Esperanza: When the Blue meets the Hazel

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Chapter 6


It was forbidden for me to go to the guest room. The guest room was in the other part of my house. You had to go through the big hall, then another hall to get to that part of my house. Tiffany, Zoe and Amy were there.
That night, Amy was the only one there. Tiffany was in Lisa’s room. After what I saw that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about her ... about how she moved her body while making love to that man. The image of her being fucked by another man couldn’t leave my mind. I was obsessed with her body to the point that I had to wake up again at about four o’clock in the morning to go and see her. I felt the need to see her for a moment.
Just a short moment... I was sure I was going to find her asleep, but I needed to watch her sleeping.
Just a glance. That was all I need ... for now.

Clara was asleep. I tiptoed quietly and got out of my bedroom. Everyone was sleeping. I decided to go to her room. I was sure Tiffany was sleeping in Lisa’s bedroom. Technically, there was no risk. I crossed the big hall safely. There was no light. It was dark and I had to make sure to know where to put my feet. I came to the guest compartment. I didn’t realize what I was doing ...what came to my mind to decide to go there ... what was happening to me ... I was getting crazy and nonsensical ... I didn’t think about what I was doing ... I was crossibg over my boudaries, sort of doing what was strictly forbidden to me to do at the furst place ... and I liked that.

It was worth it. Amy was worthy. I came closely and carefully to her door. It was closed. I looked around, there was sign of nobody around. I placed my hand softly on the handle and pressed it to enter. Hopefully, the door was not locked. I could slightly open the door and there she was ... sleeping in her bed.

She was wearing a white T-shirt and purple panties. She was sublime. I was contemplating her body from head to toe. I liked that... watching her... sleep as sleepy beauty on that bed.

I felt an urgent desire to come closer and caress her hair. I was afraid of waking her up though. I was reluctant to do it. I had to be careful. Even though the room was dark, I managed to contemplate almost all parts of her body.

This young woman was so attractive to me. I just thought that I could keep on doing that each time I needed to see her. I could take any risk just to see her again and again.

Watching her sleeping increased the way I felt about her, this sudden urge to contemplate her made me realize that I desired this young woman. I started getting excited and I could tell that my erection already hardened.
I stood there for about five minutes, but then decided to come back to my bedroom.

The first thing I did when I lay on the bed was to start kissing my wife all over her neck and putting my arms around her waist and thighs. She liked the way I was touching her body despite the fact she was asleep and I managed to wake her up though. She didn’t get why I woke her up at first. She could recall the way I was touching her body, but in reality, we lost that habit of making morning love.

We make love most of the time at night before sleeping. Sometimes, late evening when we are alone at home. I started kissing her. I was getting more and more excited.
Just the thought of Amy sleeping turned me crazy. Her body. Her chest. Her hair. Her legs. Her arms. All her body parts were shown successively in my head. I couldn’t stop visualizing them. They were there in my head. Again and again. Her image is stuck in my memory. I couldn’t get it off. I couldn’t. I didn’t want to. All the time I was kissing Carla, I was thinking of Amy. Her face. Her smile. Her body. She was so exciting. I wanted her. And for me the only possible way to get her ... to have her was through my wife’s body. I know this was insane and pervet, but I can’t help it.

My wife started kissing me back. She was mumbling words like “what is happening to you Marvin ? it is just 4.30 a.m !”

I didn’t let her finish her words as I came into her body in a rush. In a sudden movement that she couldn’t keep on talking for so long. She was, on the contrary, getting more excited and started moaning in a fairly loud voice. All the time I was fucking her, I was imagining myself in Amy’s body ... exploring it ... touching it ... getting hold of it ... for myself if she was mine, but she wasn’t mine. She belonged to someone else, to another man.

I couldn’t stand the idea that there was someone else who could have it for his own. I couldn’t stand that even though I had no right to think so.

