Esperanza: When the Blue meets the Hazel

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Chapter 24

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The next morning I headed to my office, attended few meetings in the morning, then Philip called me to have lunch together in his office.

I was quite sure we were going to speak about Amy. Maybe not
In either cases, I was planning to find a way to tell him the truth about her.

On my way to his office that afternoon, Carla called me from Paris telling me that she was coming back tomorrow night to Santa Barbara, and that she missed me.

I anticipated this. I knew she would feel this way. I felt so guilty somehow, but couldn’t change anything about it.

It meant we still have two days before my wife came back home. Fortunately, it was the weekend coming.

I had to come up with a plan to spend much more time with Amy.

When I came to his office, Philip was waiting for me to have lunch.

Pizza and beverages on the round table in the corner of the office.

" Hey Marvin! Come and join me. What took you so long? I’m starving! ”

" I met the Dale brothers from New York this morning, everything is set! They accepted to work with us on the project ”

I took a seat and grabbed a slice of pizza.

" Perfect! Did you agree when to start ? ”

“Next month! Until then we will finish the preparation before the project starts ”

We talked business for a moment then Philip switched to another topic, I wasn’t expecting him to mention,

" Marvin, I’ve been meaning to tell you something ”

He looked at me a bit thoughtful before adding,
" Amy seems to have a crush on you, Marvin.”

" What?! ” I almost choked, pretending not to understand.

Fuck no.

I am not ready to speak about what I am feeling for Amy with Philip, probably never.

" Haven’t you noticed anything? I mean it is obvious, the way she looks at you every time you are around her. That’s not good, man! You have to be more careful. ”

" Hey! Philip! There’s nothing going on with Amy. She’s Lisa’s friend for God’s sake! I am not cheating on Carla, if this what you want to know. Plus, I don’t think she’s into me. I am sure about that. Remember I must be of her father’s age! Girls like Amy are not into guys like us. I am sure she’s got a boyfriend. ”

" Hey Marvin! Why are you getting nervous all of a sudden. I am not accusing you of anything, I’ve just noticed that whenever you’re around, she behaves differently, that’s all. And I just wanted to let you know about it.”

" I really appreciate it, but I don’t get it Philip! Why are we even speaking about Lisa’s friend?! It seems to me that you care about her more than you should, don’t you? ”

I raised an eyebrow at him, studying closely his facial expression.

" Oh no no no! Of course, not. You get me wrong. I’ve just said that because ... Well, because she’s Mona’s daughter after all, Marvin. So yeah! I do care a little bit about Amy” he sighed.

" Is there something personal you want to share with me about Amy’s mother, and at the same time you think you shouldn’t do it!? ”

" I really don’t know Marvin! I am confused not knowing about what to do now that I know that~”

He stopped and didn’t say further much. He, then, ran his fingers into his fair hair and let a long exhale out of his chest.

I could see confusion and anxiety through his hazel eyes as he seemed very thoughtful about something he didn’t know how to solve.

" Now that you know what exactly, Philip ! ”

I looked at him straight in the eye, expecting him to open up himself to me.

I knew deep down myself that he was suspicious about Amy’s true identity. I knew that from the look in his eyes, he seemed not sure though.

His hazel eyes met mine, and a sparkle of uncertainty in his look glimmered through the daylight.

" I think Amy might be my daughter, Marvin ” He finally confessed to me.

I tried to pretend that I didn’t know anything about the topic and appear somehow aghast.

" What!! I mean...I don’t get it Philip. How come Amy might be your daughter!? Are you sure about that? ”

" What I am about to tell you Marvin is something that I’ve kept for myself all over the years and never told anyone about it, not even to Lauren. ”

I remained silent and didn’t interrupt him as he stood up and started to walk around the room before he stopped in front the bay window, and started to confess as he let his secret out of his chest.

" Mona Morgan and I were dating a long time ago ... precisely after I got engaged to Lauren. I lied to her about my engagement. She thought I was single and I wanted her to think so, because at that time I didn’t want to lose her. I thought it was a one-night stand, I knew I cheated on Lauren after we got engaged and it was a mistake. I never wanted to hurt Lauren and decided to never tell her about what happened with Mona, I thought what happened with Mona was over, but through the days, I felt the need to meet her again and with time we started to get closer...”

