Crucible Vows

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Chapter 25

The Captain kept his word. Taking Luna and I to the next town, we were able to commission a carriage to the Capital of Alovia. I had a full escort the entire time and Luna was behind me on Zealot. The Captain didn’t allow me to leave the carriage often, and he certainly didn’t allow Luna and I to converse. I knew he was still confused, and I wanted to explain things to him properly. But I just had to wait for when we arrived at the Capital to have the chance to talk to him again.

Over the next few days, I hardly ever left the carriage. And we were constantly on the move. We only stopped every once and a while to change horses, drivers, get food, etc. Though I was guarded constantly by several Knights, I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t feel comfortable. Whenever I thought about it, I only remembered Luna being treated like a prisoner of war. I’d feel better if he were in the carriage with me.

“My Lady,” the captain came to the window of the carriage. “I have sent word to His Majesty. He will be expecting you. One more day’s ride and you will arrive.”

I nodded. “Thank you, Captain.”

Another day, and another long journey of silence and loneliness. I spent most of my time in the carriage staring out the window or sleeping. Every once and a while I would glance back to Luna to make sure he was still there. I was exhausted, and by his posture, he was too. I wanted that journey to end as soon as possible so he could get some rest. And luckily, we were able to get that once we arrived at the castle.

After several days in a carriage with little interaction, we finally arrived at the Capital and stopped in front of the gates of the castle. As the carriage door was opened, I was greeted by two lines of Knight and a long luxurious carpet that lead to the stairs of the castle. At the end of the carpet was the King of Alovia. I stepped out of the carriage and met the King halfway as he walked towards me.

He bowed his head towards me. “I am overjoyed to see you alive, Princess.”

I heard a stumble behind me and I looked back to see what happened. Luna was off his horse, but his arms were restrained behind his back as he walked a distance behind me. Even with his helmet on, I could see the shock in his eyes. The truth was out. I wasn’t the person he knew.

I curtsied to the King before I spoke. “Your Majesty, I ask that this man is released. He protected me my entire time in Obrenor. I trust him and owe him my life.”

King Darien looked over to the former Obrenor Knight. His eyes scanned the man before giving a nod of his head, causing the ones holding him to let go. Luna stood up straight and took a few steps forward before bowing to the King. I noticed that he didn’t look my way much. And I understood. If I were in his position, I wouldn’t want to look at the person who deceived me the entire time I had known them.

“What’s your name, warrior?” King Darian asked Luna.

“Luna Farrah, Your Majesty.” He remained bowed.

“Thank you, Luna.” The King responded. “For bringing Princess Meira to Alovia. I know I can keep her safe here until she is able to return to Nythstaesi.”

“I’m glad to be of service, Your Majesty.” His voice was monotone.

I bit my tongue to prevent myself from speaking out. As much as I wanted to explain the whole situation to Luna, it wasn’t the right time. I was certain that Luna didn’t want to speak to me and he needed time to think things through. If I had the chance later, I would tell him everything. But that was a big ‘if’ that I didn’t know would favor my desires or not.

“For everything you’ve done, I’d like to reward you.” The King spoke up. “Whatever you desire. Gold? Land? A title here in Alovia?”

I heard a sigh come from Luna. “If it pleases you, Sire. I’d like to remain here by Elor... Meira’s side. I’d like to see this through until she can return to her Kingdom.”

King Darien looked over to me. “What say you?”

A feeling of relief came to my chest. “I’d be glad to accept him.”

The King nodded. “Very well, until it is time for Princess Meira to return to Nythstaesi, Luna Farrah, you will act as her personal guard. You will stay here at the castle with her. Then we can discuss living arrangements when it is time. If you two will follow me, I’ll show you to your rooms.”

I bowed once more as the King passed and followed him up the stairs. Even with Luna closer to me and I could actually speak to him, he made sure to remain a fair distance away from me. Whenever I looked back, he would avert his eyes from me. Most of the time, I ended up staring at the ground.

“Princess,” King Darien called for my attention. “Your room will be right here. If you need anything, feel free to ask any of the servants. Or you can come find me. Get some rest, I’ll have someone come wake you when supper is ready.”

I nodded silently and entered the large room. I didn’t remember walking over to the bed, but I fell on it, hoping for some rest. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t sleep. Whenever I closed my eyes, I saw Luna staring at me. A mix of shock and hurt was engraved into his expression. And it haunted me until it was time to get ready for supper.

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