I was coming in, then out, then in, then out, then in again, and then out of my wife’s body ... my wife was surprised by my performance that very night. I was not connected to her, it was more something mechanical rather than a sexually emotional connection. And then, I could finally reach that point, that of feeling absolute pleasure before collapsing on her and laying on the other side of the bed.

What was strange, however, was how it ended. Usually, each time we finish making love I wrap her in my arms and keep kissing her till we fall asleep. This time was different. After I reached orgasm, I wanted to go showering directly without staying in the bed.

That was what I did which made her really confused and somehow disappointed at me. She asked me what was happening, I told her I just needed a shower. I needed a cold shower to calm myself down.

Amy was driving me crazy. I felt the urge to see her again. Just once. I missed looking at her slim body. It was weird I felt so.
I should be focusing just on my wife, but I couldn’t. I had her all the time in my head. After having a shower, I came back to bed. Carla was half asleep. She kept asking me why I left her immediately after making love and I didn’t respond to that. What I did, instead, was kissing her on her forehead then holding her in my arms and starting caressing her hair till we both fell asleep. It was a feeling of guilt that I felt at that moment. I couldn’t do that to my wife. She was my wife. The mother of my children. My all. I loved her, but I was attracted to Amy. I couldn’t deny it. That was a fact and nobody can change that reality. What I had to do was I needed to know how to live with that till the end of summer. I was pretty sure that I could handle the situation, that it was just temporary. It was just a month to go, then everything would be set up.
I was mistaken though. Thoroughly mistaken.

That very morning, we gathered all for breakfast. Jason called from New Port Beach to inform us that he would come the next day with Zoe. We gathered around the table in the garden. We were having breakfast. Eventually, she was there. As usual smiling. That kind of irresistible yet purely innocent.
That morning, she looked different. There was something new about her. She didn’t stop looking at me. I was wondering why. I thought maybe she got that I liked her the way she liked me, that we were attracted to each other. I must say that after a few days now that she had been in my house, there were some episodes that had paved the way for us to get somehow closer.

Her eyes glimmered each time I looked at her. I couldn’t look at her all the time though. My wife was sitting next to me. I couldn’t risk to be caught. I liked how she looked that morning. It was obvious that she just had a shower. Her sandy hair was still wet. Carla was speaking to Lisa and Tiffany about what they did early in the morning. Tiffany was talking about going to the beach at 6 a.m. They wanted to swim before going to the training. Tiffany was having another training in another company, but was here to attend a conference related to her field of study. She just came with Jason and Zoe for a week.

I understood that they had a morning swim. The way she looked at me, with her wet hair floating through this summer breeze, made her look hotter.

The hazel color of her eyes was reflected intensively through the light of the day. She was irresistible. She was wearing a casual mini dress. Reddish with some flowers. I was glad to have her with me. It made me feel happy each time I saw her. I tried my best to look at her each time I could even though it was very risky with Carla next to me.

We were talking about the girls’ plan for the weekend when I told them that we were invited to a party at Philip’s in the coming days. I was, of course, willing to have all of them coming with Carla and me to the party. It was my intension. Philip suggested that we all come as well. Surprisingly, Lisa accepted and turned to the girls and whispered some words that I couldn’t hear. I was sure it was about boys.

Carla smiled to me then came closer and kissed me softly on my cheek. I looked at her and kissed her back. I was about to suggest to the girls to give them a lift to work when I noticed that Amy was no longer sitting with us. She left the table without...I mean without asking permission. Tiffany and Lisa were still eating.
I didn’t know what happened to me at that moment. I wanted her back. I had to pretext that I needed more bread. I stood up and headed to the kitchen. I felt that she didn’t appreciate the fact that I kissed my wife.
But it was my wife after all. I had the right to kiss her whenever I wanted. I don’t even know why I had to justify myself. What I didn’t like, on the other hand, was the fact she left me. She left the table and left me...alone. I missed her already. I wanted her back. I came into the kitchen and didn’t find Mrs. Douglas. She wasn’t there. I looked hurriedly around the room. She was nowhere. I stepped toward the door to go to the big hall ... and boom we bumped into each other.
She was holding some files in her hands. And now because of me all her files were scattered on the floor. I could see this confusion on her face, kneeling quickly to collect them, so I kneeled too. I wanted to help her and started collecting a few of the files that were near me.

