stars scattered all along the space.

While I was contemplating the stars, I was thinking back about what just happened few hours ago on Esperanza, what Amy and I were doing up there, how we were spending the evening together, what she was telling me while I was holding her in my arms, and how I was looking at her the whole time she was next to me.

I couldn’t get rid of those thoughts. Those thoughts of her, of her face, of her kisses, of her hands, of her body that were becoming more and more inscribed into my mind.

I felt that I was becoming weaker each time she was around. I started to succumb to her charm, if not already had I been through it. I started to feel that each time she was far from me, I missed her much and needed her presence.

I knew perfectly what was happening to me. Yes, I knew that state of being. It made me feel happy yet very anxious. I was falling for her, because I was most of the time thinking about her.

I wasn’t prepared to fall in love with her. I didn’t expect that I could feel such feelings for another woman, other than my wife. I couldn’t expect myself falling for a girl of my daughter’s age. I couldn’t believe that such a thing could happen to me at my late forties.

How is that even possible? Could it be fate?

I thought that my life was already set, overly planned. I didn’t expect that my life would change all of a sudden ... that Amy could change it during a short period of time.

It’s been less than a month that I’ve known this young woman. And now look at what happened to me after almost three weeks. Look at how things turned to be. Look at how all started with just exchanged glances to simple conversations, then to seduction, then to start to feel a certain need to see her again, with a desire to meet her ... to finally kiss her and have an affair with her.

I was having an affair with this young woman, whose charm was unbelievably mesmerizing. That was the truth.

I was having an affair with my daughter’s friend who just came to spend about one month in my house.

I was having an affair for the first time in my life provided that I have never ever cheated on my wife before that day.

I was having an affair and I couldn’t figure out how all of this started, why it followed such direction, and why it happened to me ... to us. Did it happen for a particular reason?

I was having an affair and I couldn’t figure out why each time I was with Amy, I didn’t think of my wife, as if she never existed in my life.

I was having an affair and I needed to grasp the meaning of this relationship that Amy and I were having. I was having an affair and I was not believing what I was living at that period of my life with that young woman ... how could a twenty years-old woman get hold of me so easily, effortlessly, I couldn’t find any plausible explanations to any of my thoughts.

I meditated on those theories to trying to understand what was happening inside of me, of my heart. A heart which started to beat again for a woman ... a special woman because of desire, love and hope.

Yet I am married. I am married to a woman that I liked so much in my past and we got married at a young age. It was true that Carla and I were, somehow, obliged to marry each other because our respective fathers worked together and had business assets to share. I remember that I liked this woman and with whom I got three adorable children. I still remember that period of my life that I shared with Carla. It is true that we went through a lot of ups and downs together, but we were happy. We were happy ... until Amy came into my life ... until she appeared and made me forget about my wife, my life, my children and myself.

Wasn’t it overwhelming?

Wasn’t it too much?

Amy had a control over me. I always feel myself driven to her each time she was around, and being with her made me question myself and all the things that I have been through in my life. I liked Carla. I thought I loved her, but I never did, actually.

It wasn’t love, it was physical attraction, which after we got married turned into affection, but it wasn’t love and never was. At least, from my part.

Now when I remember how I used to be with Carla when we got married, Idon’t feel it was the same as it is now with Amy. I wasn’t feeling myself passionate about making love to her or missing her all the time or in need of her kisses.

I remember that I was attracted to her, which led to having sex with her so many times. I am a control freak and liked to do things the way I want. Carla was always trying to do the things the way I want. With Amy things were very different.

Amy was kind of intimidating to me, sometimes. She accepted to do whatever I want, that is true, but other times she didn’t. She liked to impose her rules too.

Carla was the kind of person that always tried to find a compromise to make me feel happy and satisfied. Amy wasn’t that kind of person.

This was what I liked about her the most. I couldn’t reach the core of her heart, and probably never will.

I wanted to know a lot about her, but she doesn’t let me in. She let me in, each time she wanted it, making me feel happy, and at the same time a bit frustrated, making me to know more about her.

Why did I choose to cheat on my wife? I didn’t mean to hurt her, not at all. I didn’t want to fall in love with someone else. I never planned so, but it did happen to me.

Amy came into my life and I couldn’t let her go off my way.


The reason was very simple: that woman was special.

For me, she was. I desired her so much that I couldn’t get rid of this thought: I wanted to fuck her so often.

