Crucible Vows

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Chapter 5

I quickly understood why Mrs. Natale needed help. It was indeed busy that night. Busier than most nights, and I gladly stepped in to help take food to the tables while she cooked. Though I could see that the people there didn’t really like me serving them, they didn’t say anything. The just ignored me when they weren’t ordering something.

A new couple sat down at a table and I quickly walked over to them to take their order. I stood next to the table and explained the specials of the day and offered some suggestions. The man looked exhausted, and the woman was sympathetic towards her partner.

“Please bring us two warm drinks. It’s especially cold tonight and we could use something warm.” She asked me.

I nodded. “Would you like me to bring a blanket or two as well for you to warm up? Or would you like to move closer to the fire?”

The man shook his head. “No, thank you. Just a drink for now. And have Mrs. Natale prepare two bowls of her soup please.”

I nodded once more and walked away to the kitchen. Though I couldn’t cook, I was taught how to make drinks, and I quickly prepared two cups of tea while Mrs. Natale worked on several orders at once. I took the warm cups in my hands and back out to the couple and set them down in front of them.

“I’m telling you, Lilith,” the man spoke. “I haven’t been able to sleep for the past week. I’m exhausted, but I can’t get myself to just relax enough to sleep.”

Lilith reached over and placed a hand on his. “I’m sorry. I wish I knew more of what to do, but your memories of the attack will fade in time. Soon, you will be able to rest.”

I blinked at the conversation but didn’t stay long enough to hear anything else. I focused on the other customers. I continued to run around delivering food and taking care of any needs. Once I even glanced over and saw Luna, in all his armor, in the corner. He raised his hand at me when I saw him, and I walked over.

“What can I get for you tonight, Sir?” I asked without making eye contact.

“I’m fine.” He stated. “I just was saying ‘hi.’”

I blinked at the comment and nodded before turning back to my work. Eventually, the same couple from earlier called for my attention. I walked over, ready to serve in any way I could.

“Could I get another cup?” The man asked.

I nodded. “Of course. I’ll have that right out.”

I walked back into the kitchen and looked over the ingrediencies. As I looked, I noticed several that if blended together properly, it would help someone sleep. Maybe I could use that and help him get the rest he needed. But I was missing one thing. I looked outside the back door. Just in the distance there was a field of flowers, and one of the flowers I needed was a Moon Flower. Its petals completed the mixture for a tea that would help someone sleep.

I ran outside and went to the field. It was bitterly cold, and I didn’t have anything to keep me warm at the moment. But, luckily, I quickly found the Moon Flower and picked it. I ran back to the Tavern and washed its petals. Mixing the other ingredients, I let it seep in the hot water for a few minutes until I could pour it into the cup. As I waited, I rubbed my cold hands together to try to warm them up.

Once the tea was one, I took it out to the couple and left it in front of the customer. The rush had calmed and I walked over to the fire to warm back up. A few minutes passed, and I was still trying to get my hands to warm up. The sound in the tavern began to become louder and one voice was shrill against all of it.

“Harold? Harold!” Lilith shouted. “What’s wrong? What did you do to my husband!?”

I turned at the shouting and was quickly met with an angry woman who grabbed me by the shoulders. I could see the fear in her eyes as she pushed me against the wall. Fear began to creep into my chest at her accusations and the people inside began to turn and look at me.

“What did you do the Harold?!” She shouted as she shook me against the wall behind me.

“I didn’t do anything.” I pleaded.

“Lier!” Her grip on me tightened. “He was fine until you brought him that tea. You poisoned him!”

I shook my head. “I didn’t poison him. I swear!”

An armored gloved hand reached out and grabbed Lilith’s arm. We both looked over to see Luna standing there, trying to calm the situation.

“Put her down.”

“Not until she tells me what she did with Harold!” Her glare went back to me.

“I made a tea that would help him sleep!” I finally answered.

The room went silent, and almost comedically, a loud snore escaped from Harold’s nose. His wife looked over at him and her hands dropped. She ran over to her husband and dropped to her knees. My hands instinctively went to my arms, trying to ease the pain she caused.

I took a step towards her and her husband. “I heard that he hadn’t slept for a while and prepared a special brew that relaxes the mind and body so the person who drinks it can sleep easier. I didn’t expect it to take effect so quickly. I’m sorry for worrying you.”

I bowed down, but a hand quickly pulled me back up. Luna stood next to me, but he was looking at the couple. A look of relief came to Lilith’s face, and she stood back up and looked over to me.

“I’m sorry for my reaction.” She said quietly. “I shouldn’t have assumed the worse and blamed you so quickly.”

Luna stepped in front of me. “I’ll have some men help you take him home.”

She nodded once more and soon the tavern went back to its normal self. Luna turned back towards me and moved my hands from their spot on my arms. He lifted the sleeve just enough to see the starting of a bruise. He let out a small sigh and placed his hands over my arms. The crystal began to glow again and the pain I felt disappeared again.

Mr. Natale soon walked up to me with some concern on his face.

“I’m sorry,” I automatically replied. “I caused a commotion again.”

He placed a hand on my shoulder. “You’re safe. That’s what matters most.”

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