- “I am sorry Amy ... I didn’t mean to ...” I was about to finish my sentence when she interrupted me saying,

- “It’s Okay Mr. Richardson. You didn’t know that I was coming.” she blushes.

- “So ... what’s your plan for after work?” I said in attempt to engage a conversation with her.

What ? Why did I say so ? I don’t really know. It came out of my mouth spontaneously.

She got surprised by my question that she couldn’t reply in the first place. Maybe not knowing what to say or reply to my “stupid” question, but finally she said,

- “Well, I don’t .... know. Maybe going out with some friends later at night.”

- “Where to ?”

- ” Euh ... why are you asking me that ?”

- ” It’s ... it’s just to know ... you’re living here now and I need to know ... that’s all !“.

- ” What exactly do you need to know?!”

We exchanged glances for a few instants. I didn’t want to reply. I wanted her to read through my eyes and understand by herself that I cared about her. I really did.

I was somehow embarrassed. I shouldn’t have asked her such a question. It meant sole many things...that I was into her.
I didn’t want to show that. I wanted to keep it for myself.
I didn’t say anything and finished helping her with her files when she said
- “Would you like to spend the night with me and Lisa ? I mean ... we can spend some time all together if you want !”
she said bashfully.

I smiled at her and said “I would love that.” I said in an enthusiastic voice enlightening her about how I felt about her plan.

I liked how she suggested that. It was so innocent and so spontaneous. It made me smile, because I knew she wanted to spend some time with me. She liked my company. She liked me, but she didn’t know how to say that.

If I were her, I would get blocked to say such words because I would be talking to my friend’s father. Knowing that I would like him would complicate things more and more. She was kind of brave to me.

That morning, we split up. Carla went to work. The girls went to their trainings. And I, well, I had to go to work. I had two meetings to attend.
One in the morning and another in the afternoon.
The whole day, I was thinking back to what she said to me in the kitchen that morning. The way she said it. How she said it and what she meant when she said it.
I was hopeful. I was happy to be able to spend some more time with her. It wasn’t easy for me, I mean I was her friend’s father to allow myself to spend time with her. So whenever I had the occasion, I had to go for it.

It was a tiring day and I couldn’t wait to come back home. I was thinking about the plan for that night. I couldn’t reach Carla today and I knew that every time she doesn’t call me back, it means that she is overloaded with work.
When I came back home, Lisa told me that her mother wasn’t able to come back earlier that night and that she would come at a late hour.

Mysteriously, I was relieved to know that. I didn’t want Carla to be around. I wanted to be alone with the girls. I wanted to spend time with her and be able to look at her without being supervised by an authority.
I decided to invite them over dinner in a nice restaurant downtown that night. I had finished preparing myself and was waiting for the girls to come by the pool.

I liked looking at the pool’s lights at night. I liked to look at the blue color. I liked to listen to the sound of the wind in my garden. I was sitting on the bench, looking at the stars, when Tiffany came.
- “Mr. Richardson you’re here ! Lisa is searching for you.”

- “I’m waiting for you here ! Are you ready to go out ?”

- “Yes, we’re ready ! I would like to thank you for the invite. I appreciate it.” she smiled.

- “The pleasure is all mine”.
And there she was looking at me, at us.

The moment our eyes met, she turned her back and came back into the house talking to Lisa.
- “I think we’d better go now.”

- “Yes absolutely ! I’m eager to eat in Gustavo’s. It is one of the best restaurant in this area.”

- “Hope you will like it !” I smiled.

