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Some people find love easy. Others fall in love with their best friend who is already taken. They then uproot their whole life to start over somewhere else. Leaving everything behind. That's exactly what Natalie did. Leaving her already successful business behind she heads for a new town to work as an intern. And then she hits her new boss in the face with a door. She agrees to go to dinner with him after he threatens to fire her. Which she knows he can not do. But why did she agree? A secret love affair tends to always come out. And when Austin's father finds out he is with an intern, he gets to working on separating the two. It's not long before Natalie finds her self in a whole new country again, along with a blessing that will remind her of Austin forever.

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Chapter 1

The building towered over me as I stand in front of it. Ready to enter it and that of a new journey.

When I was younger I often wondered why things happen the way they do. I use to ask why some has it better then others. I used to wonder why I couldn’t get an expensive pair of shoes, while the girl in my class could afford to where a different pair everyday. But now I’m older and I know better. I’ve learned to stop with all the wondering and just accept the world as it is. I have come to accept that things happen and that most of the time, there is no deeper meaning. The world is just cruel to some or to others, just amazing. And it’s nothing personal if it’s cruel to you. That’s just the way it is. And there’s nothing you can do about it

I had big dreams. Dreams that scared me. Dreams that would change the world. I made plans, like everyone else. But then life happened. My plans and dreams had to make way for life. And I accepted my fate. Because I learned that I had to.

With that last depressing thought on my mind, I finally decide to enter the building where I’m starting an internship today.

I’m twenty-five years old, but I’m wishing I was ten years younger and in my childhood home again. Where the world was a small place and I didn’t have to be anything other than a child.

Walking to the receptionist counter, after I had to show my tag to the security guard at the entrance, I realize that I was lucky to even get this internship. The company is owned by one of the richest families in this country. I had to go through an aptitude test, two interviews, and after I was told I was one of the successful candidates, I was informed that a background check was also done on me.

Knowing that made me a little uncomfortable, but I decided to push through and just accept it. The pay and benefits are great after all. Not that I really need it.

“Are you one of the interns?” Someone suddenly asks behind me.

“Yes,” I say hesitantly to the woman who suddenly appeared.

“Great, follow me.” She says and starts walking toward the elevators.

“I’m Debbie, your supervisor. And you’re early, so I’m going to use you for some errands for now.” I have to hurry after her because she is speed walking.

We reach an elevator when it’s just about to close and she stops the doors with her free hand. I hurry in after her. There are a few people in the elevator and who she first greets before turning towards me.

“Ok, I’ll need you to get me a latte with lots of sugar, one bagel, and two chocolate croissants at the cafe across the street from the building.” She goes on. She starts going through the papers in her hand and seemingly finds one that’s right and starts writing what she just said to me on the paper.

“Here, now you won’t forget.” She holds out the paper to me. Then she goes through her handbag, that I didn’t even notice until now, and hands me a credit card.

“Don’t take too long, we have a meeting with the owner of the company today. You don’t want to miss that.” She says before she gets off the elevator that had stopped on the third floor and I have to follow quickly. But just as I start hurrying after her, she suddenly stops and turns around.

“My office is the only door straight down this aisle between the cubicles.”

She points with her finger to the glass door at the end of the aisle. The floor consists mostly of small cubicles. But I don’t get time to really look around before I hear a door slam.

“Go!” I hear a muffled shout.

And I have no choice but to turn back to the elevators.

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