" Were you in love with Amy’s mother? ”

" Yes, I was ...but it was a long time ago, of course. Like I told you, I thought that what we were sharing was not so important and then it lasted for three months. At the beginning I just thought that it was going to last for one night, but it didn’t. We dated for three months and I fell in love with her. I fell in love with a woman who was never mine. I was constantly lying to Lauren and at the same time lying to Mona... It is not that I didn’t love Lauren. Of course, I loved her and I still love my wife, but I was in love with Mona, like I was falling in love with two women at once. I couldn’t call off my wedding with Lauren because what mattered to me was my career. I was going to get promoted by Lauren’s father. Her father trusted me so much that he wanted me to marry his own daughter and I couldn’t refuse. Of course, she doesn’t know about that and I never told her the truth.”

" I see Philip ... I am sorry to hear that. It must have been hard for you to deal with this mess~ having to choose between two women. And what happened with Mona, then? ”

" You don’t say! After three months, I decided that it was high time to break up with Mona because my wedding was coming soon. I know I am a jerk and I chose my promotion over her. It was the worst decision I could ever make in my life. At that time I was still young and I was blind with getting up the ladder. I didn’t think much about what we were sharing. What mattered the most to me was to gain more money and to be wealthy ... and then the unexpected happened !”

" What do you mean by the unexpected happened? ”

" The day I decided to break up with her, she came to me and told me that she was pregnant.”

" What?!! Does this mean ... ”

" Yes, Marvin. It means that ... Amy is my daughter.”

At last, the hidden truth was revealed. Now that Philip confessed his secret to me and told me about Amy, I was ready to do anything to reunite them together.

" And according to you, did you believe that Mona was telling the truth, I mean that the baby was yours ?”

" Yeah, I am one hundred percent sure that Mona wasn’t lying to me, and I knew she was having my little girl. Oh god, I was so cruel to Mona! ”

" Hey Philip! No need to blame yourself now. It’s useless. Focus on what is coming instead.
So less blaming, more focus. Alright? ”

" Yeah, you’re right Marvin...” He sighed, so desperate.

" Tell me, does Amy know about that? ”

“I don’t know. I don’t think that her mother told her. When we met the other day in my office, she told me that she didn’t know who her father was.”

What? They met here in his office! When was that? Why didn’t she tell me that she met Philip in his office? Why was she hiding things from me?

“Are you planning to tell her the truth?”

“I don’t know ... I would love to Marvin ... I’d love to know her more and be able to be there for her, but ...”

“But what?”

“That would change everything I’ve built so far ! That would torment Lauren and the boys to know that I have a child from a previous relationship ! And I had to tell Lauren about what really happened before our wedding.
I don’t think that I am capable of revealing this to her, I mean not yet. I need more time Marvin! ”

He moved both hands in the air as to deny what should really be happening, as accepting the fact that sooner or later Lauren and his sons will know about Amy, and as for Amy ... Well they have to meet as soon as possible, and once he meets her, he will say the right words.

“Are you serious, Philip!? She’s your daughter after all. You have to claim her !”
I raised up my voice a bit at what he just told me.

" I don’t know ! I really don’t ! What would Lauren think of me!? ” He said, so confused.

" Don’t you care more about how your daughter would think of you, if you don’t claim her! I am sure that Lauren will handle that at the end. It is just a matter of time. ”

" Why are you upset!? It’s something that concerns me after all! ” He looked at me, somehow, puzzled by my concern.

" I am upset because she deserves to know the truth. What if she knew already the truth?”

“Do you think she already knows that? What are you trying to tell Marvin? ”

“I don’t know ... I am just supposing that ! Imagine she knew already that you’re her father, maybe she is struggling to tell you and doesn’t know how to say the truth to you ”

" Hmm, you’re right! Yeah that would make sense, like in the party she liked our little conversation about Van Gogh’s painting and the other time, when she mentioned that she didn’t know her father. Does that mean she might know the truth of me being her father? Marvin help me, I feel myself stuck...and lost. I don’t know what to do really ... I am afraid of losing my family and at the same time losing the chance to know my daughter ... I’ve always regretted my decision back to the time when Mona told me we were going to have a baby together!”

