Esperanza: When the Blue meets the Hazel

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Chapter 4


I saw the light throughout the shutters of my room. I was still sleeping when I heard Carla, my wife, waking me up. It was morning. I didn’t wake up on my usual time. Maybe because of what happened yesterday in the kitchen, early dawn. I must say that after coming back to my room, I couldn’t fall asleep easily after being unable to take her off my mind. She was so vulnerable. I liked how she was. I felt it was my responsibility to protect her. To be on her side as long as I can.I didn’t know what was happening to me...Carla kissed me on my cheek. I kissed her back on her lips. It was how we greeted in the morning. It was a habit. This was what we do every day.

I went to the bathroom to shower, then I got prepared.I was anticipating the moment I would see her. I was freshing up myself and getting dressed to go downstairs and meet her. I mean meet everyone including her.I came into the kitchen where my wife, Jason, Zoe, and Tiffany were already served. They were having breakfast and talking.I said good morning. They greeted me. I couldn’t not notice that she wasn’t sitting on the table with them. Where was she?Where was my daughter Lisa ?I sat in the center of the table next to Jason, on my left, and Carla on my right and said spontaneously “Where is Lisa ?“I was willing to say “where are the girls”, to hide my curiosity, but I couldn’t utter her name. That would be suspicious. My wife wouldn’t appreciate it. I couldn’t take any risk.- “Lisa is coming downstairs honey. She had a training in Philip’s company today. Remember!?” she said smiling. She was just finishing her sentence when came Lisa. She greeted us all, then sat. She seemed stressful. I kept looking at her while Mrs. Douglas was serving breakfast.- “Everything’s okay darling?“- “Yes dad !“- “You seemed stressful ?” Carla said to her.- “It’s just that ... the morning !” she said attempting to swallow a piece of kiwi in her mouth.

I felt she was stressful and somehow thoughtful. I was wondering where Amy was. I was watching from time to time the entrance of the dining room, but nobody showed up. No one.I couldn’t ask my daughter where her friend was. I waited for her to speak. Just speak and say where the girl was. I started to worry.Carla was talking to Lisa about her day while Jason and Zoe were planning what to do for the day. They had a project on which they had to work together in the library early afternoon. Tiffany, Zoe’s sister, was looking secretively at my direction.I felt she was looking at me from the first day they all came to my house. She was younger than her sister, older than Lisa. She was a dark-haired young lady. She seemed to be attracted by me. I didn’t care.I had many girls attempting to flirt with me, even at my work, but I didn’t care.I didn’t want my wife to know about that. Otherwise, she would be jealous of her and we would go through a fight. Carla was the kind of person who could be easily jealous of any woman. I always hid the truth about other women wanting to go on a date with me, or inviting me over for dinner, or other stuff.I have never cheated on my wife. Never. I have never cheated on her until Amy came into my life...

I tried to ignore her looks toward my direction and focus on what Carla was saying to our daughter.

- “Yes I know, but it is my first day in this company and I feel some stress ! It’s normal mum !”

- “Everything will be alright sweetheart. Don’t forget Philip’s a friend of your father !”

- “I want to be treated as any other employee there !”

- “Lisa, is everything okay?” I said.

- “Yes, dad. I was just telling mum that I was stressed out ... a little bit because it is my first training day in Johnson Inc.”

- “I see. Everything will be alright. I am sure”. I smiled at her as to comfort her, but I was wondering all the time where could Amy be. She didn’t show up.Where is she, for God’s sake!? I needed to know where she was. I was frustrated because I was unable to ask my daughter about her friend when Zoe said “Lisa! where is your friend Amy ?”

- “Amy ... she had to leave early this morning !“, she said, embarrassed.

Why did she look so? What could she know that I didn’t? Please daughter, tell us more about her. I just wanted to know if she was in a safe place.

- “Where to?” Carla said.

- “She had to meet some relatives downtown. This is what she told me.”

- “Is she fine?”

- “Yes mum. She’s fine.”

