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Her Effect

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Arranged marriages are uncommon but still a reality. Childhood friends and now CEOs of promising corporations, Mr Edwards and Mr Hughes find that it would be in their best interest to wed their children. Azalea Oleander Edwards and Elijah Rowan Hughes are both not pleased. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ This book in intended for those 18+, valgur language, adult scenes and drug (if you found Marijuana as a drug) usage. If you are soft hearted and still wish to read, please do so with caution.

Romance / Erotica
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Third persons pov.

"Azalea dear." Lilly Edwards called out to her daughter. The little four-year-old came in running, covered head to toe in dirt. The freckled faced girl smiled widely at her mother.

"Yes mummy." She said swinging from heel to toe.

"Mr and Mrs Hughes are coming over today and they are bringing their boys over. Now I want you to play nice, ohk." the four hear old nodded and hugged her mother.

"Mummy, when can I play with Jasmine?" She asked innocently. Her mother gave her a confused look.

"Who is Jasmine dear?"

"My baby sister." She said placing her hand on her mother's protruding stomach. Lilly laughed and held her daughters' hand.

"What a lovely name." Lilly kissed the little girl on her head. "Now, lets get you cleaned up. We cannot have our guest come over and you are looking like you've just been in a war."

Lilly washed and dressed Azalea, although the little girl was not pleased with what her mother had her in.

"But mummy, I don't want to wear this dress." She whined. Pulling on the hem.

"You look so adorable, though. Does she not, honey?" Lilly asked her husband. Who was standing right behind her.

"Like Daddy's little princess." Warren said lifting his daughter and kissing her on the cheek.

"I don't want to be a princess." She complained.

"It's just for tonight, ohk baby." Her father kissed her head.

"Ohk." She said in a soft voice. "Daddy, when Jasmine in here, can mummy dress her up instead of me?" Her father chuckled and looked at his wife. Warren shrugged his shoulders at the glare he was receiving from his wife.

"It's because you wanted a boy, that is why she is the way she is." Lilly said walking to the kitchen. Just then the doorbell rang. Warren walked over, still carrying Azalea.

"Warren!" Greeted his best friend, Thomas. "Nice to see you man."

"It's been too long Thomas." He said opening the door wider for Thomas and his family to step in.

"Who is this little princess?" Thomas asked Azalea, who tucked her head into her father's shoulder. The men laughed at her shyness.

"This is Azalea, Azalea hun. This is daddy's best friend, Uncle Thomas." Warren looked down as his wife, who was now next to him. "I'm sure you remember Lilly."

"How could I not?" Thomas said shaking Lilly's hand. "This is my wife Robin, my eldest son Elijah and the baby in my wife's hands is Ryan."

"Nice to meet you." Lilly said shaking Robin's hand. "Now let us not stand around here. Babe close the door, dinner is just about cooked." The brunette rushed into the kitchen, Robin followed, and the men sat in the lounge.

"Azalea dear, don't you want to make friends with Elijah?" Warren asked his daughter sitting in his lap. Azalea looked at the boy who was seated next to his father. She did not even remember what was said to be his name, despite the fact that her father had just said it, she was not sure if she would but one thing that she remember were his eyes. The grey almost silver eyes looked directly at. Scared she wrapped her arms around her fathers' neck. She heard her father laugh before speaking to his friend. This was first of many visits that Azalea would not enjoy.

Twelve years later...

"Wait, you mean to tell me that Ollie, the Ollie you keep mentioning is her? Azalea Edwards?" Asked an awestruck Conner.

"Yeah, I fail to understand why you are so shocked." Elijah said placing his books in his bag.

"How could I not be? Dude, she is the finest babe I have ever seen!" Conner exclaimed as they exited the class.

"Conner don't speak with you dick, she and Elijah are like brothers." William spoke.

"Don't assume shit, Will. She is anything but, our parents just work together." Elijah corrected.

"Are we just going to skip over the fact that William called her a dude?" Questioned Conner.

"That is because she is, besides the fact that I have never seen her in a dress other then the uniform. She fucking eats like a body builder." Elijah said with a disgusted look on his face. As the rounded the corner, Elijah collide with someone. He looked down at the freckled brunette that was shooting him daggers with her eyes. Before either of them could react, Conner rushed to lift her too her feet.

"My apologies love, this oaf has no manners." He said still holding her hand.

"Yeah, thanks blondie." Azalea said pulling her hand out Conner's' grip. "You're coming over to my place today, your brother already knows." She informed Elijah, not waiting for a response she turned on her heel and walked away.

"Damn, that is one fine looking ass." Conner said, earning a smack to his head. "What the F, dude?" He asked Elijah whilst rubbing the back of his head.

"He is not lying." William coolly stated as the continued to walk to their next class.

"How come William didn't get hit?" Complained Conner.

"Because I am not crude about it." William defended. "Dude I have a question?" He said as they sat down.

"And that would be?" Elijah said pulling out a note pad.

