One Sided

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It's about introverts and their struggle. The whole story had been written in a very subtle especially about introverts and their battle. I hope you can relate with it at any point of the story.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Are you done yet, bro? I need to get my shower as well!!” Now that’s my housemate known as my best friend yelling from the other side of the door. As you know I always take my own sweet time whenever I get into shower. Come on! My shower is the only place I will reflect my thoughts, have all this fake arguments, singing audition and dancing, peacefully! No, you’re wrong, my girl is a good one when it comes to respecting people’s space but unfortunately today her Joven breaks down.

“Almost, hold on!!” I replied while wrapping myself with towel and head out of my bathroom. She was waiting with a furious face. “Please remind me why you’re my best friend out of 7 billion people in this world.” Okay now I need to confess that we both knew each other since I’m 16 and she’s two years elder than me. “Destined girl, you’ve no choice left and now will you go get your shower since you’re running late!” I replied and start picking my outfit for today’s class. After spending some time I finally got a black top and a denim skinny jeans to match with. I like to wear anything comfortable and simple. I slightly touch up my face with a powder and apply my Nivea lip balm just to avoid it looks dry. I brush my long wavy hair that I always admire and put it into a bun. I give last look to myself once I get satisfied with my look, I take my bag and left the room.

I quickly jog to my kitchen and start preparing breakfast for both of us. I pour a glass of cold Goodday full cream milk for myself. While sipping the milk, I turned on the coffee maker to make a coffee for my best friend. Every morning a good cup of coffee is a must for her to kick her blues. As she is running late for her work, I voluntarily start brewing her coffee. While waiting for her coffee, I grab a chocolate chip cookies and start eating my homemade chocolate chip cookies. While drowning in my own thoughts and interrupted by my best friend. “Oh shit, I’m late” she mutter while looking down at her Chanel watch, I love her watch by the way. She’s always punctual however last night we both were busy chilling with Sombersy and she woke up late today.

“Relax bro, you still have time. Here, your coffee. Thank me later.” I hand her a cup of coffee. I take the chance to admire the way she dress up. She’s with a white blouse with a blazer and a knee length skirt. I am pretty sure she will be wearing closed toe heels. “Ele, you’re the best coffee maker and my savior, thank you for the coffee” she said while enjoying her coffee. “Stop flattering me and finish up your coffee. Hurry before you’re doomed Rhea!” Her face went pale when she realised she need to hurry as she have a meeting to attend with her client this morning. Rheala is a senior logistic manager and she always come across undeniably hot bachelors as her client. I envied her but always asked her to hit on anyone but this goody shoes is good for nothing.

“Alright munchkin, I’ll see you later and have a nice day” she starts her favorite red Mini Cooper and left to work. I hurriedly rinse the cups, collect my bag from the couch and locked the house while get into my Swift and head to campus. Stepping out of the car, I glance at my watch and I’m still early to meet my supervisor. I’m a master degree student and in my last semester. My masters is in Philosophy of Mind and Psychology. I love asking questions and always wanted to know the reason behind everything in a way made me too keen about studying humans’ mind. That’s the reason I chose this programme for my master’s degree. I’m planning to widen my knowledge through lecturing and asked for a recommendation letter from my supervisor. She replied my email by asking me to drop by her office this morning. I’m quite attached with Prof. Kenna and she never once fail to guide me.

Glancing at my watch for the last time and I knocked her office door. Entering on the ‘come in’ I step inside and Prof. Kenna give a sweet smile and signal me to sit. “Good morning, Prof” I greet her.

“Good morning, Adele. Nice to see you. By the way I’ve revised your thesis and it was outstanding.” I release a breath of relief. Come on the struggle was real. “Thank you Prof. Apart of my efforts, you always has been such a good supervisor for me.” I shamelessly praised her, she deserve it anyways. “This is for you.” She hand me an envelope. I hesitantly take them and unseal.

Holy God! That’s the recommendation letter, I’ve asked for. “Oh my God, thank you so much Prof. This is really precious for me.” I nearly jump in excitement. Prof Kenna seem to be used with my attitude, just chuckled. After thanking her, I left the room excitedly until I check my phone and puzzled. It was Rhea. I wonder why she spammed me with 4 missed calls and a Whatsapp text.

Guess who I saw!

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