- “Is she coming to the training, right?” Jason asked.

- “I .... I don’t know !“What? She’s not coming to her first training day ! Why ? I wanted to know why my daughter was so embarrassed when talking about her friend. Does this have a relationship with me about what happened today in the dawn? Was it something else?

- “Maybe she will catch up later !” Carla said.

- “Yes sure ! She will.” Lisa said in an assertive tone.

- “She’s a nice girl.” Carla thinks of her as being “nice”. I was glad to know that because she was. She was loner though. After the breakfast we split. Jason, Zoe, and Tiffany went downtown. Carla went off to work. Lisa went to Philip’s company for her first training day. And I headed to my office. I had some work to do.

My gardener Mr. Lopez came to mown the lawn early in the morning. Mrs. Douglas was doing the housework, and I had to work for some time.After working for about four hours in my office, I closed the files and switched off my laptop. I headed to the kitchen to eat something. I found that Mrs. Douglas was about to leave. She’s finished preparing the meal. She said goodbye and left.I was alone at home, so I decided to eat something near the pool. I was about to hold the tray and head towards the pool, when I heard the doorbell. I put back the tray on the counter and went to check.I opened up the door and there was a young man, my daughter’s age, standing in front of me.

- “Hello !”

- “Hello sir !”

- “Can I help you ?”

- “Yes. Is Amy home?”

- “Amy !”

- “Is Amy Morgan here? They gave me this address if I wanted to go and see her !”

- “Ah yes Amy Morgan ! Yes she lives here in this residence for the summer ! Sorry, but who are you?”

- “I’m Tyler Morrison. Her friend.”

- ” Nice to meet you Tyler !”

- “Nice to meet you, too. I’m Marvin Richardson the landlord !”
The boy seemed to be embarrassed. He kept looking at his watch.

- ” Sorry Tyler but Amy isn’t home now. I don’t know when she comes back.”

- ” I see !”

- “Would you like to leave her a message?”

- “I will try to come back another time. Thank you sir !”

- “You’re welcome ! have a nice day!”

- “Have a nice day, too”

I came inside, headed to the kitchen again. I wanted to know who might this Tyler Morrison be. Was he really one of her friends?I was about to grab the tray, when I noticed that I didn’t have any leaf of bread for my lunch. I started cutting the bread when I heard my two dogs barking outside. Then, I heard her voice. Amy’s voice fighting with someone.She came back. She’s here. I was going to check what was going on outside. I thought that maybe she met Tyler. But then, I got worried. I was about to put aside the knife when I wounded clumsily my thumb. I grabbed a tablecloth, put it around my hand and headed in a hurry to the front door. I opened up the door and I saw Amy and Tyler Morrison a few miles far from me; They seemed to be into a fight. He was grabbing her arm and she seemed to want to move away from him, but she couldn’t. I ran directly towards them, yelling at the young man “Let go of her ! You hear me ! Let her go!“He released her arm as he saw me coming into his direction, then ran away. Amy was upset. She was disoriented. Her handbag was on the ground.

- “Amy ! are you alright ?“Her face was pale. I noticed she was shedding some tears. She was bewildered and couldn’t respond. I took her by the shoulder and we make our way back to the house. We came in. I wanted her to have a seat on the sofa. She followed me and sat.

- ” Amy ! who was that young man ?”

- “I’m okay now sir ... thank you for your help.”

- “Don’t thank me. It’s my duty to protect you ... Amy !“”It’s my duty to protect you ... Amy”. What am I saying? I am really out of my mind to have said something like that to her.

She kept looking at me trying to find a meaning to what I was saying. I was looking at her without taking my eyes off her. She was here. She was in a mess, but she was home safe and sound. I wanted her to be in some place safe. She was at my house. She was next to me. I could feel her fruity fragrance. I could appreciate being with her. Just me and her.

- “Your finger ! Are you okay? What happened to your thumb??”

- “Ah my thumb, don’t worry. It’s nothing ... I almost cut my finger ! It’s no big deal!” I noticed the blood on the tablecloth.

