Crucible Vows

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Chapter 16

As promised, the next morning Luna and I continued on our way. The closer we got to Alovia, the warmer it was getting. Though we were heading West generally, we were more specifically heading South-West where the Capital of Alovia was found. Luna informed me that today’s ride would get us to the town he would leave me in for a while so he could go to the Capital of Obrenor.

During the time we were riding, we simply talked. We continued our game of questions and learned more about each other’s culture. But I couldn’t help but feel guilty over the fact that he still didn’t truly know who I was. I wanted to tell him multiple times, but a lingering fear rested in my chest of what would happen if I was discovered. But as we continued through our travels, I found myself thinking about it less and less. I simply enjoyed my time with this Knight.

“So, Elves aren’t immortal?” Luna asked during one part of our ride.

I laughed. “Elves age slower than humans, but we aren’t immortal like people want to believe.”

“Well,” Luna’s eyes remained on the road. “One of my buddies in my company owes me money then.”

“You made a bet out of that?” I swiveled around to look him in the eyes.

He shrugged. “Can you blame us? We kept hearing all these things about Elves and never met one to be able to clarify our questions. So, we always said that if we met an Elf, we’d have to ask about the things we didn’t agree on. Might as well get some money off of it.”

I rolled my eyes and turned forward once again. I recognized that we were getting closer to another tow, and Luna began to slow down his horse. As we came into town, Luna got off of his horse, and began to guide it to some stables.

“You’ll be safe here until I get back.” He responded. “I’ll get a room for you at the local in.”

“How long will you be at the capital?” I asked.

“I’ll be back in at least two days.” He responded.

“Why wait?” An unfamiliar voice called out, causing us to turn towards the sound.

Without any prior notice, a squad of Knights came out from hiding and surrounded us. They each held a lance and aimed their sharp points at us. Luna released Zealot’s reigns and lifted his hands to show that he was not attempting to grab a weapon. I did the same as I sat on Zealot. As we waited silently, another man stepped forward. He was not dressed in the garb of a Knight. He had a long flowing cape from his shoulders and a crown on his blonde hair. It was the King.

“Your Majesty.” Luna greeted with a bow of his head, though his hands remained in the air.

“You didn’t arrive with those you sent me.” The King’s voice was cold. “And there was no Elf girl with them.”

“Please, your Majesty.” Luna pleaded.


With a small nod from the King’s head, I was grabbed from behind with a hand slapping over my mouth. Though muffled, I let out a scream and struggled for freedom. Two other guards grabbed me by my wrists as the one who grabbed me pulled off the headband covering my ears. I was exposed. Luna made a move to run over and help me, but he was quickly seized by several other Knights.

The King walked over to me and flicked the tip of my ear. “Disobeying orders, Luna?”

“She has done nothing to you, my liege.” He argued. “Please, let her go.”

The monarch didn’t listen to Luna’s begs. He simply looked me over. His grabbed my chin and forced me to look him in the face. I bit my tongue, trying not to make the situation worse for Luna than it actually was. I didn’t back down though. I stared into his dark green eyes and glared. His mouth parted slightly before turning into a smirk.

“Lock him up and bring her along.” He demanded. “Looks like I have some work to do.”

“Luna!” I cried just before a gag was placed around my mouth and tied tightly.

Shackles were placed around my wrists and I was forced forward. We didn’t move that far before Luna tried to fight back. Using his strength and size, he bashed into a guard on the side of him. He kicked the other to the ground. Pulling his sword from the sheath, he took a stance to fight.

The King looked back in annoyance. “It’s only one man. Don’t kill him.”

Several other Knights surrounded Luna and attacked. He was able to block several attacks and break several lances. But even with all his skills, he couldn’t take on all of them. He was able to knock several to the ground before one was able to get a solid hit in with the hilt of his sword. The blow landed on the side of his head, causing him to stumble. Another hit to the jaw caused him to fly back, and his helmet to fly off.

I let out a muffled cry.

Luna landed on his back and let out a painful grunt. He forced himself to roll to his side so he could try to stand. The other Knights didn’t give him a chance to fight back. A set of shackles were placed around his wrists, and his weapon was taken. He was forced to his knees and I saw his face for the first time.

His hair was dark brown that it could be mistaken as black. A square jaw that already began to bruise from the attacks. Dark brown eyes that were so full of life and anger. My heart sank at the state he was in. I wanted to run over and help him, but the guards holding me back wouldn’t let me. As he glared at the King walking towards him, I notice a scar that cut through one of his eyebrows.

The King looked down at Luna with a hand on his hip. “If you wanted to die so quickly, I could easily grant that.”

I cried out, begging that he be spared.

The King looked back at me. He paused for a moment and glanced back at Luna whose eyes were focused on me. The tyrant glanced between us before another smirk came to his lips. He waved for the Knights to force Luna to his feet.

“But I’ll think I’ll keep you alive for a bit longer.” He stated to the Knight who had spent so much time protecting me. “Take them to the Palace Dungeons. I’ll deal with them later.”

With that, we were forced to the Capital and taken to the palace. I didn’t remember the journey to the Capital. I simply remembered slowly making progress to what surely felt like my death. Once we reached the dungeons, I was thrown in a cell. Luna on the other hand was dragged away to another cell. I didn’t see if he fought against it or not. All my hope was gone. I felt nothing. I sank to the ground and gave up.

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