I desired her so much that I was waiting for the right moment to kiss her because this is what I wanted. I wanted to kiss her, to kiss her lips, to taste her tongue in my mouth, to be into her, feel her from within. I desired her so much that I couldn’t control my impulsions anymore. And all I could do, during that time, was to go and fuck my own wife, as a way to imagine myself fucking Amy Morgan. Try at least to make this dream come true.

And after a while, it came true.

I desired her so much because she was making me feel happy each time she smiled back at me, each time we touched, each time we kissed, each time I look at her thin body, each time I plunge into her hazel eyes, and each time I hide part of my face into her long sandy hair.

I desired her so much because there was a feeling that any kind of man cannot manage to escape from it; it was a feeling that happened when we expect it the least to come into our lives; it was a feeling that doesn’t wait for us to welcome it into our lives, but the one that imposes itself on us, that feeling which comes to be magnificent if we look at it from the surface, comes to be actually terrifying when perceived from underneath the surface.

That feeling is called love.


I was in love with Amy and I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that I was able to feel such feelings at my age despite the fact that I was married.

Love shouldn’t happen to me because I am married with three children. Yet it happened and now I had to deal with it my way.

I chose her over my wife. Not over my life, because what was coming was the worst. I chose to be with her the time given because I felt that each time I was in her arms, I was feeling myself so alive ... forever young.

I was so in love with Amy that I decided to surprise her. I thought of buying her a dress for Philip’s party and I would give her the present tomorrow’s night when we meet in Esperanza. I wanted her to wear something new and elegant. I knew her size, eventually, and I decided to go downtown the next morning in my lunch break. I know some stores that Carla and Lisa went to each time they wanted to do shopping and from which they bought elegant and expensive dresses.

The next morning, I was in front of the store, ready to buy Amy the most amazing dress I could find. I got the help from a woman in charge, who recommended me some dresses. I gave her Amy’s size. She asked me for whom was the dress because the size was very small and I said it was a present for my daughter.

She smiled and kept showing me all they had. She brought four dresses: the first one was long and blue, and I didn’t like it much. The second one was a short red dress. I kept looking at it, but I needed to keep having a look at the others because deciding which one to buy for my Amy was a hard task for me.

The third one was beige. I didn’t like it much and I thought it won’t fit with her natural complexion. The fourth and last one was a short dark green lace dress. I had to admit that once my blue eyes saw this dress, I knew that it was the dress I should be buying for Amy.

- “That one”. I told the woman. “I will pay for the dark green dress.” I said very determined.

Yes, definitely.

It was an elegant dress and the color was marvellous. I was sure Amy was going to like it, because I knew she liked the green color.

At first, I didn’t know which one to choose: the red one or the green one, then I decided to buy the green one.

The shape of the dress would fit Amy’s body. I was sure of it.

I didn’t want to buy the red dress because I didn’t want any other guy to be staring at her all night long at Philip’s.

I won’t feel quite comfortable with that. I am not saying that the green dress won’t have such effect on men. It will, for sure. Thinking that she would wearing a catchy color while I was around, wouldn’t make things easy for me.

I paid the dress with my credit card and the woman wrapped it into a lovely box, then gave it to me. I decided to go quickly to the harbor and put it in one of the cabins of Esperanza.

I planned to surprise her once we go to the boat later that day.

On my way back to work, I remembered that Philip needed to meet me to speak about business, so I went straightforward toward his company before going to mine.

All the way I was driving, I couldn’t stop thinking about Amy. She was very sexy that morning as she was wearing an elegant black dress. I was so excited that we were going to meet again on Esperanza that evening as I couldn’t wait any longer to take off that dress and make love to her.

I was imagining myself already kissing her and preparing myself to penetrate her feminine body.

I was in the elevator, heading toward Philip’s office when the door opened, and there she was, waiting to come in.

When her eyes met mine, she was surprised at first, because she didn’t expect to meet me there, and then I could see a glimmer of joy in her hazel eyes. She was happy to see me again.

As she came in the elevator, a man stepped in just after her. He greeted me, so I greeted him back. Instead of being just the two of us in the elevator; now we’re three. I sighed and she could feel how disppointed I was, for not being able to be a little closer to her.

I was heading toward the fourteenth floor. Amy was heading toward the tenth floor while the man was going toward the eighth floor.