- “Let me see sir !” she said concerned.She took my hand in hers, scrutinized my finger. The touch of her arm was so delicate. I liked feeling her skin over mine. I guess she liked it, too. For a moment, I felt we both got connected.She rose up and told me to follow her to the kitchen. She grabbed another tablecloth, watered it then placed it on my thumb. She removed the other one.

- “This way. Just hold it”.I smiled at her. She smiled back. She was looking at me as if she wanted to say something. I couldn’t understand what it was. I kept looking at her hazel eyes. And her on mine.

- “I got worried about you.” I said.

- “I am here now !”

- “I didn’t mean to frighten you this morning !“She blushed and said “I didn’t expect you to come to the kitchen at that time of the night!”

- “Who was that guy ?“The question came out of my mouth spontaneously. I wanted to know who this young man might be.
- “A friend.”

- “A friend ! Just a friend?”

- “Just a friend!” she confirms.

- “Why did he speak to you that way?”

- “You’re asking many questions Mr. Richardson !”

- “You’re in my house. I need to know.”

- “There is nothing to know about me ...”

- “What do you mean?”

- “Why are you insisting?”

- “You’re Lisa’s friend !” She kept looking at me wondering what I would say. She was right I was asking a lot of questions than I should be asking. I had to switch to another topic.

- “You missed work today Ms. Morgan !”

- “I went back home just to take some files and I’m heading to work. I am just going to be late for my first day.”

- “I am relieved to know you’re going !”

- “Of course I will. I have to go now sir !“I slipped my hand of hers “yes of course. Take good care of yourself.” And turned my back on her. I had to go back to the kitchen. I couldn’t look at her more than that. She was irresistibly attractive. I had to control myself.

- “Thank you sir ! I appreciate your help”, she said enthusiastically.

- “You’re welcome Amy”.

I spent some time near the pool. It was a sunny day. I liked watching the shades of light in the pool. My friend Philip Johnson visited me that late afternoon. Philip was a good friend of mine. He was the owner of Johnson Incorporations where Lisa and Amy were having their training.

Philip was in his early fifties. He was a businessman. He was married with two children. His two sons were in high school. I had known him for a long time and we had been friends for over fifteen years. He lived not so far from my house. I was glad to know that Lisa was going to have her training in his company in the department of finance. Amy, on the other hand, was accepted to have a training in the accounting department. She was good at accounting. She liked numbers. I learnt from Philip that they may be working together.We talked for some time about business as usual, then he told me he had some plans for the coming days. He was going to throw a party to celebrate his twenty years of marriage with his wife Lauren. I was glad to hear that. I told him we were coming. He insisted on bringing Jason, Lisa and their friends. He said the more, the merrier.

Late afternoon, I needed to go for a walk on the beach. I needed to stretch my legs. I brought with me my two dogs. Max and Cookie. Max was a Belgian sheepdog and Cookie was a Beagle.

Max was my dog. I dressed him myself while Cookie was Lisa’s. She named him Cookie because his fur was of a brownish and blackish color.I liked watching the waves. It helped me think deeply about what I was going through in my life. After spending about an hour in the beach, I came back home.From the yard, I could hear the sound of giggles and rocky music playing.
Lisa, Kyle, Jason, Zoe, Tiffany, and Amy were in the living room.I said hi and went upstairs. I wanted to shower and lay on my bed when someone knocked on my door. It was Jason.He came to inform me that he was going to New Port beach this night to spend a couple of days there with Zoe. I told him if his mother knew about his plans and he said yes. He told me that Zoe’s sister Tiffany was going to come back home to Phoenix in about two days. That she needed to spend the night here. I had no problem with that.After showering, I put the T.V. on to watch the news. I could listen to the kids, by the pool, having fun. They were swimming and splashing one another. I went out on the balcony. Lisa and Tiffany were talking by the pool while Kyle was splashing Amy. She seemed to have fun.I went downstairs to prepare something for dinner. I liked cooking. I heard Carla’s car being pulled over in the garage.I decided to grill some burgers for dinner. I opened the fridge and started preparing the ingredients when my wife came. She was holding in her hands three big pizzas.