“Philip, look I will do all I can to help you. You got my word!
I know it is not something easy to handle by yourself. ”

“Thank you so much my friend ! Tell me more about Amy, Marvin. What do you know about her? ”

" I ... know little about her. Lisa told me that Amy used to live with her grandparents in Summerland, then her mother moved to Phoenix to work. Then her mother got married to Dr. Jim Carlson.”

“Who ever thought that it might come a day when I would meet my own daughter face to face! That she would come to work as a trainee in my own company! It’s a dream come true! ”

" Take it easy Philip. Everything will be fine. Now another chance is given to you to make things right this time. All you have to do now is to take the right decision, you listen to me?”

" Yes ... I have to take the right decision, you’re right Marvin! I want to see her ... I want to see Amy ... now !”

" As in now now or now later?”

" As in now now!”

And I saw a glimmer of hope and excitement in his hazel eyes as he was waiting for my approval or something ... I smiled at him warmly and nodded, letting him know that it was a good idea.

Was it really a good idea to meet Amy now and in his office?

He called his secretary and informed her that he would like Ms. Morgan to come to his office right away, then hung up the phone.

I looked at him smiling a bit, then stood up, preparing myself to leave his office.

" Where are you going Marvin? Don’t tell me you’re leaving already ”

" I am coming back to work. Just leaving you with Amy alone so that you can~”

He cut me off right away.

" You’re not going anywhere. I want you to stay with me. I cannot do it by myself! I need your support. I am sorry...”

" You don’t have to be sorry Philip. I just thought you may want some privacy with your daughter, that’s all. So are you sure you want me to be here when she comes? ”

" Absolutely ! I need your help on this, Marvin! ” He looked a bit nervous.

" There’s nothing to worry about Philip. I am sure everything will be alright.”

I helped him remove the pizzas from his desk and put them elsewhere, away from anyone coming into the office to notice them.

After a short moment, his secretary informed him that Amy just arrived. He let her know that he was ready to welcome her in his office. We took a seat waiting for Amy to show up.

I was glad because Amy was going to be here in a few. I was sure she kept asking herself all her way off to the office about the real reason why Philip demanded to meet her again in his office.

She wouldn’t expect that Philip would tell her the truth nor would she expect to see me here as well.

She knocked on the door twice and waited for Philip to let her in, and when Philip’s voice came as an invitation, she, then, entered the office.

Her first reaction was to see the surprise in her eyes once she found me in the office.

" Hello Amy ! Take a seat please!”

" Hello Mr. Johnson, Mr. Richardson! Okay !” She took a seat, and looked at me a bit worried.

Everything will be fine baby, you don’t have to worry.

I wanted to tell her, but couldn’t. So I blinked my eyes to let her know that there’s nothing to worry about.

She looked blankly at me, before looking at Philip, waiting for any explanations to be given to her.

" I am sure you must be wondering why I called for you, right? ” Philip looked tenderly at her.

" Yes sir! If it is about yesterday, I presume Mr. Richardson informed you that Lisa and I couldn’t make it! ”
She cleared her throat out of nervousness, before tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

" Ah no ... no it has nothing to do with yesterday. Do not worry Amy, it is not about that. I mean it doesn’t have to do with work, actually. It is more personal. I wanted Marvin to be here with me today because I have something to tell you. Marvin already knows about it and I guess you may know too.”

Oh, no. She might think that Philip knows something is going on between she and I.
This is not good.
Just say the words Philip!

" I know that it is not easy at all to confess that, but I want you to know ... the truth!”
Philip proceeded with his speech.

Amy seemed more confused than she let on. She turned to me, searching for any kind of answers in my eyes, before turning back to Philip, still looking at him in turmoil.

" I’m sorry, I don’t get it. What truth sir?” she adjusted herself in her seat, replying calmly.

Philip stood up and approached her seat

“Amy ... I don’t know how to tell you that. I don’t know if your mother told you about...what happened twenty years ago between us, I mean between her and I, but it is high time you knew the truth ! I want you to know that the father you’ve been searching for, this whole time, is me. I am your father ... I am your father Amy!” His voice breaks at the end, and he tried to pull himself together, but didn’t succeed in doing so.