All the way till the eighth floor, I was staring at her, at her feminine silhouette, at her long sandy hair that I like a lot, and at how beautiful the shape of her thin body was sculpted in that dress.

She was exquisite to be just looked at. She was sexy and hot, and I wanted to fuck her. I couldn’t imagine myself waiting till the evening to do so.

I looked at the man as he was reading a file while he was waiting to reach the eighth floor, so I attempted to hold her hand without being caught. I knew I was taking a risk, but didn’t care much. I needed to feel her soft skin.

I felt joy rushing through my veins the moment I touched her left hand, when I held her pinky and ring fingers.

She looked at me a bit embarrassed and panicked, to remind me that we were not alone in the elevator, but I just gave her a look full of reassurance, my eyes telling her not to be confused.

I was so into her that I didn’t care who was around us back then.

All I wanted and needed was to touch her, to feel her skin on mine. For a moment, she tried to get her hand slightly away from mine, but I didn’t let her. The man wasn’t even looking, anyway.

It was unacceptable to try to do such a thing to me. I knew I was playing with fire, but I didn’t fucking care. All I wanted was her.

All what mattered on that elevator was touching Amy. When we reached the eighth floor, I took away my hand from hers as the elevator door opened and the man left. Once we were alone as I waited for the door to be closed, I came more closer to her, leaning in and crashed my mouth onto hers. At first, she was surprised, but not for too long as she wrapped up her hands around my neck, pushing me even closer to her chest.

It was terrific. We kissed in the elevator at Philip’s company.

We, definitely, would be screwed if someone saw us kissing.

Me more than her, but I didn’t care about that. I didn’t fucking care. I wanted her and her wearing that black dress was ... well, so tempting. I was getting insane because I wanted to fuck her now in the elevator.

The elevator was about to stop in two floors and I felt how much she was excited, but scared all along the way to the tenth floor.

Not that I was about to blame her. She was right about it, but I knew that no cameras were working this period in the company, for technical reasons.

- “You’re so ... beautiful Amy ....” I said as I get lost between her lips and the top of her neck.

As the air started to become thicker in the elevator, she slightly got herself away from me

- “Marvin ! We have to stop !”

- “Two floors left, so we still have little time, babe!” I whispered, and came again closer to her “ you don’t have to be afraid, Amy. I know what I am doing.”

- “Yeah, but what if there were some cameras over there?” She pointed to the top.

- “About that. They are being repaired. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about that.” I smiled flirtatiously at her. She sighed in relief and smiled back at me.

- “By the way, why are you going to the tenth floor?” I asked her.

- “Always asking so many questions, Mr. Richardson!” She raised an eyebrow at me, then started to giggle.

- “What’s wrong with that, Ms. Morgan!? So you like my touches and kisses more than my questions...” She cut me off, saying

- “To see a colleague. He needs me to consult a file.” Still smiling playfully.

- “A colleague, then?” I caressed her face gently.

- “That’s it. A colleague!” she winked at me.

When the door opened, she looked at me as she was leaving the elevator

- “See you this evening!”

- “I haven’t finished with you yet, Ms. Morgan !” I told her and grabbed her wrist, preventing her from getting out of the elevator.

Absolutely, I haven’t finished with her. Not yet.

I was getting so hungry and I desired her more than ever. I wanted more than that and surely I was going to get it even if it takes me to take bigger risks ... even if it takes me to fuck her in her workplace.

Yeah, I know, I was insanely fucked up and I liked to take risks.

What would life be, if risks were not taken, huh?

Amy was astonished, and taken aback as she didn’t expect me to force her to stay and not go for her meeting. She looked lost, and didn’t know what to do.

- “So you are going to meet your colleague later and inform him that you were stuck with me because ...”

I stopped for a moment, waiting for the door to be closed, then grabbed her by the waist and bringing her closer to my chest, and added looking deeper into her hazel eyes ” because ... well, we have some sort of business to check and finish. I am sure that once you tell him you were with the other big boss, he won’t blame you for that.”

- “You are so cr-a-zy, you know that, don’t you? On one condition though.” She stared back at me, sinking deeper into my blue eyes.

-” Which one? ” I asked.

- “I am going to text him, first”

As I was about to protest, she gave me a warning glare, before getting her cellphone out of her purse, texting her colleague.

- “Where are you taking me, Mr. Richardson? Because I’ve got an appointment with Lisa in about half an hour.”

