Saving the Rose

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He is her savior.. She is a broken soul... She is a pure soul in a broken shell and he is a damned soul. What will happend when they cross path? Will he be capable enough to save her? Will he give here a life she is craving for?

Romance / Fantasy
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Where it all started

Chapter 1

Where it all started.

I was born on one of the coldest days. In the middle of the winter. No one has seen such a cold day in over 20 years and no one shall see it again.

My mother told me my story when I was younger. She was near the end of her pregnancy and I wasn't supposed to be born for another two months. But her sudden illness pushes my due date sooner. You see my mother caught a rare disease which caused her body to slowly disintegrate.

The moment I was born my father wanted nothing to do with me. All he cared about was my mother. She was his world and his world was falling apart. My mother lived for another 6 years just enough to rase me. She would tell me stories about her life before and during her marriage to my father.

You see they had an arranged marriage since my father was meant to be an alpha to one of the strongest kingdom of them all. My grandfather didn't want any week female to be his son's wife, luna, and queen. So he found my mother. She was everything my grandfather wanted for his son. After a year I was born but I was born into a cruel life and that was not supposed to happen.

My mother named me Rose because a rose is one of the strongest flowers. It will grow everywhere. It will prick you. It will do anything to protect itself but on the other side, it was one of her most favorite flowers of them all. A single rose can do a lot of damage but it can also bring joy into your life.

I was her joy and I was her thorn. It was my fault she got sick. She was never meant to have a child. She had a weak body even tho her wolf was strong. But she couldn't live in a world where she didn't have her own child.

That dream and that determination killed my mother and destroyed my father's heart. My father would rarely look at me and never spoke to me. After she died he turned his rage towards me. At first, he wanted to destroy my mind and soul so he would torture me. No one dared to stop him and I understand why. He is the alpha and the king. Everybody feared the cruel and mighty Wrath Evergreen.

Nobody stopped him from hurting a small innocent little girl. But you see I was not so innocent. I had my mother's blood on my hand. I know it wasn't really my fault for her death but it felt like that.

He would insult me in every way possible. He would beat me day and night. He waited for me to break. For years I remained strong wishing and praying to stay alive.

Slowly after a few years, we both started noticing changes. My behavior started to change, I became more submissive and the biggest change of them all...I stopped talking. Even after that it never seemed enough for him. It only made him expand his torture. When I turned 11 years old and entered my puberty he began hitting me and locking me in the basement. I would go days in the dark with no food and water. That went on for a few months. I stopped gaining weight. After a while, a maid started sneaking into the basement and bring me food. A little by little I gained back enough weight for my wolf to appear. She hated what my father did and would do to me. At nights when we wold is alone, she would emerge from within me. First time I saw here I was struck by our beauty. Never in my life have I seen a white wolf and from what I have been told white wolfs went extinct 100 years ago due to all the hunting and enslaving. Funny how that was the exact same thing happening to me. I was hunted by my past and present and enslaved by my father.

A few years later when I turned 16 years of age my father entered my then to be a room of a basement and took me outside.

" Change," he told me. And with that one word my wolf came forward. He seemed stunned by the gift I was given. A big white wolf with red eyes. I wasn't surprised my eyes are normally reddish-brown alongside my long cherry hair. I guess my name shaped my looks. I am about 5,4 tall with a slim figure and a nice set of curves. I got all of that from my mother. Except for my eyes. They were my father's eyes. The only thing I got from him.

After he saw my wolf for the first time I had started to notice changes in his behavior towards me. I was not something to brake but a soldier. Every day from dawn till dusk he or another member would train with me. Slowly but surely I regain my strength and was shaped into a perfect soldier.

Soules, broken, and strong were the three words that would describe me the most. I was the perfect weapon but I didn't realize it back then. As abruptly my training began so did it stop. Soon enough I was assigned a maid that would teach me how to clean, cook, and most important manners.

Now that i glance back on all those years it finally clicked inside my mind. All of that was not for revenge. I was being prepared for the biggest day of my life. To succeed or to die.

That is soon to come with my 18th birthday in a few days.

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