Her hazel eyes widened when Philip spoke the truth enough, as she didn’t realize what he was telling her.

She might even not believe that I could speak to him about that in a short time given.

She couldn’t know that it was Philip who asked to see me in his office today to tell me about this secret.

She stood up, shook her head in disbelief, tears pricked her eyes, tears of joy eventually, and hurried toward him to stop when she reached him.

Still aghast, she kept looking at him in disbelief, not realizing that she has just found her father, at last.
Philip looked at her in disbelief too, and the unexpected happened.

Father and daughter were finally reunited.
And I couldn’t miss that memorable and unforgettable moment as I was watching them
hug for the first time.

And I felt joy and relief overwhelming me all of a sudden, reminding me that Philip wouldn’t have had a better daughter, other than Amy, and Amy wouldn’t have had a better father other than, my friend Philip.

She placed her head gently on his chest as she started to cry

" At last, I cannot believe I found you !” she mumbled.

“I am here, now, Amy. I’m happy to know that I found my daughter!” His voice broke up again.

Who would have thought that Amy was Philip’s daughter?

Who would have thought that Philip was in love with Mona Morgan while he was engaged to Lauren at that time?

Who would have thought that after twenty years he would meet his own daughter in his company?

Who would have thought that I would fall in love with my friend’s daughter one day?

Who would have thought that I could have an affair with another woman other than my wife?

Who would have thought that I would love another woman? Wasn’t it impossible to happen? Yet it happened against all odds ... it happened to me.

I was sure that he would like to spend more time with his daughter now that he found her at last. We agreed on going to have dinner at the restaurant that night just Amy, Lisa, him and me.

I guess that Lisa didn’t know that Philip was her friend’s father unless Amy told her about it.

I called Amy late afternoon before she left work, to tell her that we needed to meet on Esperanza that night because it was going to be our last night there. She told me how happy she was to be finally reunited with her father after a long time and that she was looking forward to meeting me because she missed me as much as I missed her.

That evening we went to have dinner in a nice restaurant downtown called the Lark.

We spent a nice time all together. Amy was happy to be reunited with her father. Philip was asking her a lot of questions about her childhood, her education, and life in general.

While Amy and Philip were exchanging so much details about their lives, Lisa and I engaged into a conversation, on our own.

I needed to know if my daughter was going to spend the night at home or not. Just to know if Amy was free to come with me, later that evening.

She told me that she had some plans with “her friends”, eventually plans with her boyfriend Eric, and she was invited to sleep over in one of her friend’s house.

I was relieved to know that she was going to be out the whole night. Still I didn’t like her to hang out much with Eric. I don’t like the guy. That’s all.

That evening, I was thrilled about the idea of spending more time with Amy. Again.

It was going to be among one of the last nights together and I intend to make love to her all night long.

I was planning to spend the night with her on Esperanza.

When I look up at how this day went on, I couldn’t stop thinking about Lauren’s reaction if she had to know about Amy as being the daughter of her husband.

How would she react to that? Could she accept that her husband had a daughter from another woman and didn’t tell her about her existence? Would she accept Amy?
I guess not provided that Philip used to date Mona while engaged to Lauren.

I had to prepare myself to that alternative which was the most common to happen though.

As far as I knew her, she wouldn’t accept to welcome the child of her husband. She wouldn’t bear that.

I had to prepare Amy for not being too enthusiastic about the idea of being introduced as Philip’s daughter and no longer as Lisa’s friend.

She was still young and couldn’t know such things, or expect such things to happen. All what mattered for her was that she finally could find her father and could be reunited with him, except that her father has a family on his own. He had a wife and children that he had to prepare them before he could organize a meeting to let Amy be in the family.

Lauren could not believe what he would tell her about Amy and would ask him to carry out a blood test. I started to worry about what would happen if only Amy wasn’t going to be accepted amongst Philip’s family. It would probably annihilate her. I had to think positively, though.