- “Ask no more questions, Ms. Morgan. Lisa has to wait. Just follow my lead ” I winked at her, and leaned towards her to plant a soft kiss on her lips, before she protested.

Half an hour was perfect for a quickie sex. I was sure that Amy didn’t see that coming. She didn’t expect me to have sex with her at her workplace and I wasn’t planning to tell her about my plans. I didn’t know what was happening to me but I was getting playful and flirty.

The twelfth floor was the only floor in the whole buidling where cameras were not installed yet, contrary to the other floors which contained cameras.

Plus, this floor was allowed for authorized personnel only, such as top executives and managers, CEO and COO.

Me included, of course. I had full access to that part of the company, because I was Philip’s business partner and also, the other big boss as Philip’s company and mine have been a merger for quite some time now.

It contained big meeting rooms and other rooms for video conferences with new cutting edge materials.

So the reason I was heading there was that I knew that there weren’t any meetings scheduled for that afternoon, this was what Philip just told me earlier. So we could have one big room for us without being seen by anyone.

We had free access to it thanks to our magnetic cards. There was a big meeting room that I had on mind. It opened up toward another small room, like an office. I thought we could fuck in that small room.

As we reached the eleventh floor, Amy stepped back away from me, preparing herself to leave the elevator when I told her

- “We’re not going to the eleventh floor, but to the twelfth floor.”

- ” But I don’t have the right to go there. You know that, right?”

- “Of course, I know baby. You are with me don’t worry. I know that no meetings are planned for this afternoon, so no one will be there. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be taking you with me. Plus, we’ve got just thirty minutes, right?”

She nodded in agreement, and held my hand into hers when the elevator door opened up. We stepped out to walk into a large corridor. I could feel her hand tightening around mine and I knew she started to panick.

- “Where are we going Marvin? Where are you taking me? ” she asked in a worried tone.

- “ Hey look at me Amy,” I turned to look at her, then added ” Trust me ! We won’t stay long. I promise. You’re with me, baby” I tried to comfort her.

- “I trust you!” Her eyes softened.

As we’re heading towards the office where I am planning to take Amy, she was looking fascinated at how big the offices were until I stopped. She looked at me concern in her eyes for a moment, then understood that we will be entering the office, instead of the others.

- “Ladies first” I said opening the door for her.

- “Thank you”

I closed back the door behind me and locked in case someone comes.

“What are you waiting for Mr. Richardson ? We have just thirty minutes to do it” Her eyes invite me to do what I’ve already planned.

I smiled and held her in my arms, as we started kissing, I grabbed her by the waist and headed towards the couch to lay on. I had just to put off her panties while she was unbuckling my belt and putting off my pants and boxers.

We had only thirty minutes to fuck. I reminded myself because I could easily get lost into her feminine body.

So no more time to waste.

I was kissing her neck while she was removing my pants. My hands were exploring her slim legs under that sexy dress when I felt my erection being held in her hand. I spread her legs gently and touched her down there. My favorite spot.

She was already wet and so responsive as she was just waiting for me to explore her body. She was inviting me to penetrate her world and this was what I did after I quickly wore a condom, then thrusted myself into her first slightly ... intensely ... and deeply at last, as I was riding her body.

I was on my knees while she was on the couch. Her eyes were half closed as were mine as we were in the seventh sky. She was enjoying every single moment and so was I.

Our bodies were swaying on the rhythm of an erotic dance. I was the one who was getting hold of her. She was following my command. It made me feel more excited. It is not that I don’t like when she leads me, but when I lead her that makes me feel more powerful.

I was riding her body with my hands on her waist for over ten minutes now. She was so responsive than ever when I felt the need to fuck her in a doggy style. We tried it the other day. I liked it a lot and so did she.

I never had the opportunity to try that position with my wife each time we had sex. She didn’t like it and refused to let me fuck her that way. What I liked a lot in that position is that I was granted me a kind of power over her and giving her much pleasure. She had to stand on her knees the whole time I fucked her with her legs spread. In that way, I grabbed each part of her butt into my hands and rode her at my own pace. I would have a view on her feminine back, her fair hair ... her body.

I must say that I liked the view. I could as well get hold of her breasts each time I felt the need to. She liked it so much because she trusted me, trusting me to give her even much more pleasure as I kept holding her butt and fucking her the way I wanted.

I would lead the way, she would just follow. I would touch her clitoris each time I felt that she was getting hornier. Her clitoris was so wet as I proceeded. Knowing that made me feel so proud of myself.