Lisa and Amy were waiting in the hall. Amy was stunning that night. She was wearing a nice dark blue mini dress. It was the first time I saw her with light make up on her face.
It made her look prettier even though I liked her natural complexion and the way she looked natural, without any make up.
It was obvious through her look that she saw me talking to Tiffany. She didn’t appreciate it and knowing that made me feel happier to be sure that now she was really into me.

We were heading to Gustavo’s. I was driving a black Lincoln MKZ. Lisa was next to me and in the back, Tiffany and Amy.
I was driving focusing on the road and sometimes, I had to look on the mirror to check the road. Each time I looked into, she was staring at me. We didn’t stop exchanging quick glances.
She was looking and I .... I was looking as well at her, at how amazingly beautiful she looked that evening.

She didn’t smile. She was just looking at me. So did I. Tiffany and Lisa were talking about the college program for next year when someone’s mobile phone rang. It was Amy’s.
She picked it up. I was getting very focused on what she was saying on the phone
" Hi .... Yes .... We’re going to Gustavo’s. With Mr. Richardson and the girls. Yes ... I don’t know. I have to ask him first !”

She had to ask me “what ?” Who was she talking to? Who phoned her ? I wanted to know who the caller was ! Was she going to change her plans for tonight and go with someone else?
Yes, I know that I was reacting as a young man, freshly fallen in a love with a beautiful young lady and afraid of being rejected by her.
I wanted her to stay with us. With me.

It was an occasion to spend some time together and get to know her more. Tonight, Carla is not with us. I can have fun the way I want.
- “Mr. Richardson ! I don’t know how to say that...Can I have your opinion about something ?”

There she was talking and she wanted to know my opinion about...about what?
Okay, let us see first what it is about ! Let us find out.

- “Yes Amy ! What is wrong?”

- “Kyle Bailey wants to join us to Gustavo’s. Is that possible?”

Kyle ! I didn’t want Kyle to join us. No, I didn’t want to. He was dating Amy. And I was sure he would get on my nerves, especially when I would remember that pool scene where he banged Amy in front of me. I don’t want him with us ....
- “Kyle is downtown?” Lisa finally spoke.

- “Guess so !” Amy said.

- “So Dad ! You didn’t say anything !”

My mind was telling to not allow him to come, but these words, finally came out of my mouth in an unintended manner,
- ” Of course he can join us ...”

- ” Thank you so much sir. I really appreciate it” she responds in a polite way.

She called him back. She didn’t seem very enthusiastic to have him with us. I felt she was somehow obliged. Now that she was dating him, she had some privileges, such as spending much time with him.

Listening to her talking to him on the phone and telling him to join us to Gustavo’s made me feel tenser. I realized that I was getting my fingers more clasped on the steering wheel.
Neither Lisa nor the two other girls noticed it. I felt that it was going to be a real nice evening. The nicest of all. The coolest one ever !

We sat on a round table placed in the middle of a square-shaped room. Lisa was on my left side. Tiffany was on my right side. Amy was in front of me. On her right side Kyle. The chef in Gustavo’s was one of my friends. We ordered some food and then started chatting.
At first I was talking to Lisa and Tiffany about how their trainings were going, the different tasks they’re entitled to do,while Kyle and Amy were talking on their own.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I tried to calm myself down and try to look at my daughter and Tiffany. Otherwise I would become inexplicably mad.
I didn’t like him being with us. He was holding her hand. She seemed uncomfortable. Of course, she was. She wouldn’t be so, if he wasn’t with us. It was clear she wanted to be with the girls... and with me, I guess.

The thing was that he was with us and I had to handle the situation as I could. I refused to spend the whole evening looking at him flirting with her, as he was doing now ... And for that I knew what to do to handle this kind of situation.
I turned to Kyle and engaged a conversation with him about his new job. He didn’t see me coming. He didn’t expect me to talk to him as I was chatting with the girls. Kyle was Jason’s friend since childhood. He admired me a lot. He’s always considered me as if I was one of his family members. I liked him, too. He was a nice guy.