That evening I have prepared a candlelight dinner on board. We were gathered on Esperanza ... probably for the last time. I didn’t want to think much about that.

I wanted to enjoy those moments spent with my Amy. I called Pure Joy Catering to order two menus, two appetizers, and two desserts. I had a bottle of white wine on board that I bought the other time. We had dinner and talked for some time about Philip.

She asked me a thousand questions about him.
Of course, I didn’t mention what happened between her mother and Philip. I wasn’t the appropriate person to let her know about that version of her parents’ story.

I didn’t want to involve myself much more than that. I guess Mona told her already about what happened in the past, and probably Philip will do that soon, but I presumed she already knew about it because as we talked, she did mention one significant detail about Philip how he had to choose between his career and her mother and ended up choosing his work over her.

She felt somehow disappointed to know that her father hadn’t chosen her mother at that time, but didn’t want to keep thinking about it any longer. What mattered for her now was what was coming. She felt thrilled about getting closer to him and knowing more about him.

I could feel her excitement because she had never known her father. She lived with her grandparents and her grandfather replaced that father she has always been waiting for.

Now, things have changed, she found Philip and she wouldn’t lose a chance to be closer to him.

After we talked about Philip, I felt the need to ask her about Lisa: how was she doing with the guy she was dating, Eric.

" Are you serious!? You want me to tell you about how Lisa and Eric are doing! No way, I won’t betray my friend.” She seemed very serious as she teased me.

" Oh come on, Amy! May I remind you that Lisa is my daughter and I have the right to know more about her boyfriend and how he is treating her! ”

" and Marvin ... may I remind you as well that Lisa is my friend and I have the right to keep her secret and not share it with anyone, especially with her own father ! Otherwise she would kill me if she knew that I told you a word about Eric!” she defended herself.

" Why is that!? I swear I won’t tell her anything. I need to know if he’s making her happy, that’s all! ” I justified myself.

" I know you won’t tell her, but understand me I am her friend and she trusts me. Plus, she’s an adult. She knows what to do, doesn’t she! ”

" I know, I know. She really likes you. This is what she always tells her mom. Still, I am worried about her and just wanted to know. That’s all, Amy”

“You don’t have to worry about her, Marvin. She’s a bug girl and I like Lisa, too. She is the only friend I can trust and to whom I could tell my secrets. She is my closest friend.”

“I believe she is.” I said held her hand tenderly.

“But I sometimes cannot stop thinking about the day she would know about ... about us, Marvin.” Her tone tainted with worry and guilt.

" It will be hard for everyone. I may lose my daughter, my two sons, and my wife. They would never believe what I did to them and probably never forgive me.”

" and I won’t never forget myself for that, Marvin. I wish they had never to know that ”

" Don’t put the blame on you, baby. It is me who did that to you and to myself, after all. I don’t regret any single moment with you, Amy. If we had never met before, I would’ve probably never had to cheat on Carla. Yet we met, we fell for each other and we couldn’t stop what we are doing is so wrong to do that to the people that we love, but it is irreversible. ”

She was about to protest when I placed my index on her lips to stop her right away.

" Do not utter a word. I don’t want to think about what is coming. I know that is selfish, immature, irrational, and above all foolish but I won’t be thinking about that ... tonight Amy. I won’t and you know why, because I want to savor every single moment spent with you, I want to keep in mind that moment we’d spend tonight. This is what I want, tonight and I know deep down myself that you’d like the same thing I want, wouldn’t you?”

Once I said the words, I dropped my finger away from her mouth.

She looked at me thoughtfully then tilted her head saying quietly “of course I’d like that Marvin ”

I took her hand and invited her to come inside. She blushed, took my hand and followed me.

We headed inside the boat, to be welcomed by Aretha Franklin’s voice singing a natural woman.

I was going to invite her to one of the cabins when she stopped and pulled me towards her,

" I have to confess something to you, Marvin.” her hazel eyes darted my eyes, uttering the words gently out of her mouth.

" What is it Amy?” I looked tenderly at her, carresing her collarbone.

" You make me feel like a natural woman ! ” She finally said.

I smiled at her, then leaned toward her to kiss her, as she kissed me back, eager to taste my lips on hers.