Amy liked to have sex with me. I really liked how she invested herself each time we fucked. We always search for a common ground to please each other mutually. She always let me explore her body the way I wanted it and I did so as long as she gives her consent. I let her do whatever she wanted as long as I consented to it even if I had to control myself.

I was a control freak and it was hard for me to watch and not to act sometimes. Those thirty minutes in that small office were amazing. We fucked so hard. It was different from the moments we spent in Esperanza. This time was very different because we had little time and we had to rush.

On Esperanza, it was more toward making love to her, worshipping her feminine body through touches, kisses and flirty glances, and not to forget love moments.

This time, it was just to fuck, when we had just limited timing to enjoy ourselves.

When we finished, we dressed up in a hurry and prepared ourselves to leave the room when she found five missed calls from Lisa.

- “Lisa called me five times ! She’s going to freak out ! I got to call her back now !” She announced

- “Okay, call her !”

I was about to open the door when I heard people talking outside. I freezed looking back at Amy, who was about to dial Lisa’s number. I shook my hand in the air to let her know not to call Lisa.

She stared at me in worry and confusion as now she knows that we were not alone in the twelfth floor.

Fuck. I wasn’t seeing this coming.


The problem was that now we were trapped in that room and couldn’t leave it because there were other people outside. I started to get nervous and I saw that Amy started to worry, too. I didn’t know what to do then and I had to find out a solution as soon as possible. It was because of me that we were in this very, or shall I say, extremely complicated situation. I had to find out a solution and very soon !

- “Marvin, how are we going to leave that floor?” she whispered.

- “Hold on, let me think!” Keeping the tone of my voice as calm as possible.

Amy was getting paler and paler and started to breathe slowly because of panic. I held her in my arms saying “Amy, Amy, baby, do not worry. Everything we’ll be alright! I promise! Let me fix this” Then kissed her forehead.

She looked at me with confused eyes trying to believe what I was telling her. I wish I knew what to do at that moment. If we were about to be caught, there would be a scandal in the company. Everyone would know that we were having an affair. I didn’t want that to happen, not like that. If ever my wife had to know about my affair, I would be the first to tell her myself even if it took me to lose her and go through a divorce.

Aside from that, I didn’t want Amy to get into trouble because of me, of this crazy idea I’ve gotten about thirty minutes ago.

I shouldn’t have thought of fucking her in her workplace. I should have waited for later on, in the evening. But I couldn’t wait more than that.

I didn’t regret what we just did, but I had to fix this now.

The sooner, the better.

The funniest thing about that, I couldn’t think of a single one which stressed me out even more. Then I said to myself I had to focus. Like really focus. I had to check how many people were outside and depending on that I could figure out a plan B.

- “Amy, I am going to go out just to check what’s going on. You don’t move. Stay here. I’ll come back to you.” I kissed her forehead another time in a reassuring manner.

- “Please, hurry up. Don’t leave me here for so long, Marvin. I texted Lisa and told her that I went downtown, and that I am coming in a bit.”

- “Nice. I am coming back in a few.” I told her then headed towards the door, unlocked it, the opened it slowly.

When I came outside the small room to the meeting room, I found four businessmen standing next to the bay window talking. As I stepped in the room, they all turned towards me and were surprised to see me, standing there. As in coming from nowhere.

I know, this time I really screwed up.

I thought I was controlling the situation, but I wasn’t.

Not single part of it.


Focus, Marvin, focus.

Think fast.

I greeted them through a warm wave and they greeted me back, still not getting what I was doing there.

I recognized one of them Andrew Jordan. He’s the Vice President of Philip’s company. I started to suspect what Philip just told me earlier that there weren’t any meetings to be held this afternoon.

As I called over for Mr. Jordan, he dismissed himself before coming to me.

- “Hello Andrew ! I didn’t know there was a meeting in here !” I explained.

- “Hello Mr. Richardson. No there isn’t any. I am just showing those gentlemen that part of the company. They are new investors and they are going to be working with us soon.” He informed me.

- “I see. Are they from Hallman Incorporation? The ones we met last week?”

- “Yes. I didn’t know that you were here.”

- “Yeah ! I was working in the office so when I heard the noise I just came to check. I met Philip earlier and he told me there weren’t any scheduled meetings for this afternoon, that’s why ”

- ” Yes, that’s right. If you allow me sir, I have to come back to them, we haven’t covered the other offices from the other floors yet. If you excuse me, I must be going!”