- “Dinner’s Pizza tonight ! Don’t cook anything honey !”

- “Great !“She came closer and kissed me. I kissed her back. We were interrupted by the kids coming to the kitchen.

- ” We smelled it ! so delicious !” Lisa said.

- “Yeah I thought we can celebrate your first training day with pizza !” Carla said smiling.
Amy was looking at me from time to time. Kyle was by her side. It was so obvious that he was into her. I didn’t know if it was reciprocal. I didn’t want to know anything.We sat and started eating. It was delicious. We talked and laughed. We had a nice time together. I felt Carla’s hand on mine. I took her hand and she smiled at me.

- “Mom ! Dad ! Hey ! You’re not alone! ” Lisa said somehow embarrassed.Everyone started laughing except Amy who seemed to be distant. She just smiled shyly and kept eating her pizza.After dinner, we left the kids in the kitchen to do the dishes and clean up the mess.Carla and I went upstairs. Carla showered then went to bed. She was tired. She told me about how stressful was her day. She told me about the meetings she had. What were her plans for next week. I told her about Philip’s visit and about his invitation.

We just kissed that night. My wife went to bed. I wanted to read something before going to bed. I had to go downstairs to my library and search for a good book to read.The house was quiet. It was about midnight. Everyone was sleeping.I was coming across the big hall to the library when I heard something by the pool. I tiptoed and stopped next to the bay window to have a look outside. Amy was there in the pool with Kyle. They were making out in my pool.I got upset. I didn’t like what she was doing at all. She was at my house and she was messing up with me. Why was she doing that ?I was about to go out, but I didn’t allow myself to interrupt them. They seemed to be really into each other. Instead, I stood there watching them.It was embarrassing and I didn’t like that. This time was different though. I wanted to see what she was doing. I wanted to keep looking at her.I liked that. I liked when my eyes were on her. Just her.

Since I couldn’t allow myself of doing any further steps toward her, I liked watching her from a distance. It bothered me to see her with another guy. But I didn’t have any choice left, the only way to be able to follow her was to watch her in secret.I forgot why I went downstairs. I stood by the big window in the dark and kept watching the whole scene. I presumed that Tiffany and Lisa were sleeping by now.Kyle and Amy were in the pool. He had his hands on her. On her waist. Hers were around his neck. He was kissing her passionately. It seemed that he liked her. She was kissing him back.From where I was, I could watch what was going on between them. They were making love. I was torn between willing to watch what he was doing to her even though I despised the idea of him touching her body, and feeling myself hurt somehow in seeing her making love to another man.I wish I were him. I wish I were his hands touching her soft body. I wish I could make love to her. I didn’t realize what I was thinking at that moment. She was so exciting. I kept watching her swaying her body in the water and making love to him.I stood there for only a few minutes. It was so unbearable to see her being fucked in my pool, in my house, and in front of me. I couldn’t stand it. It was so difficult to admit it, but I wanted to fuck that lady. I wanted her for myself, and only myself. I was senselessly attracted to her. She was driving me crazy. There was something in her that was mystic. She infused some magical spray on me. She was bewitching.I was attracted to her physically. I liked the shape of her body, the way she dressed herself, how she moves, how she talks. The way she is ...It may seem inconceivable, but this is how I felt about her.I got so excited after watching her being fucked by my son’s best friend that I felt the need to go masturbate. I needed to release my anguish.This is what I did that night while they were making love in the pool.That night, I kept thinking about what I was feeling those days. I wanted to find a plausible explanation to what was happening to me. I couldn’t. Nothing was clear in my head. I didn’t understand what was happening deep down myself. This was weird. I had never been attracted to younger ladies, especially a lady of my daughter’s age.But Amy was special. There was something special about her. She is hard to pin down. You cannot catch her. She’s like the wind and that made her more and more irresistible to me.

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