Crucible Vows

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Chapter 24

I was woken the next day by one of the servants of the house. He guided me downstairs to where Luna was preparing to leave with me. A simple breakfast was served and we worked on packing our items. Luna’s mother made sure that I had enough comfortable clothes for the remainder of the journey. As I worked on placing some bags on Zealot’s saddle, Luna worked on getting the armor he stole on, reminding me of the work I did. I quickly ran over to where I had the shoulder piece stored.

Walking back over, I presented it to him. He grabbed it and examined it. The once gold lion crest was now a vivid green color. His eyes went back up to me with his eyebrows showing confusion.

“With my people,” I explained. “Colors have many meanings. Depending on the shade and hue of a color the meaning changes. This green color is one that means redemption or a new start. Before we arrived here, you acted as though you hated what this crest stood for. What the Knights stood for. I wanted to show you that morals and desires can change. You’ve started a new life, and you deserve to see that it can be a good life.”

As I spoke, he attached it to its spot and moved closer to me. Bending down, Luna pressed his lips against my cheekbone for a moment.

He pulled away and gave me a smile. “Thank you, Elora.”

He turned back to his preparations while I felt the blood rise to my cheeks. Not too long after, I sat on Zealot’s back while Luna bid his parents goodbye. I looked out to the horizon. In a few hours I would arrive to the boarder of Alovia. I didn’t know what to expect. I still needed to get to the Capital of Alovia. I had to get to the King. Even if I were never able to return to Nythstaesi, I knew I’d be safe there.

“I promise I’ll find a way to write you and let you know we’re safe.” Luna said to his mother and father. “Thank you for caring for us.”

“Just be careful, son.” His father stated.

Luna nodded and mounted the horse. “May Romos’s quill favor your story.”

“May Romos’s quill favor your story.” His mother repeated to us.

With that, Luna urged Zealot forward in a gallop. We continued to move at that pace until the sun was high in the sky. Luna brought Zealot to a stop and let him rest for a while we sat in a clearing. A feeling of anxiety began to fill my chest. We were out in the open, and anyone could see us. If we weren’t ready, we could be attacked at any moment by Knights or another creature. I wasn’t always like that. I use to be able to travel around the woods with no fear of being attacked, but my whole situation messed that up.

“You’ve told me a bit about your religion.” Luna broke the tension by getting me to talk about something that calmed me. “I’d like to know more.”

I smiled and began to talk about the gods of my people. “Rilene is our Goddess over all the world and her people. Her husband is Oldall who works alongside her to create life and build Fenarion to what it needs to be.”

Luna jumped in. “Fenarion?”

I smiled at his question. “Your people call this world Libretto. My people call it Fenarion. But to continue, Rilene and Oldall have three children who focus on specific parts of the world. Moris is the God over the land and skies. Any creature that lives within them are part of his creations. He also controls the weather and how Fenarion moves and changes. Omohr is the God of the seas. We still don’t know all the creatures he has brought to this world. The waves, and storms in the sea are his domain. And Sobin is the Goddess of those who have passed. She watches over the souls of the world after they have died and make sure they are at peace and cared for. She always shows mercy to those who deserve it.

“Each God has their responsibility and Rilene and Oldall watches over everything. Depending on the situation, we pray to a different God. They are benevolent Gods that care for their people. But I’ll be honest in saying I don’t understand why they allowed my Kingdom to be attacked.” My head dropped and I stared at the ground.

Luna stared at me as I spoke. Eventually, he leaned forward and placed a hand on my shoulder. “From my standing, certain tragedies happen so a great change will take place. It’s terrible that it had to happen, but even Romos has allowed terrible things to happen for the greater good to prevail. Such as the Great War with the Orcs. One of the only times in history when all three Kingdoms united to fight the greater threat. The war itself was a great loss to all our peoples, but that unity brough so much prosperity in the end.”

I let a weak smile come to my lips. “The question is what kind of change was this attack supposed to bring?”

“We’ll figure that out along the way.” He promised.

I looked up to him and stared into dark eyes.

“I just realized something.” He spoke as he began to write something in the dirt in front of us. He spelled out Romos’s name. “If you take the first initial of each of your gods. Rilene, Oldall, Moris, Omohr, and Sobin. It spells out Romos’s name. Maybe there’s more of a connection between our beliefs than we knew.”

I stared at the name for a moment. “Maybe.”

Was there really a connection between my religion and Luna’s. It couldn’t be coincidence that my gods’ names spelled out the major deity of Obrenor and Alovia. There had to be something there that I didn’t know. I knew that if I had the chance, I would have to try to find some books that would help me understand better.

“We best get moving again. We are close to the boarder.” Luna said as he stood up.

Guiding me back to Zealot, we rode off towards the boarder once more. A few more hours passed and we were right on the edge of the boarder when we encountered several Knights of Alovia. We pulled to a stop right as several lifted their lances at us.

“Halt!” One shouted at us.

“What business do you have crossing the border?” Another demanded.

Luna spoke up. “We mean no harm, but I have to get her into Alovia, she is not safe in Obrenor.”

The Captain of the group stepped forward and looked over us. His eyes landed on me and he dropped to a knee. “My Lady!”

The other Knights noticed me and dropped to their knee as well. A feeling of panic entered my chest. I hadn’t had a chance to tell Luna yet. Luna got off of Zealot and helped me down to the ground as the other Knights began to stand back up. The Captain walked over to me.

Placing a fist over his chest he bowed his head as he spoke. “Forgive me, My Lady. We did not notice you at first. But we’ve been told by King Darian to keep a look out for you at the boarders and bring you to the castle immediately if we found you.”

I nodded silently. Glancing back at Luna, I noted the confused look in his eyes through the visor of his helmet, but he didn’t say anything.

“We will escort you to the next village and get a carriage for you to ride into the castle.” The Captain reported.

I nodded again, dreading having to tell Luna the truth under those circumstances.

“We are glad you are safe,” the Captain added. “My Lady.”

As we walked across the border, I suddenly heard the sound of clashing. Turning on my heel I watched in horror as Luna was grabbed and restrained by the other Knights. I stepped forward to run over to him, but the Captain reached and grabbed my shoulder, holding me back.

“No!” I shouted. “Don’t hurt him!”

“My Lady, he is a Knight of the Kingdom that attacked your people!” The Captain tried to reason with me.

“He is no longer a Knight of the Obrenor!” I shouted back. “He’s the reason I survived the whole time I was there! If you force him to return, he will die.”

Tears began to form in my eyes as I stared down the Captain. He glanced between Luna and I before holding up a hand that caused the other Knights to be kinder to Luna, but they didn’t release him.

“What do you wish for us to do then, My Lady?” He asked me.

“Let him come with me.” I commanded.

He glanced between us again. “Very well, My Lady. But I do not have in good conscious to let him be close to you. We will come along and ride behind your carriage on his horse. He is too lowly for you to associate with. I think it best not to speak with him until dealings with King Darian are finished.”

“I don’t want him harmed, Captain.” I made clear.

“I promise you, My Lady.”

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