- “Of course, Andrew. Suit yourself.” I waited for Mr. Jordan and the other businessmen to leave the big room until they reached the elevator when I came back to Amy.

She was sitting on the couch, very thoughtful. As the door opened, she darted her hazel eyes towards my direction, for fear of being caught by someone, but when she saw me, she sighed in big relief.

- “Okay, let’s go now. It’s clear !” I invited her to follow me outside.

- “Thank God!” she stood up, grabbed her purse and we left the small room, heading toward the elevator.

We were hurrying in order not to be seen by anyone when, we reached the elevator at last. I pressed the button to go down two times, and waited for the door to open.

When it opened, Philip appeared to be in front of us, in the elevator ready to step out when all surprised, he stood still, looking for at me, then his eyes turned to look at Amy.

I must say that I didn’t expect to see that coming. Philip was the last person I was thinking about to appear at that very moment, in this very place right now.

We are so unlucky, Amy and I.

What a fucking nice day. So good.

Silence reigned over the place. None of us could speak. I didn’t want Philip to be suspicious, or have even the tinnest suspicion. I know I was playing with fire.

As he stood there, looking at both of us in astonishment, he then turned again to look at me, searching for an explanation. I was Amy’s face was red by now, tainted with full of embarrassment and ... shame. All because of me.

I had to save the situation right now. I had to save her from this very awkward situation I put her in. I was treading on thin ice right now and I had to be careful.

- “Philip !” I said in the most natural, relaxed voice I could handle.

- “Marvin ! Look who’s here !” He said, still looking puzzled, then turned his gaze towards Amy, ” Ms. Morgan! I didn’t expect to see you here”. His voice full of concern and curiosity.

I turned to see Amy standing still, her hand barely shaking as she tried to handle the situation as she could. She didn’t reply, then turned to look at me, her hazel eyes begging me for help.

- “I hope you don’t mind, Philip. It’s all my fault, not Ms. Morgan’s. We met earlier while she was searching for Elizabeth Pullman, and she couldn’t reach her anywhere. I told her that she was on a leave, and that she has to reach for you in case she's stuck, but she told me you were already attending a meeting and that she needed Elizabeth’s signature on a specific paper. So I told her to come with me all over here, because I was planning to work here until we meet.”

Elizabeth Pullman was a top manager working in the department where Amy was working. She was her superior and Amy was all the time in touch with her for any kind of file. I knew the kind of files Amy was working on these days, so nothing suspicious would be proven to anybody.

I planned to sign on the paper later, instead of Elizabeth, and I know that Philip trusted me strong enough to ask me for proof.

He didn’t reply in the first place and kept looking at Amy suspiciously, then said

- “As long as she is with you, I don’t mind. Because as you know, Ms. Morgan, this floor is not authorized for everyone” His tone serious.

- "I know Mr. Johnson. I shouldn't have come in the first place with M--Mr. Richardson. Again, I am sorry, it won't happen again."

- “Don't blame the girl, Philip. You should blame me on this. It's silly of me to have let Ms. Morgan come with me all over here. I will never happen again." He nodded in agreement.

-" Okay ! So would we hold the meeting here or in your office?" I asked him.

- "In my office, in ten minutes. I have something to do here first, then will join you there. Okay?" He asked.

- "Good. Yeah, meet you in a bit then." I nodded in agreement.

- “ Good bye Ms. Morgan !” Philip said.

- “Good bye Mr. Johnson !” she said, confused.

She must be blaming me for what happened just now and she was right. I was mistaken, I shouldn’t have driven her to that part of the company. When we got inside the elevator, she was so pissed off that she didn’t want to look at me, let alone talk to me.

“Amy, you have all the reasons to blame me, even hate me. Philip won't make a fuss of it because you were with me !” I said trying to convince her, I came closer to her to grab her arm, but she jerked away.

I was saying whatever came to my mind as I wanted her to forgive me about what just happened back there. I knew I screwed up things and we got caught by Philip, but I was going to fix things up.

I will do whatever it takes.

When we reached the third floor, she left without saying a single word to me, not even goodbye. I dived my fingers nervously into my dark hair, in confusion.

I didn’t know what to do now. All I could hope for was that she would forgive me soon... before we meet later on that evening.

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