After a while, we started to dance slowly swaying our bodies on the rhythm of the song.

I couldn’t resist her. She started unbuttoning my blue shirt while I was removing her plum dress, before moving to her bra.

I tilted down my head until I reached her shoulder and with my fingers, I delicately dropped her purple shoulder strap.

She moaned as I gently touched her as she kept unbuttoning my shirt.

I decided to reach her neck and with a subtle touch I started to kiss this part of her body from bottom to top till I reached her jaw.

I felt that her hands were no longer on my shirt but down on my pants.

She was caressing the lower part of my body on the fabric, before she let her right hand inside, making me slightly jump.

Moaning with eyes shut, before reopening them slowly, and met her eyes, to find her partly naked as I removed her bra.

She was just wearing her purple lace hipster while I was shirtless.

She was just so beautiful ... standing there in front of me.
I felt desire rushing through my veins faster ... higher ... to the point that I couldn’t resist her any longer.

I had to keep on kissing her, touching her velvet skin, tasting her in every kiss we shared.

I pulled her gently toward me then turned her so as she was in front of my chest, then tightened my grip over her bare breasts with both hands.

She turned her face to look at me and searched thirstily for my lips to kiss again.

I leaned closer toward her lips and when I reached them I couldn’t resist biting each one gently, instead of kissing them in the first place.

I felt her thirst of me through the look in her hazel eyes, calling for me to take her all night long.

I was holding her in my arms, kissing her neck again, before I let my right hand explore other part of her body; a part that I liked the most and with a gentle gesture I let my hand underneath her hipster.

Her breath started to accelerate as I introduced a finger into her, then two fingers, and started to pump them into her, following a slow pitch, as her slim body started to move up and down.

She started to moan higher as I was fucking her with my two fingers, begging me not to stop.
I missed her so much that I couldn’t wait to taste her.
I wanted to taste her right now.

I fell on my my knees and removed hurriedly her hipster, spread her legs to enable my mouth to get to her clitoris, and once it found its way back there, to that wet and hot part between her legs, my tongue started to lick those freshly rose lips, while my hands held her waist gently, controlling her body under my grip.

As I started to speed up the pitch down there, I felt her fingers running through my dark straight hair, holding strands of my hair more firmly while her legs got shaky, and I knew she was about to cum very soon.

So soon enough to give me time to watch her, completely powerless, surrendering herself to me.

" Oh yeah, baby, don’t stop, I like when you are so wet, so wild, ready to cum ”

As her moans got higher, and her hips moved forward and backward quicker now, I looked at her as she had her first orgasm.

I missed that...a lot.

The sight of her~so into me.

I removed gently my fingers from her lower part and stood up on my feet.

As I was standing still, holding her by the waist, Amy’s eyes were half shut, savoring the pleasure rushing through her feminine body.

I unzipped my pants, first removed them as they fell on the dark wooden floor, before removing my black boxers and threw them somewhere else.

I wanted to feel her inside me.

I remembered that I left a few condoms in the cabin, so I held her body in my arms, as she started giggling.

" Where are you taking me Marvin”

“To the cabin room, I left a few condoms there last time”

" Hurry up! ” she burst into laughter.

As we reached the room, I put her gently down, before rushing to the night stand, searched for a candom and once I found one, filled it around my cock.

" I want you so bad, Amy ”
I told her as I turned back to her.

She grabbed me by the neck and I felt her mouth crashing against mine as we started to kiss.

She started to move towards the bed thinking that we will be fucking there, but I had other plans for the first part of the night.

I grabbed her by the waist, when she stopped, looked at me not knowing what to do.

" Turn around and put your hands on the wall ” I instructed.

She did what I told her. My hands touched her curvy little butt, pulled it gently up before I thrusted myself into her, making both of us let out a moan ... and up to many others through the upcoming hours on Esperanza.

As I was making love to Amy that night, I could not think much of what the future holds for us, now that technically it was one of the last nights we would be spending together.

Surely, there will a few others before she goes back to campus. I thought.

That night, I wanted to live this moment to the fullest with her, enjoying every part of her, and not thinking about tomorrow.

Just the two of us, in Esperanza all night long.

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