Crucible Vows

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Chapter 30

Elora’s Knights would permit me to get close to her after what had happened the night previously. I hoped that would change the next morning when I went to her room. The Knight were gone, much to my delight. But when I knocked on the door, there was no response. After another knock, I opened the door and found the room empty. My heart leapt to my throat and I ran to the dining hall, hoping that she would be there. Only the King was sitting and enjoying a meal.

“Luna,” he greeted me kindly. “Good morning, take a seat and eat.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” I responded. “But I must decline. Have you seen Elor... Princess Meira by chance?”

“I haven’t. If she’s not in her room, then she might be in the gardens or the library.” He responded. “It’s strange that she didn’t come for breakfast though.”

I swallowed a lump in my throat. “Could she have possibly left already?”

He paused a moment before putting the fork down. “That is a possibility. You told me last night that her Knights tried to get her to leave immediately after they arrived. Maybe they convinced her to leave early this morning.”

A shaky breath escaped my lungs.

King Darien stood up and walked over to me. “Calm yourself, my friend. I’m sure she is safe.”

“I hope so.” My voice was shaky. “I just didn’t get to say goodbye.”

“Why does it have to be goodbye?”

My eyes remained gazing at the floor. “She’s soon to be Queen of Nythstaesi. I’m a disgraced Knight of Obrenor.”

“And I was a bastard son of the former King.” He added. “Why does it matter the titles or the past. Even as a bastard, I was made their because I proved that I could lead Alovia. You’ve given up a lot to be able to just get her to Alovia. She’s important to you, isn’t she?”

“I love her.” I stated simply.

“Then follow her.” He responded.

“But she’s already made her decision. She left.”

“That’s a whole lot of Blot.” The King practically shouted. “You are so important to her that she probably made this decision because of you. She didn’t want to separate from you either. So, why are you giving up?”

I glanced at the King. “What if your wrong?”

“I highly doubt that because she told me herself.” He countered. “But if I’m wrong, then will you regret taking the risk to go after her to find out the truth?”

I shook my head.

“Then go to her!” He encouraged. “Follow her to Nythstaesi and show that you were willing to follow her to the ends of Libretto because she is your entire world. The next boat to Nythstaesi will arrive in two days. You have that long to prepare.”

“I don’t think the people of Nythstaesi will be willing to let me in.” I responded, looking at the crest on my shoulder.

He brought his hand to his chin. “I’ll write you a signed and stamped letter of authority, saying you’re going on my behalf.”

“Am I allowed to take my horse?”

“Of course. It means you’ll get there faster.” He agreed. “Now get to it. You don’t have long to prepare. I’ll have that letter to you by tonight.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” I said with a bow.

“If things don’t work out.” He responded. “Come back here. I have some work for you.”

I nodded and left the room to start preparing to leave and meet Elora at Nythstaesi. deep in my heart, I hoped and prayed that things would work out and that nothing bad would happen. I hoped that for once in the whole journey together, something would work out for our benefit rather than being followed by some form of tragedy. I simply wanted to spend a happy eternity with the woman I loved.

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