"Why do you call her Ollie? That has nothing to do with her name."

"Her second name in Oleander." Elijah said as the teacher walked in.

When the day was through Elijah and Ryan sat in the dinning room of Mr and Mrs Edwards home, doing homework. Azalea was in her room as she had finished all her work.

"Would you boys like something to drink?" Mrs Edwards asked.

"Yes please." Replied his brother. "May I have something to eat?"

"Of course, honey, and you Elijah?"

"No thank you aunt Lilly."

Just then Jasmine rushed through the door. "You won't believe what happened today!" excitement evident in her tone.

"What would that be dear?" Mrs Edwards said looking at her daughter.

"I got the part!" Mrs Edwards face lit up and pulled her daughter into her embrace.

"Well done baby girl. Who will you be playing?"

"Ophelia, Hamlets love."

"Well done." Ryan spoke. Jasmine smiled and clapped her hand, she could barely contain her happiness.

"Thank you. I can't wait." And with that she ran to her room.

That night the Hughes were staying over to dinner. The parents all sat in the kitchen, Ryan and Jasmine played video games, Elijah sat reading King Lear and Azalea has not left her room since this afternoon.

"Kids! Come eat." Called Mrs Hughes.

"Where is Ollie?" asked Mr Edwards as they sat down.

"I'll go get her." Elijah offered before he was seated. As he neared her room, Elijah could hear s slight hum. He knocked on the door. "Ollie." He called out. When there was no reply, her opened the door and what he saw changed his whole view of Azalea.

There she sat, in nothing but a pair of purple lace panties and black spaghetti strapped top. He now saw why his friend referred to her as "fine ass". She was surrounded by paper, pencils, and the rest of her art supplies. That image alone sent his blood rushing, he could see her laying in that same attire next to him. Suddenly purple was his new favourite colour. At this moment, Elijah hated being an eighteen-year-old boy. Azalea faced her window, that looked to a clear and beautiful night sky. Her sketch pad was open in front of her as she watched the sky. Her long brown hair in a loose not, she played with a tendril of her. Elijah remembered she does this when she was lost in thought. He noticed her headphones were on. Must have been the reason why she did not hear him. Elijah looked around for something small to throw at her. He threw a piece of paper that she had laying on her floor.

"What the..." she turned with a confused look on her face.

"Come eat." Was all Elijah could say, he closed her door and rested his head on it. Taking a breath to calm himself. if he thought she was a beauty from behind. His member almost immediately shot up when she faced him. He could never look into those golden, amber eyes the same.

Later that year, at Elijah's high school graduation...

"Well done my son." Elijah' father said giving him a hug.

"We are so proud of you." His mother said kissing him on his cheek.

"Thanks mom and dad. So, what do you guys have planned for me?" He questioned, knowing full well that his parents planned something for today. "And what ever it is, can Conner and William join."

"Already ahead of you, bro." Conner said draping his arm around his shoulder.

"Party at you place." William appeared on the other side of him.

"You parents coming, dears?" Robin asked Conner.

"No Mrs Hughes, she has nightshift today." Conner's mother worked as a nurse at the hospital.

"My father is Mrs Hughes." William was a foster kid, his foster father. William took him in when he was eight. That was around the dame time that the three of them met.

"Ohk then, if everyone is ready." Thomas said walking towards the car.

When they reached home, the Edwards and Elijah's baby brother had already sat up everything. After congratulating the boys, they all proceeded to go out back and have lunch, once finished, the parents went in and the kids stayed outside to enjoy the pool. All except Azalea, who sat in the hammock reading.

"Yo Ollie!" Shouted Conner. "Come take a dip babe."

"I'm good with the book." She said not even looking away from her book. Which was a bad idea, as she did not notice William and Elijah come up behind her. Before she could react, she was thrown into the pool.

"You stupid idiots!" She screamed, holding her book above her head as to not get it wetter than it already was.

"Girls aren't usually upset when I get them wet." Conner said swimming up behind her.

"Is that before they see you two inched penis." Azalea said as she got out the pool, grabbing one of the towels before stripping of her wet clothes.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" Elijah said standing in front of her, trying to block her body with his larger frame.

"Getting ready to transform into a power ranger." Sarcasm laced thick in her tone, as she pulled her top over her head. Elijah rushed to lift the towel to shield her.

"You cannot be stripping in front of my friends." Elijah protested.

"It would be the same as them seeing me in a bikini." Azalea said struggling out of her jeans.

"No, it would not." Elijah said looking away from her whilst still holding up the towel.

"Thank for you concern but remember you're the idoit who threw me in. With my damn book might I add." Azalea grabbed the towel from his hands and wrapped herself before heading to the back door.

"Don't be shy baby!" shouted Conner." Show us what we are working with."

"Get bent." She said walking into the bouse. Elijah laughed at his friend's disappointment, he enjoyed riling Azalea up. Her quick wit and sharp tongue made for good entertainment. He was going to miss that once he went to study.

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