But I must confess that I couldn’t stand him anymore because he was flirting with Amy.

The dinner was good. Delicious food, nice people to talk to... and Amy. She was the star of the soirée. My star.

I paid the bill and we went outside to the parking lot to go home when Kyle asked me.
- “Mr. Richardson, Can I have your permission to invite Amy out?”

Invite her out huh ! Is he kidding me!? It is an excuse of course to spend more time with her... alone. I didn’t like this idea of him and her spending more time together at night and I am not dumb, dear Kyle.
- “I am really sorry Kyle ... but tonight she won’t !” I finally said.
Lisa was surprised by my answer. So were Kyle, Tiffany and Amy. I like when I surprise people.

- “Dad ! She’s 20. And she wants to be with her boy ... Kyle !”

- “Yes I know but it is getting late guys ! Plus, tomorrow you work early in the morning ! don’t you?”

- “Sorry Mr. Richardson !”

- “Another time Kyle ! But the girls had to go home for tonight. You work tomorrow ladies, remember ! You have to be in bed !” I teased them.

I saw a smile on her face and I understood that she liked the way I responded to Kyle. I had to. I wanted her to understand that I cared about her more than she might think.
Lisa didn’t like the way I responded to Kyle. I wasn’t going to let him spend more time with her, if not fuck her one more time, I had to do something.

We came back home. Everyone headed to one’s own bedroom. Tiffany and Amy to the guest part. Each one of the girls had her own room. Lisa went to hers. And I to mine. I called Carla. She was still at work. She had to come back late maybe after midnight. She hadn’t finished working on one of her client’s order.

I started undressing myself and went to shower. After that I turned on the T.V. to watch the news. Later, I checked my emails and I started to feel tired. It was time to go to bed. It was midnight. Time for me to go to bed.
And then, came to me that desire. The same desire that rushed into my body and soul yesterday at night. I wanted to go and see her secretively as I did yesterday. I needed to see her.

I was wearing black shorts and a white T-shit. My hair was still wet. The lights were off. I checked Lisa’s bedroom. No light. Door closed. I headed to the guest room afterwards. I was excited to see her without being seen, as I did yesterday. Tiffany’s door was closed. There was no light. I looked on the other side. Amy’s door was closed too. And no light. They were sleeping.
The way was clear. Perfect!
I came closer to Amy’s door. As I was about to hold the handle, I heard quiet sounds inside. It was her voice. She was moaning in a quiet voice.
I tried to open the handle in order to see what was going on inside. I just thought maybe Kyle was with her inside. That idea stressed me out. I didn’t like it at all. Thinking about it made me feel pissed off. The very thought that Kyle might be inside this room, doing forbidden things to her started to get on my nerves.

I managed to open slightly the door without making any noise. She couldn’t see me. She was lying on her bed. She was alone in the room. I was relieved to know that he wasn’t there.
She was alone in the room, totally naked. She was lying on her back. Her legs were spread open. She was masturbating.
I didn’t realize what I was seeing. Amy was masturbating. She was divine.
It was the first time I had the chance to see her body ... all the parts of it. Her breasts were perfectly drawn in the light of the night. Her sex was shaved. She was touching herself and moaning at the same time. Her eyes were closed.
I stood there watching her. As I was watching Amy, I started to get more and more excited. I felt my erection hardens. She was so exquisite. I didn’t take my eyes off her. I was appreciating what I was seeing ... I could devour her whole body if I had only that chance. For now, all I could do was contemplating this scene where she was the center of my attention. I held my penis with my right hand and started a soft hand job. The more she was moaning, the more I got excited. The more she swayed her body, the more I held it tighter and tighter. I couldn’t make a noise. Otherwise, she would catch me spying on her. As the time passes by, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning in a quiet voice, the desire was burning higher inside of me making me produce unvoluntary moaning sounds. For a moment, she stopped, then looked toward the door where I was just standing.

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